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    Racial Information Thread Empty Racial Information Thread

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    This entire thread is where all racial information will be posted for each race. The races are meant to be explained in a simple, but detailed manner to allow everyone to understand exactly how to create one. If you are a creator of a race, this is where you put your info. Please be as organized and clear as possible. Also, each race gets one post, so do not spread it out over multiple posts.

    Current Races:

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    Humans are the race with the highest population on Aurora. They are an innovative race who use and study the technologies and magics to make their lives easier. Besides the ability to use magic, humans are no different than those in the real world. The magic that humans use is called “The Arcane,” and those who use it are called Arcanists.

    What is an Arcanist?

    An Arcanist in the simplest term is a “human magic user.” These people are practitioners of The Arcane, and they are defined by their ability to use Arcana.

    What is The Arcane?

    The Arcane is the art of using Arcana. An easy way to explain this is if someone asks your character “Do you practice with The Arcane?” If you use magic you would answer yes.

    What is Arcana?

    Arcana is the magical energy that allows a person, item, or weapon to perform magic. Arcana is a natural energy emanating from the land and found within some gifted individuals.

    Arcana found in the land is in its purest and most powerful form. In this form it's unable to be used by humans and is without any attributes, unlike the Arcana found within humans. Arcana from the land is a very abundant energy source that seems to constantly renew itself.

    Arcana found within humans is unique to them, similar to fingerprints; no two people have the same one. And like fingerprints, Arcana can be lifted from places it's been used. This allows for tracking and identification. A few traits of Arcana are listed below.

    • Arcana cannot naturally be sensed within the bodies of others.
    • Arcana cannot normally be seen unless used or is in high density.
    • Arcana in large enough quantities can cause small changes in the physical appearance of a human.
    • Arcana can be used to create Arcane Items and Arcane Weapons.
    • Arcana can be customized for the intent of the person who wields it, though some are born with specific attributes and others may be passed down from past generations.
    • Arcana with a healing property is extremely rare. You cannot customize Arcana for this.

    What is a Arcane Item?

    An Arcane Item is any mundane item that have one Arcane purpose or effect enchanted on them. For example, an Arcane Flash Light is a mundane item that uses Arcana to work. Other examples are enchanted bags that allow you to hold heavier items, a canteen that holds more water than it should, or a map that allows you to set a destination and follow directions to get there.

    What is an Arcane Weapon?

    An Arcane Weapon is any weapon (sword, knife, gun, spear, etc...) that has been enchanted with Arcana to achieve an effect. The smaller the weapon is, the lower amount of effects it can have. The maximum amount of effects on one weapon is five.

    Arcanists and Arcane Weapons!

    Arcanists are unable to use Arcane Weapons because the Arcana within the weapon reacts negatively with the Arcana inside the Arcanist. Trying to use an item as an Arcanist will cause the item to become useless because the person's Arcana cancels out the Arcana of the weapon.

    How are Arcane Items and Weapons Created?

    The process of creating these items and weapons is called enchanting. Enchanters use collected Arcana to fuse it with every day items or weapons.

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    Elven Racial Information

    What is an Elf?

    An elf is a small creature, usually wearing green and red, who take orders from a fat old man who loves to bribe kids with presents to get cookies... No, no. Just kidding...

    An Elf is a human lookalike with longer and/or pointed ears. Every single Elf has a pure and unbreakable connection with one of the four elements: air, earth, fire, water. This connection is created through Anima, known as Arcana to the humans.

    What is Anima?

    Anima is Arcana. For Elves, Anima is used not only as the energy that drives their power, but their lives as well. When a human runs completely out of Arcana, they get tired and can go to sleep to regain it. When an Elf is completely out of Anima, they will die. An Elf's Anima is ten times more powerful than a Human's Arcana. Because of its purity within an Elf, their connection and control over the elements is far greater than any humans can be.

    Is Anima able to renew?

    Yes. The only time it is unable to renew or “recharge” is when the Elf has pushed themselves so far that they have none left. Like Humans, Elves regain their Anima through relaxing, sleep, nutrition, or merely by letting time pass them by. To give an example, when a Human eats, drinks, and sleeps they are feeding and resting their bodies to keep it functioning properly and that is how they survive. When an Elf does these things, they are feeding and resting their Anima, thus their Anima keeps their bodies healthy and functioning.

