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    Rules Empty Rules

    Post by Tsubine on Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:13 pm


    G0 ) Please use your head and some common sense.

    G1 ) Staff have final ruling on any subject matter or problem that may arise. Difficult rulings may be seen by multiple staff members. The Head Admin has final adjudication on any subject. Site canon is decided by staff.

    G2 ) This is a world we have created. Please do not complain if this world is not like other fantasy worlds. If you continue to do so, you will be asked to leave.

    G3 ) There are no other livable/RPable realms/universes/etc.

    G4 ) No meta-gaming/god modding. This means your character automatically knowing a weakness, knowing where an attack will come from with no real signs, etc. This also applies to knowing personality traits of other characters. Your character can guess, of course, but not know right off of the bat.

    G5 ) Signature limitations: 700x300 images and 300 letters.

    G6 ) If you post something in the chat or on the site that is Not Safe For Work, make sure you say it is NSFW. This basically means no nipples, reproductive organs, underwear shots, heavy gore, very sexually suggestive images, etc. are allowed to be posted in the chat without saying NSFW right before or right after posting the link. In a thread, images like that must be posted in a spoiler with NSFW right above the spoiler.

    G7 ) No One-Upping. One-Upping is basically "x character can do this." "So what? My character can do this." "Oh yeah, my character can do THIS!" Although there is no general format, that is essentially how it flows. People take pride in their characters and there will come a time where people tend to say how much their characters can do A, B, C, or D - however, this should be toned down to a minimum. Power is in no way a bad thing. A character could be the Iron man or Thor of a world, but if you don't know how to be humble or know how to keep things to a minimum, you'll be kicked. If it continues to escalate, there could be a possible ban.

    G8) No overzealous bumping. Bumping is posting in a thread where you last posted to promote what you last said. This is normally done in applications to get it on recent topics. Bumping may not be done within a 5-day span for applications after a single, simple "I'm finished" post to confirm an app is ready to be checked. Bumping may not be done within a 5-day span for face claims. After the span is done, you may bump once.

    G9 ) A user is considered inactive if there is no temporary leave and it has been two months or over since the last roleplay post, OR two months from their join date if they do not have a roleplay post. If a user is inactive, their threads and characters will be archived, and any reserves or claims will be removed. If the user appears in the chat, then that may count as activity. This case is only if their absence is explained. This ruling is left to Staff's discretion to determine.G

    G10 ) If the majority of the thread participants vote to have a thread dubbed inactive, the thread will be archived, causing the events within the thread to become invalid. If a thread is to be re-instated, the majority of the thread participants must vote to do so.

    G11 ) If staff feels that a person is likely to cause problems, then the admins have the right to ask them to leave. If this request is ignored, staff will discuss possible bans.

    G12 ) Unchecked Face Claims may sit "idle" for 2 (two) weeks or 14 (fourteen) days without being checked before they are considered automatically approved. This rule is subject to change at a later date.

    G13 ) If a position has not been checked within one (1) week/seven (7) days, then an admin has the right to check the position. If the owner of the organization has a problem with the admin's ruling, they may change the position accepted by the admin to one equal to or less than the position given by the admin.

    G14 ) Complaining to one staff member about the decision of another is a bannable offense. Appeals of a staff ruling should be done in an professional manner.

    G15 ) Guilds can be denied after they are posted if an admin finds an issue with it.


    R1 ) For RP posts, there is a 10-sentence minimum. Do not post short little 4-word "filler" sentences.

    R2 ) No Role Playing a character without it being approved.

    R3 ) Make sure a person is comfortable with what's going on in the role play before just continuing.

    R4 ) If a member has not posted within seven days of the previous post, the members of the thread have the right to skip that person and move on. If the next person does not post within 7 days of the previous person, then the other members have the right to skip them as well. This process continues until SOMEONE makes a post or the thread is closed. This rule applies to any posts/threads created after today's date (16 May, 2014) OR if a thread has already passed 7 days from the last post before today's date. Those on normal temp leaves (14 days or less) will halt the thread. After 2 weeks, the members of the thread have the right to skip the person on the temp leave. Those on extended temp leaves (15+ days) are skipped immediately.

    R5 ) Also, please don't try to swear TOO much. You can swear a bit, and if it's in your character's personality go for it, but please don't have every other word out of your mouth be fuck or shit.

    R6 ) Rape, abuse (save for verbal abuse, see the rule on swearing), and the like are not to be done in a thread without the consent of all posters. If they ask you to stop doing something like that, it is to be stopped. If you continue (except for ending the action without breaking the 4th wall), you will be banned for one week.

    R7 ) No posting in first person. We use third person other than dialogue, of course.

    R8 ) No coding/graphics-heavy templates for posts. Apps are okay, but posts are a no-go. A good rule of thumb is no images over 700 pixels wide and 350 pixels tall with a leeway of 10 pixels.

    R9 ) Autoplay on any Youtube or any embedded code is not allowed in any post what so ever.

    R10 ) Unless you lose function in one of your hands, never post in 'txt tlk.' Please also try to use correct grammar or at least make your posts legible. Also, do not use the "Homestuck" style of writing with numbers instead of letters at all.

