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    Face Claims List Empty Face Claims List

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:55 pm


    What is the Claim Board?

    This is so that when somebody wants to make a character with a certain appearance, they can check this list to see if that characters appearance has already been claimed by someone. By that we mean if a character was created using a real characters appearance such as Dante, Goku, Naruto, etc. then we put that character into a list. If this doesn't sound right, then scroll down and check the list to get a better understanding of what I mean.


    • To claim or reserve a face, you need to take one of the following codes. Once you have copied it, create a thread in the "claim a face" board and name it accordingly: "(Your User name) Face Claims"

    • When a face claim is claimed on Auroran Era, the USER is claiming the face for them, not for a character. There has to be an approved application for the user to claim the face.

    • Keep your faceclaims to ONE (1) thread. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    • Once this thread is made, post up the code and fill it out. This will be moderated as soon as possible and you will be notified when it has been approved. When you want to claim or reserve more, just reply to your thread with the code included and filled out.

    • If you do not say you are claiming or reserving, then the template's symbol will determine which one you're using.

    • When claims are checked, the application they are linked to must have been accepted. If a claim was taken for a character to an app incomplete or non existent that isn't a reservation, you will be banned from that face claim for a week.

    • If your claim is approved, then this list will be updated for members to see. If you're looking for a specific character, use the find function of your browser to search the character's name. Variation spellings may be used (such as Saitou instead of Saito), so please try all known spellings.

    • Also, if a faceclaim is "released," meaning that someone once had it but it says you can use it, to you—you still have to claim it normally.

    • In reserving, you may only re-reserve once before being unable to reserve for one week. This means it goes: Reserve > Re-reserve > 1-week "ban" > Repeat
      There is an exception to this. If you do not re-reserve within four (4) days of your initial reserve expiring, the timer resets. Remember, this ban just means you cannot reserve the face. If you finish the app in time before another reserve for it arrives, you can still claim it.

    • These are special tickets made to increase the length of your reservation in case you need to keep a reserve over a long period of time. Each one will give your reserve an extra 7 days of reserve. You can buy only 4 per reserve however giving you 6 weeks of reserve in total. To buy one, just state so when making a reservation. Remember, this is per reserve not set of reserves. You may only have 10 extensions are one time.

    • If at any time two people wish to use a single claim but neither can decide who should have it, a Share ticket can be created. It is similar to a normal claim or reserve but the main difference is how two people shall own the claim. to purchase a Ticket and use it properly, the two members must take the Shared code and fill it out accordingly. Staff shall check BOTH threads to see if BOTH members have agreed to this sharing.

    • If issues arise over a face claim that cannot be solved in a professional manner, this rule will be enforced. Two members fighting over a claim will automatically have the claim shared between them whether they want to or not. If one chooses to drop the claim, they can and the other member will have full control of it. This is to stop people from stealing reserves and claims from others and lower the arguments between members for them. Fighting is defined as at least two of the following: heated, insulting, and (but not limited to) demeaning behavior from both parties. If only one party is engaged in such behavior, the rule will not be enforced. If one party is simply being stubborn, and none of the other behavior is present, then this rule will not be enforced. If one party is simply dissatisfied with the decision, then this rule will not be enforced. While this rule is meant to be in place to lower arguments, every little disagreement will not be handled as per this rule. If the rule is requested to be reinforced, then evidence will need to be presented to an administrator from both parties showing that the other was at least two of the following: heated, insulting, or demeaning. Word of mouth does not suffice in that case. If evidence can not be submitted, then the rule will not be enforced.

    • If an application was outright denied, your claims for that character are removed. You may re-claim them after the application is re-approved. You can not re-reserve the face for a week, but you can still claim it if you finish the character in the meantime.

    • If your app was previously approved but was denied for any reason and moved into the WIP board, your face claims are automatically made into reserves that last for a single week. After those seven days are up and if you have not claimed it, you will be banned for reserving that claim.

    • If you go inactive, which entails your character(s) being archived, you will lose your face claim(s) and/or reserve(s). This is so we do not have people who quit or leave for years hogging faces. If you do happen to return, you will have to re-apply for all of your faces. If someone perhaps has taken the face in your absence, then you will need to either get a Share Ticket, work it out with the other person, or get a new appearance.

    • You are limited to claiming 8 faceclaims on one application.

    • If your character is an original who does not have a set artist, you use the the format "Original - Character Name - Username"

    • When reserving with tickets, at the end of each reserve, you put the number of tickets in brackets. That way we can keep up with how many ticketed reserves you have.

    • You have 48 hours from the time the reserve was approved to add tickets to it in the next post of yours. If it is done past the 48 hours or in your second post, then no tickets can be added. Tickets can be removed at any time per request, but if the expiration date has expired then it still counts as an expired reserve and the reserve is treated as it had been expired from the day of removal (ex: If the reserve had tickets and was set to expire on May 13 with tickets, but you remove it on the 20th to be able to re-reserve it as per rule 8, then the timer would be reset if you did not reserve it on the 24th).