    Can Elves Heal?

    This is a yes and a no. Elves cannot use their Anima to completely heal a wound. There is no "she places her hand over the wound and it starts to heal" magic within the Elven race. You can use water or air to clean a wound, fire to cauterize a wound, and herbs/plants from the earth to create medicines.

    Elves and Arcane Weapons!

    Unlike humans, Elves do not enchant their weapons. They cannot use Arcane Weapons for the same reasons Arcanists cannot use them. On the other hand, Elves do have the ability to pick up an object and use their Anima to enhance the item of their choice. As an example, a fire Elf can pick up a bow and arrow and put their Anima into them. The Anima reinforces the bow and the arrow, allowing the Elf to then manipulate their fire within the bow and arrows that are fired.

    Elves And Their Element!

    An Elf has one element. An element has one specialty. You can be as creative with your element as you want, as long as the abilities stay within that single element.

    The element of fire has plasma and requires a 1-1 tier before being able to use it.

    The element of air has lightning and requires a 1-1 tier before being able to use it.

    The element of earth has nature and requires a 1-3 tier before being able to use it.

    The element of water has ice and requires a 1-3 before being able to use it.

    Each element also has an over another element. The chart below should illustrate which elements are stronger than the other. Each element is stronger than the element the arrow is pointing to. This isn't just on a combat basis, but on a bodily basis as well. Example: An Air Elf will feel uncomfortable around fire and takes more damage from it.

    Racial Information Thread ElementalWeaknesses2_zpse82f6147

    Elves' Racial Abilities

    This is optional, but an Elf does have the ability to have one extra power. These abilities are separate from their element and are usually considered 'gifts' by the Elves.

    Animal Communication: The ability to speak with animals. As a note, with this power if it's in the bestiary, you can talk to it.

    Night Vision: Allows the elf to see perfectly clear at night. This adjusts to night and day.

    Thermal Vision:Have you seen the movie Predator? Well there ya go. It allows the Elf to see heat. This can be turned on and off; it isn't constant.

    Chameleon: The ability allows the Elf to change the color of their skin, hair, and clothes to match their surroundings. While using this ability, an Elf is unable to engage in combat using their element because of the difference in focus of Anima.

    Shape-Shifting: This allows the Elf to morph their body into another object, animal, or person. While using either of these abilities, and elf is unable to engage in combat using their element because of the difference in focus of Anima. If shape shifted into another person, the shift immediately dispels the moment the Anima used to alter their appearance is turned outward.

    Ghosting: This ability allows the Elf to make a lightning fast movement while leaving a 'shell' of their Anima behind in an image of themselves. During this moment, the Elf turns invisible for two seconds, giving them a chance to escape. This only works if the Elf is on the defensive. If they're on the offensive, then the invisibility does not occur.

    Flight: Gives the elf the ability to fly. The Elf does not grow wings.

    Detect Anima: Gives the Elf the ability to detect other Elves that are within a mile. This ability is not constant and can be activated and deactivated at will.

    Message: The ability to send a message through their Anima to the Anima of another Elf that is near by or that they've already met.

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    Angels and Demons

    Aetheria is the realm of good divine beings, such as Gods, Archangels, and Angels. Netheris is the realm of evil divine beings, such as Devils and Demons.

    Gods are never to be played. Devils are never to be played and are in equal rank and power to gods.  

    The Archangels are extremely powerful Angels that have been chosen to counter the Apollyon. The Apollyon are extremely powerful Demons that have been bred for war. The Archangels are relatively equal in power to the Apollyon. There are only ten of each.

    Basic Facts:

    • Angels and Demons are classified by the type of energy they hold within themselves. Angels hold Aether Energy and Demons hold Nether energy.
    • Aetheria and Netheris cannot be visited. No exceptions.
    • Max Age: 1000

    What do Angels and Demons look like?

