The Archangels

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    The Archangels Empty The Archangels

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    The Archangels

    The Archangels ArchangelEmblem

    The Archangels are considered the most powerful and skilled of their kind. Each of them is chosen by the gods to represent one of ten Aspects of Good. All Archangels are equal in authority, often acting like a council, and are used as sentinels against the Apollyon.

    Charity: An Angel who has goodwill towards and is generous to others.
    Fate: An Angel with the will or knowledge to determine or alter things as they are or how they come to be.
    Honor: An Angel with an adherence to a moral code of honesty, loyalty, fairness, and respect.
    Hope: An Angel with the ability and will to inspire others to continue having faith.
    Justice: An Angel who understands what is just through objective thinking and impartiality.
    Love: An Angel with an unselfish loyalty and benevolent concern for the good of others.
    Sacrifice: An Angel willing to give a piece of themselves to aid another.
    Temperance: An Angel always in control of their actions, thoughts, or feelings.
    Valor: An Angel with the strength of mind allowing them to face danger with firmness.
    Wisdom: An experienced Angel with enough knowledge of what is proper and good to give them a good sense of judgment.

    Fate: Reserved
    Justice: Reserved
    Love: Reserved
    Valor: Reserved

    Character Application:

    Character Name:
    Archangel Title:
    Application Url:

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