    • Characters such as Saber Alter, which are simply the same character but in a different form, cannot be claimed separately. However, characters such as Sengoku Musou's Date Masamune can be claimed separately from Sengoku Basara's Date Masamune. If there are any questions on if a specific character falls under the Saber Alter-style rule or the Date Masamune-style rule, then please ask!

    Template for claims:
    Series From - Character Name - Your Username
    Template for reserves:
    Series From > Character Name > Your Username
    Template for reserves with tickets:
    Series From > Character Name > Your Username [Number of tickets]
    Template for shares:
    Series From + Character Name + Your Username + Other Person's Username
    The Claims

    Amnesia - Ukyo - SerenityVerdant
    Aozora Stripe - Hasekura Misato - SerenityVerdant

    Bleach - Byakuya Kuchiki - SerenityVerdant
    Bleach - Gin Ichimaru - SerenityVerdant
    Bleach - Sousuke Aizen - Tsubine
    Break Blade - Borcuse - Tsubine

    Culdcept - Kigi - Tsubine

    Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2) - Dragon Knight - Silim
    Diablo - Imperius - Tsubine
    Drifters - Shimazu Toyohisa - Tsubine

    Eiyuu Densetsu VII - Elie MacDowell - SerenityVerdant

    Fate/Grand Order - Lancer (Scathach) - SerenityVerdant
    Fate/Grand Order - Sakura Saber - SerenityVerdant
    Fate/Zero - Berserker - Tsubine
    Fate/Zero - Lancer - SerenityVerdant
    Fate/Zero - Rider - Dai
    Fire Emblem Awakening - My Unit / Robin - Silim
    Fire Emblem Awakening - Tiki - Silim
    Fullmetal Daemon Muramasa - Muramasa Sandaime - Tsubine

    Granblue Fantasy - Silva - Tsubine

    Hakuouki - Chikage Kazama - SerenityVerdant
    Hakuouki - Chizuru Yukimura - SerenityVerdant
    Hakuouki - Harada Sanosuke - SerenityVerdant
    Hakuouki - Hijikata Toshizou - SerenityVerdant
    Hakuouki - Keisuke Sannan - SerenityVerdant
    Hakuouki - Saitou Hajime - SerenityVerdant
    Hakuouki - Shinpachi Nagakura - SerenityVerdant
    How To Train Your Dragon - Toothless - SerenityVerdant

    The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls - Takagaki Kaede - Dai
    Infinite Stratos - Cecilia Alcott - SerenityVerdant


    K - Izumo Kusanagi - Tsubine
    K - Mikoto Suoh - SerenityVerdant
    K - Munakata Reisi - Tsubine
    Kantai Collection - Atago - Tsubine
    Kantai Collection - Kongou - Tsubine

    League of Legends - Braum - Tsubine
    Lovely x Cation 2 - Narukawa Hime - SerenityVerdant

    Magi - Ren Kouen - Dai
    Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! - Kawakami Momoyo - SerenityVerdant

    Nasuverse - Aozaki Aoko - SerenityVerdant
    Nasuverse - Arturia - SerenityVerdant
    Nasuverse - Jeanne d'Arc - Tsubine
    Nasuverse - Rider (Medusa) - SerenityVerdant


    Persona 3 - Protagonist - Silim
    Pixiv Fantasia - Lucas II - Tsubine
    Princess Lover! - Charlotte Hazelrink - Tsubine

    Queen's Blade - Alicia - SerenityVerdant
    Queen's Blade - Alleyne - Tsubine
    Queen's Blade Rebellion - Annelotte - SerenityVerdant

    Reminiscence - Mizuno Rin - Tsubine

    Seikishi Melty ☆ Lovers - Frey Knowles - SerenityVerdant
    Seikishi Melty ☆ Lovers - Kanon Rukusana - Tsubine
    Seikishi Melty ☆ Lovers - Sefi Raiado - SerenityVerdant
    Shikkoku no Sharnoth - The M - Tsubine
    Shining Ark - Shannon Milfy - SerenityVerdant
    Shining Blade - Altina - SerenityVerdant
    Shining Hearts - Hayane Fubuki - SerenityVerdant
    Shining Tears - Elwyn - SerenityVerdant
    Shining Tears - Xecty Ein - Snopy Saika

    TIGER & BUNNY - Antonio Lopez - SerenityVerdant
    To LOVE-Ru - Sephie Michaela Deviluke - SerenityVerdant
    Tokeijikake no Ley Line - Mibu Tsubaki - SerenityVerdant
    Touhou - Hinanawi Tenshi - Tsubine
    Touhou - Hong Meiling - SerenityVerdant
    Touhou - Kochiya Sanae - SerenityVerdant
    Touken Ranbu - Ookurikara - SerenityVerdant
    Touken Ranbu - Shokudaikiri Mitsutada - SerenityVerdant
    Touken Ranbu - Tonbokiri - SerenityVerdant



    Wand of Fortune - Lagi El Nagil - SerenityVerdant
    White Album 2 - Touma Kazusa - Tsubine





    (Other/Special Characters)

    The Shares

    The Reserves

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