    Angels and Demons vary in appearance even more than Humans do. Angels and Demons often have certain characteristics that signify exactly what they are, but not always. Angels and Demons prefer to avoid wearing certain colors. Angels will avoid black, while Demons will avoid white.

    Common Angel Characteristics: Feathered/Bird-like Wings, A Halo, Bright/Clear Skin, Bright Eyes

    Common Demon Characteristics: Bat-like wings, horns, fangs, dark eyes, sharpened nails, tails


    The Impetus is an extremely powerful prayer, hope, or wish that calls on one of the ten Archangels and opens a portal to allow that Archangel through. Once the Archangel has stepped into Aurora from Aetheria, time stands still until an agreement has been made between the Archangel and their ward.

    An Archangel's ward is the one who called them into Aurora. There is a special  bond between Archangel and ward, but they are not attached at the hip. They can both live their lives within Aurora as they see fit and the Archangel can return to Aetheria when they wish.

    An Angel has a pure and divine energy called Aether. The energy Aether makes up Aetheria. The buildings and its people (Angels) are all made up of this energy as well, including their bodies. When an Archangel enters Aurora, they suddenly have to feed because there is no Aether in Aurora to sustain them like normal. Archangels are not used to food or having to drink.

    Unlike Arcana, Aether cannot be manipulated into elements like air, earth, fire, or water. Aether energy acts like an enhancement, allowing the Archangel to buff other people or even objects. Archangels, though they can battle just as easily, lean more toward a support role. For a basic example, instead of using water to attack someone, they can cleanse it to make it consumable. For a buff example, an Archangel can give someone an increase to a skill sheet state. For a battle example, they can take hold of an object and imbue it with their Aether, giving the object the property of “holy.” This means that all evil or dark creatures will take double damage from an attack with this property. Aether is directly connected to light. The more light in an area, the more potent the Aether becomes. This also holds true to the opposite; the less light in an area, the weaker the Aether becomes.  


    Demons live on Aurora. Demons do not have an Impetus, and they do not gain a ward. What they do have, however, is freedom. Demons have the freedom to do what they wish without any consequences from their own kind. They do not abide by any law because the only authority they recognize is power. Demons both respect and fear power, though power comes in many forms.

    A Demon has a corrupt and profane energy called Nether. The Nether is a tainted energy that was once the same as Aether, but after the Banishment mutated into what it is now. The body of a Demon is made up of Nether. Like Angels, to replenish their Nether, Demons must eat and drink while on Aurora. Unlike Arcana, Nether cannot be manipulated into elements like air, earth, fire, or water. Nether is naturally somewhat weaker than Aether, but it is more versatile. Nether can be used to enhance or curse, allowing the Demon to either buff or ail a person or object.

    Similar to Angels, Demons are often cast in a more support role. For a basic example, a Demon can contaminate water. For a buff example, a Demon can increase the durability of a person. For a battle example, a Demon can corrode an enemy's weapon with their touch. Demons can take hold of an object and imbue it with their Nether, giving the object the property of “unholy.” This means that all good or light creatures will take double damage from an attack with this property. Nether is directly connected to darkness. The more darkness in an area, the more potent the Nether becomes. This also holds true to the opposite; the less darkness in an area, the weaker the Nether becomes.  

    Racial Abilities

    Racial abilities are abilities that come from being an Angel or a Demon. A character can choose two of these abilities. A character cannot have an ability that mimics any of the racial abilities stated below.

    Angel Racial Abilities

    Angelic Resistance: 50% resistance to all Nether-based abilities.

    Healing Hands: The ability to heal other creatures that are not considered evil. An Angel with this ability cannot heal themselves.

    Self-Healer: The ability to heal themselves at a rapid rate, but cannot heal any other creature whether friend or foe.

    Keen Senses: This ability enhances two of the five senses by 50% and gives a special attribute:

    • Night Vision (Sight)
    • X-Ray Vision (Sight)
    • Scent: Lock on to one scent no matter how many scents there are. (Smell)
    • Poison Detection: (Taste)
    • Vibration Detection: 15ft (Touch)
    • Immediate Thoughts: Hear the thoughts of someone within 5ft of you. (Hearing)

    Sense Sharing: Share your senses with another person. They smell what you smell and you see what they see. Subject must be willing to partake in this.

