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    Character Template


    Name: Autonomous Arcana-Operated Golem, Proto Version
    ALIAS: Blues
    Gender: Male
    Age: ~3 Years. Body shaped to resemble an older teenager.
    Height: Rather short.
    Weight: Very heavy for his height. Especially odd since he doesn't look any heavier than a normal person, but he has enough mass for a 2 meter tall bodybuilder.

    Personality: Blues is quite aloof at first glance. His face is either detached and serious, or grinning with a superior smirk - rarely does he show open concern on his face right away. He likes to keep to himself, to not be bothered. Especially when his constant, searing pain in every part of the body gets unbearable. He is known to shove people away, even those he cares about, and to never share his own problems with others. He has a bit of a pride-problem, always wanting to take care of everything by himself. He sees it as a great weakness to request help from others.
    But he isn't above actually helping others. In fact, he will jump to the help of even complete strangers without being asked to do so. While he certainly doesn't look the part of it, Blues is a completely good person. Not honest, no - he can tell a lie with the best of them. Also not the best at talking to people, far from it - he's way better at pointing his gun at something and shooting. There's only one motivational speech you can get out of him... to never, EVER, give up hope. Even alone against all armies of evil and darkness, he would never give up hope for a better tomorrow. He knows that he is 'broken' - an un-loved, artificial being that doesn't function properly, a fighting machine without a target or war to fight. But he still has hope - hope that one day, he'll be free of pain. That one day, he'll be loved for who he is, and that he'll be seen as more than just a weapon. To reach that day, Blues will fight on for centuries if he has to.
    Because of how he was abandonned and nearly killed by his own 'parents', he has an incredible hatred against all those that abandon their children, mistreat them, or even outright abuse them. He's not above slapping a bitch if she tries to beat her child in front of him. Furthermore, he feels sympathy for those mistreated, no matter by whom - racism, classism, the whole thing. Slavery is a red flag as well, since it reminds him quite a bit of what nearly happened to him.

    But he isn't fighting evil ALL the time, of course. He enjoys just watching a good sunset, and likes good liquor and some nice, not too talkactive company. He has no 'hobbies', so to say - for that, he'd need an actual place to live, and a daily routine to spend any time on them. However, he is a perfectionist, and enjoys being praised for being just good at what he does. A thirst for knowledge causes him to often times read entire encyclopedias in one go just to further his understanding of the world.


    Appearance: Blues is a brown-haired, short male, from looks alone. He has brown, slightly amber eyes, which are hidden behind either sunglasses or the visor of his helmet 99.99999% of the time. When not having his armor active, Blues is known for wearing quite fine clothes, especially suits.


    Type: Evoker
    Description: See Body/Equipment


    Body/Equipment: Blues is quite unique in one way for sure. His entire body is artificial. From his hair to his eyes, the brain, blood in his veins, bones in his arms, heart in his chest... Every single part of him has been crafted from various kinds of metals, most of them alloys enchanted with special spells designed to create small parts of a whole body. In the easiest terms, Blues is a Golem - an artificial create of metal made with magic. However, unlike a normal Golem which is created with single spells, his entire body has been created from countless small spells that interact with each other. In practice, if it wasn't for his battle armor, differentiating him from a human by sight alone is virtually impossible. He has human-like eyes, arms, hands, even hair. The only thing obviously lacking are any genitalia, or any openings for disposing of bodily waste.
    There are two 'enchantments' directly embedded into his body which differentiate him from an actual human. First, any food or drink ingested by him is broken down into energy and delivered into his body to keep it functioning by artificial blood which renews itself like normal blood, this process leaves no waste behind to be expelled out. He can survive without water for longer than a normal human, up to a week, but still needs it. Secondly, his 'heart' is located a bit lower than for a human, and his lungs are larger, since he has more space in his body, allowing for a lot of endurance. His 'liver' is a special artifact which detoxifies his body slowly and can't detoriate, and will even clean pollution out of the lungs. Alcohol and other poisons or drugs have the same effect on him as they would on a normal human, without this giving him any resistance to it, unless the poison is directly designed to destroy the liver - then it won't work.
    Also, to heal, his body mostly functions like a human. Cuts and bruises on his artificial skin will heal naturally. Broken bones and the like are more difficult to heal. While marginially harder than normal, most of his enchantments and alloys are used to make him even able to live at all, so he is just as 'fragile' as any human, and broken bones heal slower for him than normal. However, raw arcana, without any spells, can hasten the process to be far faster than for a human.

    The battle-suit is as much part of him as his skin, though. On a single thought command, all parts of it equip themselves in a flash, granting him his usual red-adorned armor set and shield. The change is so quick that most people can only recognize a quick flash of light.

    The Proto-Armor is crafted from multiple enchanted pieces, each granting their own abilities. The armor also has general abilities, of course. First of all, without any magic involved, the armor is DURABLE. It doesn't look like it at first glance, but each piece is as hard as steel. The shield is especially hard, but also very lightweight. It can cover the entire body of Blues, and has a special enchantment that diverts energy of multiple forms, such as lightning, fire or raw energy beams. The impact is mostly absorbed by the armor, making Blues able to protect himself a lot of the time with it. Deflecting melee blows with it is a lot more difficult, since it is a bit unwieldy for that sort of combat, unless paired with a blade in the left hand. The shield is ALWAYS used in the right hand.
    On the back of the armor is another enchantment in the form of two small metal attachments with holes in them at the shoulder blades. These can expand energy 'wings' with quite a bit of force, allowing for slow descent, another jump in mid-air, and free navigation while in the air and falling or gliding. Continued flight is not possible with the wings, and contact with the ground has to be made for another jump after a first air-jump.
    The left hand is the most interesting of the enchanted parts. It can turn into a cannon at a command of thought! As a gun, Blues can fire blasts of raw energy from it. Each shot has impact force comparable to an anti-tank rifle, and can blast through many hard materials cleanly. The energy is burning hot, leaving behind searing areas, but usually doesn't ignite targets. Up to four of those shots can be fired in quick succession before the gun has to reload. Instead of that, the cannon can be charged up for a few seconds before release. A single, incredibly powerful beam is then released, causing an explosion upon impact to rip the enemy apart.
    The helmet also has a built-in function. The so-called 'reflex booster' links directly into the brain, and, for a few seconds, gives the user incredible super-human reaction time and transmission of eye-to-brain information, allowing for such incredible feats as dodging bullets. Has a rather long time needed to cool down after use, and can fry the brain of the user if it isn't given enough time to recharge.

