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    Nethroral Empty Nethroral

    Post by Serenity on Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:42 pm

    Nethoral: Apollyon Territory

    Nethroral Apollyon

    Languages Spoken: Demonic, Angelic, Universal

    Approx. Total Population: Unknown

    Prime Exports: Deals to let you live

    Little is known about the inner workings of Nethoral. Sometimes it's hard for the Demons to understand their own laws and territory. They have a basic idea of what's going on, but the constant inner conflict confuses them from time to time. In fact, it confuses them more than they'll admit.

    The basic idea of what's going on in this chaotic hell-hole is that each Apollyon has control of a certain section they've claimed. That is their territory and if you're there, you must follow their rules. This leads to a lot of conflict since sometimes the rules are very different in areas that are one mile apart from each other. Apollyon often go to war over land and the claim of demons for their own army. Because the territory boundaries change so often, it makes being safe in an area even more difficult. You never know which rules to follow. Most Demons keep to the shadows when an Apollyon is near.

    Gozar: This is the Capital city. The city of Gozar is a very dark place that makes Grandview look like a vacation. You never know when you're going to get decapitated in the middle of the street because someone didn't like how your hair fell to the left instead of right. The Demons of Gozar find this place both comforting and frightening. It's frightening because everything mentioned earlier, but comforting because it's the one place in Nethoral not allowed to be controlled by an Apollyon. Gozar is neutral ground when it comes to the Apollyon and their wars, so weaker Demons flock here quite often.

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