    Agility: +20 Agility and +20 Speed

    Resurrection: Bring the dead back to life. Can only be used one time per person.

    Telepathy: Communicate with the mind of another person, not control it.

    Invisibility: Disappear completely, including scent and heat signature.

    Flight: Only with wings, the Angel has the ability to fly.

    Demon Racial Abilities

    Demonic Resistance: 50% resistance to all Aether-based abilities.

    Regeneration: 75% regeneration rate to minor wounds during battle and a full regeneration [over time (1-2 weeks depending on what was lost)] when they've lost a limb.

    Keen Senses: This ability enhances two of the five senses by 50% and gives a special attribute:

    • Night Vision (Sight)
    • X-Ray Vision (Sight)
    • Scent: Lock on to one scent no matter how many scents there are. (Smell)
    • Poison Detection: (Taste)
    • Vibration Detection: 15ft (Touch)
    • Immediate Thoughts: Hear the thoughts of someone within 5ft of you. (Hearing)

    Durability: +30 to Durability

    Ferocity: This grants a Demon the ability to live. After taking a fatal blow, this ability activates, giving the character ten minutes to do what they need to do. If the ten minutes pass them by and they have not received medical attention, they will die.

    Deeper Darkness: This is a spell and is allowed to be used once a day. This spell causes all light within a half a mile of the area that it was cast to fall into utter darkness. People cannot see five feet from in front of their face. Torches and any other sort of light source grant a ten foot radius of seeing ability. People who walk in from the outside of this ability fall under the same effects.

    Possession: The ability to possess another creature or object. No long distance possession.

    Shadow-Cloaking: The ability to blend in with and move through shadows.

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    Elder Dragon Race

    Everything stated below refers to Elder Dragons and Dragon Disciples unless otherwise specified.

    What is an Elder Dragon?

    An Elder Dragon is an ancient race of humans that were blessed by the Dragon Gods. These are extremely rare creatures that can be considered a half-dragon, but extremely powerful. They are considered a league of their own, as if they were an almost perfect balance between man and beast. As an Elder Dragon grows in power, they grow in size. The weakest Elder Dragons are comparable to Sprite Dragons, while the strongest are like Legendary Dragons (0-tier: Legendary, 1-tier: Great, 2-tier: Ordinary, 3-tier: Sprite). Elder Dragons also live longer than regular dragons. They have a maximum lifespan of 400 years, although many do not live to see that age. Any child born of an Elder Dragon will always be an Elder Dragon. They may be born in their humanoid form, but they will still be an Elder Dragon. When an Elder Dragon child is born, they do not get their powers until they reach adulthood: 18 years of age.

    What powers do an Elder Dragon have?

    An Elder Dragon's power consist of Racial Traits and Universal Abilities.

    Universal Abilities are abilities that every single Elder Dragon has, while Racial Traits are different traits that an Elder Dragon may or may not possess. The choice is up to the person creating the Elder Dragon. Note: An Elder Dragon does take on the traits of its Elder Dragon parent, so a Fire Elder will not give birth to an Ice Elder.

    How do Elder Dragons exist?

    There is no written history of the start of Elder Dragons because the race is ancient, but their line does continue the same way with humans and other races. They live, love, mate, and a child is born. During pregnancy, the child's form changes along with the mother. If she's in Dragon form, so is he. Her energy is manipulating his. Once the child is born, it will take on the form that it is born in and is stuck in that form until it receives its powers, which is adulthood: 18 years of age.

    How do Dragon Disciples Exist?

    This can only occur with Humans. When an Elder Dragon chooses to train a Dragon Disciple, the Disciple will lose all abilities with their previous Arcana. A Dragon's Blood acts as a disease or mutation, changing the Disciple completely. You cannot retain previous abilities. There are no exceptions.

    Universal Abilities:

    Elemental Immunity: Elder Dragons with this Racial Ability are completely immune to their element.

    Flight: All Elder Dragons can fly in their dragon form.

    Roar: All Elder Dragons have a distinct roar, even available in their human form. This lets people know this is no normal dragon. It can be heard for 5 miles.

