Tier Guidelines

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    Tier Guidelines Empty Tier Guidelines

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:45 pm

    The Tier List

    Tier is a representation of the amount of Arcana that a character has. It does not represent skill or ability.

    Things such as a characters speed, strength, durability should all be described within the app. If you do not have these aspects within your characters application, it will be assumed that they do not have the ability to use them OR that they have a beginner's ability in them. Arcane items are also graded by this. The better quality and overall Arcane strength an item has is how it is judged.

    0 tier: Legendary Level
    0-1: Grand Master
    0-2: Master
    0-3: Advanced
    0-4: Adept
    0-5: Beginner

    1 tier: Elite Level
    1-1: Grand Master
    1-2: Master
    1-3: Advanced
    1-4: Adept
    1-5: Beginner

    2 tier: Experienced Level
    2-1: Grand Master
    2-2: Master
    2-3: Advanced
    2-4: Adept
    2-5: Beginner

    3 tier: Novice Level
    3-1: Grand Master
    3-2: Master
    3-3: Advanced
    3-4: Adept
    3-5: Beginner

    No Tier: No Arcana At All

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