The Kingdom of Taeviel

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    The Kingdom of Taeviel Empty The Kingdom of Taeviel

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    The Kingdom of Taeviel Taeviel

    Present Time Elvish: 3501 E.Y. (Elven Year)

    Languages Spoken: Elvish, Universal (English [Uncommon])

    Demonym: Taevian, Elvish, or Elven

    Approx. Total Population: 5,600,000

    Prime Exports: Elvish Weaponry

    Taeviel is the Elven Kingdom in Aurora. Taeviel's land is mostly made up of the Whispering Woods. Like most Elves, the people of Taeviel merge their lives with the surrounding land. Their homes are most often carved into trees, built on trees, built into hills, or are wooden huts.

    Elves live in peace in their corner of the world. They know that those outside of their kingdom do not like them because of their history. Elves have come to accept their fates and relationships with the other races as an almost deserved punishment. Even though no one alive today took part in the oppression, Elves previous treatment of the humans and other creatures on Aurora still have them stepping on eggshells. Though the Elves have no plan for an uprising, the threat is still possible. Not all Elves live within the borders of Taeviel. Many of them are scattered and hidden in forests around Aurora. People of the other countries know little about the inner workings of Taeviel. Besides normal trade, Elves share little to nothing with anyone. They try to live in peace, but trust humans very little.

    The Elves of Taeviel are people who value water, food, and usable items. They do not value shiny coin and find the system foolish. Shiny rocks mean nothing to them, so if someone wants to trade with the Elves of Taeviel, they do not do it with coin. Instead, they trade goods. Highly valued items to trade with Elves: fabric, meat, fruit, medicine, and uncommon arcane items. Things they will trade for these items are Elven weaponry. Elven swords, bows, knives, axes, and anything else you can think of are made out of special materials and go through a special process known only to the Elves. Because of this process, their arrows never break, their knives never dull, their bows never snap, their swords never shatter, and all weapons weight half the weight they normally would.

    Taeviel's Environment: The Whispering Woods makes up most of the Elven country. This forest is filled with many beasts, but all are small and easy to kill or tame. The Whispering Woods is a very quiet place when no one is around, but not the normal quiet. It's like sound vanishes unless you're making the sound yourself, or another animal is. If it stays quiet for too long, people begin to hear strange whispers. Most of the time it sounds like a young child wanting to play. There is the rare case of hearing a woman's voice and an even rarer case of hearing the voice of a man. In the Elven community, it is said that if you hear the woman's voice you are safe, but if you hear the voice of a man, it is a warning and you should flee very quickly or risk losing your life.

    Near the more southern lands of Taeviel, near Kolvar and Myla Allenar, it is extremely cold and has caused Elves there to adapt. Being so close to the ice lands of Aurora cause this. The Elves there have adapted over the centuries and are often called "Snow Elves". They get a +20 Endurance bonus to resisting any cold or ice effects because of their natural adaption to this sort of environment.

    Elven Cities:

    Elduin: This is the Elven capital city. This is the largest city and is made up of three unbelievably massive trees. Over the years, the Elves have carved their cities into these trees, reaching from the trunk at the bottom to the very top with the leaves. These trees are named Trasal (Honey Tree), Tra'avara (Mother Tree), and Tradeth (The Eternal Tree). Trasal is the tree where most people gather themselves. This is where people live, eat, make friends, etc... Tra'avara is the tree where the Queen, her guard, and her family stay. Depending on the occupancy of Trasal, some people may be allowed to stay in the lower levels of Tra'avara. Tradeth is the most important tree, located in the middle of the other two and is the smallest. It is also the most beautiful, always growing leaves of white, never losing it's leaves in the winter, and is said to sometimes speak to the Queen or others that have approached her. The Elves of Elduin and most of Taeviel would fight and die to protect Tradeth.

    Menkadi: In this city, most Elves live in huts. The buildings are all made of wood or are built within hills. There are no tree homes here. This is the trade hub of Taeviel. People from other countries come here to trade with Elves since most are not allowed much father into the borders of Taeviel. The city is quite large and lively. The people here are the most accepting of other races, excluding Demons. If you're a half-elf, this is probably where you came from or prefer to live. This is also the one city that does value coin to a degree. They charge more if you're buying with coin. They cannot reuse it outside of Menkadi, but they travel into the other countries and often bring back more goods to trade with.

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