    Power Transfer: This creates a "Dragon Disciple". An Elder Dragon has the ability to teach their powers to a human after the human has consumed their blood. After an immense amount of training, before the ritual is official, the human must best or equal their Elder Dragon in combat. A single racial trait is passed through from the Elder to the Human and can take on the form of a Dragon that is one step weaker than the Elder they trained with. Through time, they can advance their power and grow into the next class, but this is extremely difficult. This is meant to be done in-thread, although exceptions can be made in certain circumstances.

    One Point in Lingusitics: An Elder Dragon is intelligent enough to understand language. An Elder Dragon can learn the language Common (Universal/English), the language of the nation they grew up in (if they grew in human form), and Draconic (if they grew up as a Dragon).

    Transformation: Upon reaching adulthood, when they gain their abilities, an Elder Dragon can change from its human form into a Dragon form, or it can change from its Dragon form into a humanoid form. This form can be human or elven, the choice is up to the character creator. In the dragon form, each Elder Dragon gets an increase or decrease to their skill sheet. See Below.

    Racial Information Thread 350%20x%205_zpszexq9bk5
    Sprite Dragons:
    Agility: +20
    Durability: -5
    Endurance: 0
    Speed: +20
    Strength: -5
    Racial Information Thread 350%20x%205_zpszexq9bk5
    Ordinary Dragons:
    Agility: 0
    Durability: +10
    Endurance: +10
    Speed: 0
    Strength: +10
    Racial Information Thread 350%20x%205_zpszexq9bk5
    Great Dragons:
    Agility: -5
    Durability: +20
    Endurance: +10
    Speed: +10
    Strength: +20
    Racial Information Thread 350%20x%205_zpszexq9bk5
    Legendary Dragons:
    Agility: -10
    Durability: +40
    Endurance: +20
    Speed: +20
    Strength: +40

    Arcana: An Elder Dragon has a greater access to Arcana compared to a regular dragon. In their human form, they are capable of using far more complex abilities than a simple breath attack like other dragons, but it always pertains to their element.

    Arcane Manifestation: When transforming into their humanoid form, an Elder Dragon can choose to focus its Arcana into a shape, thus creating a physical manifestation of their Arcana. For example, if an Elder Dragon has fire-based Arcana, they can manifest their Arcana as a flaming sword while in their humanoid form.

    Racial Traits:

    An Elder Dragon can have TWO of these traits and a Dragon Disciple has ONE.

    Dragonskin: This is an ability that can be activated, giving the Elder Dragon or Dragon Disciple a +10 to their Durability.

    Full-Flight: Even in human form, the Elder Dragon can fly. They do not have to have visible wings to do this. Normally an Elder Dragon could only fly in its Dragon form, this gives them the ability to fly in both.

    Calling Roar: In either form, an Elder Dragon gets the ability for their roar to call forth more dragons from within a 5-mile radius. A Dragon's roar is very distinct. It sounds nothing like any other animal out there, so once this is heard people know what's making that sound. This can be used to call for aid from another Dragon. Any Dragon who hears this roar can choose whether to come or not, but likely will because they're being called by their own kind.

    Humanoid Form Strength: This ability brings over the "Transformation Bonus" (Shown Above In Table) into their humanoid form, but only for strength.

    Dragon's Eye: An Elder Dragon with this ability to see a extremely long distances. It's like they're looking through a magnifying glass. They can zone in on certain objects just to increase the magnification as well. This is an ability that can be turned on and off, but when it's on, the person's eyes change to a yellow color and the pupile becomes elongated.

    Dragon's Claw: This gives the Elder Dragon the ability to grow dragon claws at will while in their humans forms. These claws take on the same durability and strength as they would while they would be in their Dragon form.

    What Elements do Elder Dragons have?

    Fire: Elder Dragons with the fire element have a complete immunity to being burned. However, they only have a 75% immunity to heat. Therefore they can not be in sustained heat.

    Air: Elder Dragons with the air element are completely immune to things that affect the air. They can not be suffocated, but they can drown. If an ability involves strong gusts of wind, it is only 25% effective against an air-type Elder Dragon. They also get a +10 to speed in their dragon form.