    R11 ) No Power Abuse. This is a rule designed to curb possible abuses of characters' powers. A character's power may be written approvable in an app, but is abused in RP. If it is abused, then this is invoked. This affects Mature Board, Past RP, and the Arena as well. With any offense, you are asked to change the post. If you do not change the post, your character will be killed off. This is on a per-character basis. This means you can have two or three 1st Offenses, but all on different characters. If you are a repeat offender, you will be talked to by staff.

    1st Offense: Verbal warning.
    2nd Offense: 2-day ban given to change and/or tone down power or app is denied until power is changed/toned down.
    3rd Offense: App is immediately denied and power must be completely removed to be re-approved.
    4th Offense: Obnoxious complaining about the denial of an app is a bannable offense.


    C1 ) No applications are to be posted in first person. You are not your character, so please use third person.

    C2 ) There has to be drawbacks to all powers. No power can be absolute. There has to be a way around it. Even though sometimes the way around it is ridiculously hard to realize/figure out, it HAS to be there. There is a triangle in this. Avoidability. Blockability. Damage. A good active power must have at least the ability to be dodged, ability to be blocked, or the ability to survive the damage. This does not apply to passive powers, which have no standard.

    C3 ) All powers are to be done through a case-by-case basis. If a power is not suitable for AE, a staff member will ask for you to change it.

    C4 ) The following abilities are highly scrutinized. The privilege to use such powers may be taken away if they are abused. Time-based, emotion-based, and teleportation-based.

    C5 ) Dice rolls may be used for abilities. However, this is not meant to be common. We can't have accountability on if a roll someone claims is legitimate. This is extremely closely scrutinized.

    C6 ) Necromancy is currently banned. This means no raising of the dead. Although animating skeletons is not covered by the ban. When raised, they have no Arcana. Resurrection is an Angel-only ability.

    C7 ) Time travel is completely banned. This means any and all forms of moving to and/or from the past and/or future.

    C8 ) Although realms like Aetheria and Netheris exist, they are not RPable, so no "planeswalking" type magic exists. This means you can not go across or into other realms.

    C9 ) While we allow 'rips' of other series' characters, please make sure they are modified to fit this site. No 'so-and-so crossed the 98th dimension to get to the timeline of Auroran Era.'

    C10 ) We also allow for some things to be copy-pasted... but please remove the citations. And please don't copy-paste the entire thing from a Wiki article.

    C11 ) Human characters have a maximum age of 130 years. Elven characters have a maximum age of 300 years. Angels and Demons have a maximum age of 300 years. Elder Dragons have a maximum age of 400 years. Vampires do not die of natural age, although they have only existed for 200 years. There is no special stuff here to keep you from dying from old age, but an aging appearance is another thing! Any questions, see the Racial Information Thread.

    C12 ) Only ONE character per application. This means no merging of siblings, spouses, etc.

    C13 ) Unless otherwise stated in the actual “Racial Information Thread”, there are no “hybrid” powers on AE. If you create a “half-_____” that character is one of the parents races and takes on that race's powers. Appearances may vary how you wish.
    C13 A) If a character is fundamentally human (does not have ANY extra bonuses for being a different "race"), then it can be worked out. Animals-turned-intelligent need 2/3 majority rule to approve of the concept/reasoning of.

    C14 ) Explicit content may be placed within an application. However, there are restrictions. The first of them is that all pictures, videos, and other visual media must be placed under a spoiler. Please no actual pornography. The second restriction is on written content. You can either  put the explicit content under a spoiler or give the application a noticeable warning at the top of the application. Staff will remove objectionable content  at our own discretion, and you will be confronted about said content.

    C15 ) Character tiers are to be given after approval by staff. This is so we do not have members constantly giving themselves high tiers. if you believe your character and/or Arcane Item deserves a higher tier, talk to the staff member that approved it about it via a Private Message or a Private Chat on Chatango.

    C16 ) If an application is denied and is left in unchecked, you have two (2) days from the initial denial/modification request post to fix what is in there or else it is moved to denied applications.

    C17 ) Souls are intangible things. They can not be harmed by ANYTHING. You can not eat, drain, attack, suck, sap, alter, etc. a person's soul.


    T1 ) If you're told to stop doing something, stop doing it. Common sense, but for legal reasons needs to be there.

    T2 ) Avoid political discussion in open chat.

    T3 ) Respect Others Wishes: If someone asks you to stop something that they find to be offensive or mean spirited, please respect their wishes. If you really MUST talk about such things, at least wait until those who are offended to leave, or take it to a Private Chat or Private Message.

    T5 ) No Audies (the sound effects someone can make with xat).

    T6 ) No spamming. Keysmashing to a degree is okay, but don't do it too much.

    T7 ) Just because you're alone now-doesn't mean you're alone forever. The chat does have a history function.

    T8 ) No shit-talking other sites. Bad blood is not something the staff wants to deal with.

    T9 ) No extremely long text. This means don't post multiple paragraphs in chat in a single post. If you can link it, link it instead. If it is really long, pastebin is a great free resource.

    T10 ) Overuse of memes, such as the "Doge" meme with things such as "such ___," "very ____," "much ____" WILL result in a one-hour ban.

    T11 ) Please do not type in text talk, unless you're disabled. Use correct grammar and make your posts legible. Also, do not use the "Homestuck" style of writing with numbers instead of letters at all.

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