The Islands Of Illvasari

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    The Islands Of Illvasari Empty The Islands Of Illvasari

    Post by Serenity on Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:46 pm

    Present Year: 501 A.E.

    Languages Spoken: Universal (English) and any others. There is no "native" language.

    Demonym: Illvasarian or Vasarian

    Approx. Total Population: Unknown, Possible 7,000,000

    The Islands of Illvasari are islands of criminals and fugitives come together to live under one area. If you're a criminal, have been banished from your own land, or are on the run, this is somewhere that you might want to go. It is a dangerous place because of the types of people who live here, but it's better than prison, right? The islands are often lively with drunken pirates, prostitutes for hire, and criminals just trying to stay hidden within the mess. It isn't the cleanest place in the world since there are no sanitation policies, no working government, and the people here are mostly disgusting. The only thing that the people here fear are the Pirate Captains who have loyal crews that would slaughter them if ordered to. The Pirate Captains run this place, each island able to be claimed by them. There are more Captains than there are islands, but first come first serve, or you can fight another Captain for the claiming of an island. In doing so, you get their islands and their ships.

    Siren's Sanctuary: This Island is owned by a woman known as "Siren". Not many can put that name to her face. Only her crew knows who she is, along with anyone who has had the courage to fight her. Siren's Sanctuary is the only well-taken care of island because Siren won't tolerate someone dirtying her reputation. She makes sure her place stays as clean and strong as her reputation. This island is the most difficult to get into because it's also the safest. Almost everyone on this island considers themselves a member of Siren's crew and await being called to serve on one of her ships. Siren's Sanctuary is the island, but the city within the island is known as the same thing. The city is a nice size and cane be compared to some cities in Arcadia. The place is well built and people live semi-normal lives there. Things often do get a little rough and there isn't any jail time for murdering someone in the street, but you damn well better clean that shit up. Don't piss the Siren off.

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