    Water: Elder Dragons with the water element are completely immune to water effects. This does not include ice. Those with the water element are also capable of breathing underwater.

    Earth: Elder Dragons with the earth element are completely immune to earth-based effects. They are only 75% immune to things like falling rocks caused by nature. They have a thicker skin and thus have an additional +20 their durability in their dragon form.

    Lightning: Elder Dragons with the lightning element are completely immune to lightning and electric effects. They are capable of perfectly navigating within a storm as well. They also get a +10 to speed in their dragon form.

    Ice: Elder Dragons with the ice element are completely immune to ice effects. They have a 75% immunity to water effects as well.

    Acid: Elder Dragons with the acid element are completely immune to acidic effects. They can not be melted with an acid. They also are immune to diseases due to their highly-acidic bodies.

    Poison: Elder Dragons with the poison element are completely immune to poisons, toxins, and venom. They are able to have a poisonous, toxic, or venomous bite as well as a breath.

    Metal: Elder Dragons with the metal element are completely immune to metals on the outside. Their scales can not be pierced by metal, but their flesh and organs can be harmed by it. Only common metals such as iron and steel are covered. Arcane Items are not covered. Their claws and teeth are the sharpest of all Elder Dragons.

    Crystal: Elder Dragons with the crystal element are completely immune to raw Arcana/energy-based attacks. Their attacks will have no element to them, and will just be pure Arcana.

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    The Auroran Era version of Vampires is similar to many versions of vampires out there, but don't worry, they do not sparkle.

    History Of Vampires: Vampires have only been showing up in the past two hundred years or so. Vampires are the result of a bad experiment. A Demon decided he wanted to take over Aurora as a whole. He felt that Humans were lesser beings that did not deserve to live free lives. He wished to turn Humans into slaves, so he kidnapped and experimented on many, but most of them died in the process. His experiment was supposed to turn them into mindless slaves with a bit of extra strength to do his bidding. He was trying to create an army and was failing. One day, he decided to put his own blood into the mixture. He used five Humans for this specific experiment and infected them with a venom that he created out of his own blood.

    After hours of suffering, the Humans all died from the experiment. Their bodies were thrown into a cellar to wait to be destroyed. When his assistants were about to destroy the bodies, they walked into a room of the living dead. All but one of the Humans lived again; that one was burnt alive. The rest were studied and turned into slaves, until they were able to over power the very Demon who created them and killed him on the spot. Over the years, more Vampires have been showing up. Other races only barely know of their activities, often dismissing any stories of "Vampires" as legend or some other monsters. The "First Five" is a common legend that is told by Humans about Vampires.

    The First Five:

    The First Five Vampires consisted of Drake, Kane, Kaelth, Abigail, and Lilith. Drake was a kind person who could not take the thirst. He asked his friend, Lilith, to take his life so he would not have to feed off the innocent. Kane and Kaelth were brothers. The two of them loved their newly found power and went on a killing spree. They ran through villages, destroying anything in their path, killing and slaughtering the innocent, while taking advantage of the women. Lilith and Abigail were forced to end their journey and after a huge battle, burned and killed them both. Abigail and Lilith tried to live normal lives and discovered new things about their powers. Over the years, Abigail became unstable. She couldn't have children and kept watching the people she loved die. After begging Lilith to end her life, Lilith helped her friend kill herself and burned her body on the edge of a cliff. Through out this time, Lilith and Abigail had bitten many people, creating new vampires so there are some walking around. To this day, Lilith still lives, but she prefers to be alone. She is referred to as the very "first" vampire, since not many know of the other four.

    What are vampires?

    Vampires are a sub-race of Demons.

    Vampires are humans infected with a demonic venom that is passed through to every vampire. This venom will turn anyone bitten and poisoned with it. Like a snake has the ability to bite without using its venom, so do these vampires, so not everyone is turned just because they've been bitten.

    Vampires all survive on the consumption of blood. They must feed off the blood of any living creatures to sustain their lives. The longer they go without feeding, the weaker they will become. A vampire that does not feed at within thirty days will die. Once it has died, a vampire cannot be revived no matter how powerful the spell. Vampires can eat normal food, but it does nothing for them and tastes like ash.

