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    The Apollyon

    The Apollyon Apollyon

    The Apollyon are considered the most powerful and skilled of their kind. Each Apollyon gains their title by taking it from the previous holder. This means that a title does not always fit the Demon who holds it. Originally, the Apollyon were the chosen few Demons that acted as the right hands of the Devils. After the Banishment, the ties to the Devils weakened and they became more independent. Though a Demon holds an Apollyon title, it does not require them to act along side the other members.

    Deceit: A Demon keen on the techniques of manipulation and betrayal.
    Destruction: A Demon with the ability and willingness to ruin what is in their way.
    Emptiness: A Demon who lacks the majority of basic emotion.
    Fear: A Demon who inspires cowardice or terror within others.
    Greed: A Demon who covets everything, whether it is deserved or not.
    Hate: A Demon who inspires animosity in others.
    Lust: A Demon with an intense or unbridled carnal desire.
    Pain: A Demon with the desire to feel and inflict as much harm as possible.
    Pride: A Demon with an ego that surpasses all.
    Sloth: A Demon who embodies apathy and inactivity.

    Lust: Reserved
    Pain: Reserved

    Character Application:

    Character Name:
    Apollyon Title:
    Application Url:

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