The Empire of Ezon

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    The Empire of Ezon Empty The Empire of Ezon

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    The Empire of Ezon

    The Empire of Ezon Ezon

    Present Time Ezon: 501 A.E.

    Languages Spoken: Ezonian (Japanese), Universal (English)

    Demonym: Ezonian

    Approx. Total Population: 3,600,000

    Prime Exports: Ezonian Weaponry

    The Island Of Ezon: This is the largest island within the Empire. It is also the main island that people travel to. It's harder to get to the other islands because all of the red tape that the Ezonian government puts up. They do not wish to be a tourist attraction, though they admit tourism helps their economy. The Ezonian people prefer their privacy and getting too many tourists messes that up. The Island of Ezon, however, is more open to the rest. The cities are broader and created to show outsiders the history and architecture of Ezon. The Island is mostly planes, but there are a few small forests and valleys within. However, all of this is sitting on hills ranging from big to small. It's a lovely place, but difficult to travel though without a carriage or horse. The whether is often quite hotter as well.

    Khatai: This is the Capital city within Ezon. Khatai is a beautiful and large city crafted by decades of skilled men who lived there. Khatai is often called "The City of Gold" because a lot of their surroundings are made up of gold or at least painted it. It is a wonderful tourist attraction, but also home to the majority of Ezon's population. Within the city are many markets, theaters, parks, and other places to see. Khatai often holds parades and festivals throughout the year to celebrate it's rich history. A couple of examples are the common "Fall Festival" and the "Spring Water Festival", both of which are highly anticipated each year. In Khatai, music and dance prevail as the greatest sources of entertainment. The military is apparent within the city, but it's mostly a peaceful place to be.

    The Military of Ezon: Any man, age of 13+, can sign up for the honor of serving Ezons military. Those who join between the ages of 13 and 16 are in training and are not usually sent into battle, but this has happened in cases of emergency or sudden battle. Ezon does not allow women into the military.

    The People of Ezon:

    First Thing: Women do not work. They do not get jobs.

    The people of Ezon are known for their strong beliefs and traditional mindsets. While most countries have moved on to more accepting and open-minded values, Ezon retains it's old values of honor and respect. They hold warriors in high places. A man is not a man if he cannot defend himself, protect and provide for his family, and doesn't uphold the values and traditions of the Ezonian people.

    Though they are respected because of their ability to give birth, their gentle nature, and the passion they naturally have, women are less than men. Because men are bigger and stronger than women, they are superior in certain ways. A man is the superior fighter and teacher. A man is the head of his household; even if a Father dies, his son will take over no matter how young. Women do not share every right a man does. A woman cannot speak out against a man unless the man has violated her rights. A woman cannot lead a man. Women are seen as beautiful works of art, not political figures, fighters, or teachers. Women are protected and men are taught to see them as extremely valuable.

    "Without woman, there is no man." Though it does work the other way around, the Ezonians do not use the reverse of this in their teachings. Instead, they teach men to protect women and women to take care of men. Men will work the farms, serve in the military, build villages, and teach the young. Women will make clothes, cook, clean, and are only allowed to teach their own children; A mother cannot undermine the teachings of her children's Father. The more beautiful a woman is, the more valuable she is. It's possible for a war to be fought over a women that's beautiful enough.

    In other words: Valued In Females
    Eyes, Coveted: Any variations of green and purple.
    Hair, Coveted: Long, black.

    Eyes, Normal/Neutral/Common: Brown, black.
    Hair, Normal/Neutral/Common: Long/Medium, Brown.

    Eyes, Unattractive: Red, Blue, and anything not stated above.
    Hair, Unattractive: Short, Curly, Anything not stated above.

    Everything else unattractive: Rough or scarred skin, revealing skin, dark or tanned skin, less-than perfect smile, bad teeth, unkempt hair, big busts, large backside, taller than 5'6", shorter than 5'2".

    Though the men of Ezon are taught to protect women, since their value is based off of beauty and how good of a wife they'll be, the less attractive a woman is, the less likely the woman will be saved in a disaster. Men of Ezon want their women perfect and this mindset has brought on a certain law.

    Women's Choice is a law that states the women gets to choose who she marries. There is no such thing as arranged marriages that favor the man within Ezon. When a man lands a beautiful woman, it is because he has been chosen by her, not the other way around. If an arranged marriage occurs, it is the family of the woman that is choosing the man for their daughter. Sometimes, this often switches a seat of power. If a beautiful woman is born in a lowly family of poor people, they could use her looks to land a spot in higher rankings throughout Ezon. It's honestly like winning the lottery.

    Men are valued by their status within Ezon and/or the skills that they possess. Not every woman wants a soldier, so it doesn't have to be fighting skill. A good painter can be valued based on what the woman is attracted to. This goes for singers, teachers, inventors, and so much more. Since the man provides for the woman, she has the advantage of choosing how she wants to be provided for.

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