    When someone is turned into a vampire, the disease eats away their Arcana and then slowly progresses their body into being a killing machine. They technically have no energy of any kind, but are also unable to use it.

    Are their any races that are immune to being turned?

    Yes. Angels are immune because this disease is made from the blood of a demon. It is also possible that very, very specfic abilities can counteract the venom, causing some sort of immunity for different individuals. (Example: Serenity Verdant's Bloodline)

    Are there Vampire physical traits appearance wise?

    Yes. Not every vampire has to follow the same thing, but common vampire appearance traits are pale/cold skin, fangs, and red eyes. All vampires have fangs, no exceptions. Vampires also stop aging at the age that they were turned.

    Vampires Max Age?

    Vampires do not die of natural causes. Their maximum creation age is 200 because before that they did not exist. If you're creating a vampire between the age of 195-200, you need permission from an admin and to figure out who exactly turned them.

    Do Vampires have Magic or use Arcana?

    No. They will have the racial traits stated below. No special abilities. Not ever. No exceptions. Do not ask. This does NOT include Arcane Items and Weapons.

    Can Vampires reproduce?

    No. Vampires are the undead. They can still enjoy sex, but reproducing is impossible.

    What do vampires do to feed?

    A Vampire can either use his hypnotism to manipulate a human to coming to them or just force it upon them. It's up to the character, but a vampire will need to feed at least 10 times per week, meaning 40 times a month. Later on, when they get the "Survival" trait, they will only need to feed 4 times a month. A Vampire can choose whether to turn another. You will need the permission of the PC's owner to change them unless it is a fight thread.

    What happens if a vampire doesn't feed?

    If a vampire refuses to or for some reason cannot feed, their base instincts of survival take over. They will be thrown into a frenzy that will cause them to lose their more "civil" ways and hunt until they've fed enough. Once they've fed enough, they can regain their composure and stabilize. (Base instincts of survival also indicate that a vampire will not do anything that would harm them, so running out into the sun because they see food is not something they would automatically do, though this can differ from character to character.)

    How do the blood of different races effect a Vampire?

    • Humans: Normal
    • Elves: Normal
    • Elder Dragons: It sustains them for fifty percent longer.
    • Dragon Disciples: Normal
    • Angels: Poisons and weakens them for at least a week, preventing all regeneration.
    • Demons: It sustains them for two times as long.

    What is a tier for a Vampire?

    On AuroranEra, a tier is usually the amount of "energy" a character has. For vampires, since they have no energy, it is a representation of the progress their "change" has made. The venom that changes someone into a vampire works more like a steroid than anything else. The more advanced the change or "steroid" becomes, the more powerful they get.

    How do vampires work in society?

    Vampires are not very well-known and not entirely confirmed in any society. Rumors about them have started to spread, catching the interest of many people, but until evidence is found and made public, vampires often seem like a ghost story over anything else. It is common for vampires to gather in Fennmont, the dark city in Zakat, all because it's pretty much a safe haven. With humans there, they can act in secret and even live semi-normal lives.

    Vampires and the Gods?

    Vampires cannot be blessed or cursed by any "good" or "True Neutral" god.

    Are there traits that all Vampires get?

    Yes. These are called Universal Traits and are stated below.

    Universal Traits:

    Semi-Immortal: This is the same trait most versions of vampires have. It's hard as hell to keep one down. They seem to just keep coming back no matter how many wounds you riddle them with. A Vampire can be killed with a stake through the heart or having their bodies dismembered and burnt to ash. (Note: If a stake is removed, the vampire can regenerate.) The more blood a Vampire loses, the weaker they become. They will need to feed to sustain themselves.

    Semi-Regeneration: After being injured, a Vampire has the ability to regenerate. This does not happen during battle, but at least five minutes after battle has ended. This cannot restore limbs that were destroyed, but can if they were just cut from the body and held back against the place it was lost from.

