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    Cierian Hierachy Empty Cierian Hierachy

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    Cierian Hierachy CieriaFlag

    The Duke of Cieria: The highest power in the country at any given time. The title can be given to female successors, but this has been a rarity in the history of the country. Inheritance of the title is usually done to the firstborn son, but there have been times when the next Duke was named from a different child, noble house, or even from a commoner.

    The Duchess of Cieria: Usually the title of the wife of the current ruler, there have been cases of the Duchess being the supreme ruler. If that is not the case, then they only hold power over their personal guard, but can assume full control if the Duke is unable to act on his duties.

    Head of Finance: Regulates the financial aspects of the country, including taxes on exotic beasts and on the prices for acquiring licenses. A very demanding job, as it forces the person to constantly travel around and adjust laws and rules depending on the quick changing market for beasts.

    Lord General: The head of the military and an advisor to the Duke. Should war erupt, then the Lord General is second in command to the Duke, and has the right to assume full control of the army in the case of the Duke not being available. Should the Duke die during war, the Lord General will be appointed temporary leader of the entire country. The Lord General is counted amongst the few of high nobility, but this is a title given to single people, so the rest of their family will stay as normal nobility.

    Highest Beastmaster: An elected official, chosen by approved hunters and tamers across the Duchy amongst their own ranks. Their job is to bring any changes in the populations of valuable beasts to the attention of the Duke, while also representing other interests of the group to the other leaders.

    Mining Guild Advisor: Chosen by the miners of Cieria, they help the Head of Finance and other officials with any questions and concerns about the oil mining and drilling that keeps the economy afloat.

    Other Guild Advisors: Smaller guilds of other working castes also appoint officials, which bring concerns and issues to the attention of the Duke. Their job is to get the best working conditions for their respective working fields.

    Other Government Officials: Open to application, see below.

    Generals: Commanders under the Duke and Lord General, they serve as field commanders and advisors in time of war. During peacetime, they oversee the police forces of the cities and towns within the land, having one location appointed to them. Generals are automaticially considered normal ranking nobility, and if a Knight is appointed as a General, their family automaticially gets their status increased.

    Knights: The knights of Cieria are squad commanders within the army, taking orders directly from Generals, or sometimes, from the Lord General or Duke for especially dangerous missions. Entire groups of knights are known for working together perfectly. Any normal Soldier can ascend to the rank of Knight with good service and displays of courage and strength, effectively introducing their family into lower nobility. Knights are thus always either lesser or normal nobles. Knights may also chose to wear the traditional armor of Cieria.
    Cierian Hierachy H1Be5ts
    Cierian Hierachy 3sUesAf

    Soldiers: The common enlisted soldiers serve as normal police officers in times of peace, and as the foot soldiers of the army during war. They have many specializations and no set uniform, only a band and badge to make their rank clear. This is to improve diversity and encourage talent, whereever it may fall. Soldiers can attempt to be promoted to Knights.

    Commoners: A commoner can be anything from a beggar to a rich big game hunter. Everyone who is not a noble or soldier is counted as a commoner. Becoming an official citizen of Cieria is as easy as walking to the official building and signing a whole bunch of papers, after which an investigation will first make sure that the requesting person is not a criminal from a different country.

    Lesser Nobles: The families of Knights. They enjoy only slight privileges, such as faster news from the fronts of war about the status of their family members. State officials may give special treatment to them for official buisness.

    Normal Nobles: Just called Nobles for the most part. Their status is heavily elevated compared to Lesser Nobles, giving them access to higher education and living standards for less money.

    High Nobles: The rarest type of person in the entire country. High Nobles are the family members of the Duke and Duchess, the Lord General, and the families of former Dukes and Duchesses, as well as former Lord Generals. They hold great social standing, and are often tasked with improving morale and happiness amongst the people - and are handsomly paid for those services, of course.

    Slaves: Listed mainly for completition's sake, Cieria has outlawed slavery for centuries. Slavers are threatened with the death penalty in the Duchy.

    Current Hierachy

    Duke of Cieria: Jilocasin the First vi Cieria

    Duchess of Cieria: -APPROVAL ONLY, PM Silim for details-

    Head of Finance: Open

    Lord General: Izumi Arakawa

    Highest Beastmaster: Open

    Guild Advisors: Open, ask for specific orientation

    Generals: 4 Currently Open, Approval Only

    Knights: Open

    Soldiers: Open

    Commoner: Open

    Lesser Nobles: Open

    Normal Nobles: Approval only

    High Nobles: Special cases, approval only!

    How to apply:
    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Link to Application:[/b]
    [b]Desired Position:[/b]
    [b]Reasons/Special Cases:[/b] Required for approval only positions, free to fill out for others if you feel it necessary.

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    Character Name: Nephthys de Lacella (it's just an alias)
    Link to Application:
    Desired Position: Knight
    Reasons/Special Cases: She rides a motherfucking dragon. Also she's not one for medals or for high standing, so that's why I'm just saying a Knight for her.

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    Post by Silim on Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:54 am

    Approved. Lucina is now nobility. Also, motherfuckin dragons.
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    Character Name: Izumi Arakawa
    Link to Application:
    Desired Position: Lord General
    Reasons/Special Cases: There is absolutely no one around that would fight, kill, and die for Jilocasin like she would. Izumi would do absolutely nothing to sabotage him and is probably the one person he can trust above all others. As an adviser, she's a quicker thinker, tactical, and good on the battlefield. Not to mention, she makes one hell of a bodyguard. What's good for Jilocasin is good for Cieria and Izumi is definitely good for Jilocasin. ;)

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