    Extreme Sensitivity to Sunlight: A vampire cannot be in the sun. They can be under normal low lighting, nothing that is bright or would be "normal" to most other people. Vampires under the sun or in normal/bright lighting will be burned. Prolonged exposure will turn them to ash. This will happen within ten seconds of being under the lighting, so it is important for a vampire to know how to block out the sun and avoid it.

    Are there Vampire Racial Traits?

    Yes. Racial traits for vampires work much differently than other races. You don't get to just choose when and what traits you receive. Traits are gained through experience. This encourages actual development of characters over being handed everything someone wants when the character is first created.

    All vampires start off as 3-3 when they're turned and gain traits over time. Development happens at a different rate for each character, but with enough effort you can get your vampire when you want them to get.

    0-1: True Immortality: Cannot Die. Ever. Nothing. Old Age Don't Matter. Can also be in the sun.
    0-2: Unbreakable: +70 to Durability
    0-3: True Regeneration: This gives a vampire the ability to regenerate their body, including completely destroyed limbs after three minutes of the injury taking place whether in or out of combat. If the limb was not destroyed, they'd need to hold it against their body to allow the regeneration to take hold. Regeneration does not occur if under sunlight, normal light, or bright light. Regeneration is slowed in dim light.
    0-4: Enhanced Body #3: +50 to speed or strength, not both. This stacks with #1 and #2.
    0-5: True Telekinesis: A vampires ability with telekinesis increases to 20 times their own weight.

    1-1: True Levitation: The Vampire gains the ability to "fly", which is really just levitation with the ability to walk at the same time and a height of 50 feet above the nearest surface.
    1-2: Survival: A Vampire has to feed ten times less than normal.
    1-3: Enhanced Body #2: +40 to speed or strength, not both. This does stack with the first.
    1-4: Minor Telekinesis: A Vampire gains the ability to move objects that is up to double their own own weight with their mind.
    1-5: Hardened Body: +30 to Durability

    2-1: Animal Transformation: A vampire can turn into a bat, cat, rat, or snake. (Choose 1) In this form, their vampiric energy is undetectable. This form gives no other bonuses that a normal bat does not have.
    2-2: Minor Levitation: The Vampire gains the ability to levitate up to fifteen feet off of the surface beneath their feet.
    2-3: Visual Ability: Pick One. Night Vision or Hypnosis. (The ability to look into someone's eyes and keep them in a trance. They can break out of this if eye contact is broken or they're told to do something completely against their morals. This can only be used on one person.)
    2-4: Water-Walking: The ability to walk on any liquid surface. This doesn't mean they can't fall in it. They actually have to step on top of it for this ability to take hold. Moving water is a no!
    2-5: Resistance To Cold: Low temperatures do not effect vampires. Below freezing temperatures can slow them down a bit.

    3-1: Wall-Walking: The ability to walk along the walls of buildings, this includes the hanging upside down from the ceiling.
    3-2: Enhanced Body#1: +30 to speed or strength, not both.
    3-3: Scent: The ability to lock in on a certain scent and track. This ability also allows the Vampire to smell how "good" the blood of prey is.

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    Racial Information Thread Empty Re: Racial Information Thread

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    A common want among character creators is to combine two races to create half-elfs, half-angels, and half-demons. Originally, we did not want to deal with these creations. However, we've decided that they will be allowed for the sake of character backgrounds and personalities. Character powers, however, will fall under one or the other. For example, if you choose to make a half-demon, the child of a human and demon, their abilities are based off of either humans or demons, not both.

    The one you choose is what your character will be classified as for the sake of character approvals, the type of magical energy within them (arcana, anima, nether, aether), and how the abilities of other character effect them. This side of them will be the "dominant gene" that has allowed their body to accept one type of energy. Characters are not allowed to have two types of energy (i.e. arcana and aether). Characters have a single energy, though will be allowed to take on traits of both races.

    When a character takes on traits of both races, this only means physically. A half-demon may have horns, but have Arcana. They will still be classified as human for the sake of the site. It is possible for some exclusions to happen depending on the character. If someone has a strong story they wish to tell, we may allow that character to break certain rules. However, this will be done at our discretion and the admins words are final. There are also some races that are unable to create hybrids at all.

      Unable To Create Hybrids:
    • Vampires - Also unable to reproduce.

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