    The final enchantment can ONLY be used around arcanists. When a large amount of arcana - either given freely, or absorbed forcefully, such as after a failed or successful large attack - is around the armor, Blues can absorb it into the armor. The effect... varies. Depending on the energy absorbed, for the rest of the battle, the arm-cannon can be freely transformed into a different weapon using the newfound power. For example, a metal-using arcanist infuses Blues, and he'd become able to fire sawblades instead of energy blasts, and similiar things. Weapons obtained in such a way can't be charged up, and will be list once the fight is over.


    Skills: Blues knows how to fight, simply put. His marksmanship is INCREDIBLE. Hitting a moving target at a large distance is child's play to him. His reflexes are finely tuned, allowing him to use agility and his shield while still keeping up his weaponized assault. His strategic mind, and understanding of battlefield smarts, allow him to strategicially defeat even enemies immune to his blaster by shooting objects around them. He knows how to fight with a bladed weapon, but his armor lacks any blade attachment, being an unfinished prototype. In theory, he can use sword and shield in accord to quickly disable an opponent, but in practice he'd need to grab a suitable sword first.
    His physical condition is, simply put, amazing. He is immune to most sicknesses, allowing for incredible feats of strength, endurance and speed. His heavy weight can be used to counter hard impact attacks.
    As a fighting machine, he knows the common weakpoints of humans, elves, armors used by either, and usual fighting beasts used in combat. While that knowledge was meant to make him an efficient killer, he uses it to effectively wound his targets without killing them.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: Sirius. The name of a group dedicated to selling every possible kind of weapon to whoever pays them... for a price, that is. Not exactly a group that you'd associate with groundbreaking scientific advances... unless said advances are made in the realms of weapons technology. And it just so happens that Blues is the result of one such project...

    The request was simple, really. An unfeeling, intelligent weapon that could pass for a human. A normal golem wouldn't cut that, of course - they couldn't even pass for intelligent most of the time, let alone fake human emotions. So Sirius hired the two brightest minds on golem and cyber-magical body replacements - two men who had reputations as mad scientists. Given free reign and a large amount of funding, both doctors went into the project with different goals. One saw a possibility of revealing his genius to the world, and to create a weapon that could control the planet. The other saw a possibility of creating life, something that he had been denied throughout his long life in the biological way. To create a son, and to create a weapon... both minds were needed for this project.
    The planning phase alone took multiple years. Designing an outer shell to act similiar to a human body was the easiest part, internal organs were more difficult - but by far the most difficult was the brain. Artificial nerve-clusters that took weeks to manufacture, in the thousands, were required to make it a reality. But even with a working prototype, something was missing - something to fill the brain, a 'personality', if not even a 'soul' of some kind. The golem was too advanced to simply install programming as an arcane blueprint. And so, the weapon-creating Doctor took a scan of his own brain patterns, and added to it the 'programs and information' needed to make the perfect living weapon.

    But they didn't think about the ulterior motives of the other doctor - the 'good doctor Light'. Secretly switching out the program of a heartless killer with that of a compassionate and strong-willed being, he removed the brain patterns of the other scientist and added his own instead. Without ever mentioning it, and without anyone else noticing it, that new personality was loaded into the artificial brain... waiting for activation.

    The day of the activation came two years after that. Adding multiple arcane weapons and an iconic, powerful red-adorned armor to the design, the 'evil doctor Wily' made sure that the Prototype was built to impress, but Light was skeptic of it - the Prototype would, of course, have flaws. Errors in design that nobody anticipated with a project this large. However, creating this first golem to simply be a test-drive without combat capabilities before full mass production wasn't something he could convince Wily to do.
    When the day of activation came, everything that could go wrong - it went wrong.

    The massive power surge from the arcana needed to infuse life into the shell nearly blew the laboratory into pieces. The brain had reacted violently to the intrusion of doctor Light after the initial programming - and the body tried to reject the battle armor added to it. Both creators' minds within the machine fused, creating a truly unique personality unlike either of them. Not fully benevolent, not fully driven mad by desire for recognition. The massive pain from his body rejecting the battle armor drove the creation half-mad before he even realized that he was 'alive'. All that he saw was a mad doctor trying to pry his chest open... trying to stop his mechanical heart.
    Thankfully, his armor was already online, even if it still hurt like hell. Pushing aside the mad doctor, the newly created life-form fled from the chaos. The explosions created by the overloaded arcana reactors in the lab were enough to mask his escape, especially since he had no arcane signature of his own to chase.

    It took nearly a year of being 'active' for the golem to learn how to live with his constant state of pain. Often, he thought about returning to the lab - to end his pain. One day, a doctor calling himself 'Light' managed to contact his messed up high-frequency module, offering help - to disable the armor that was causing him pain, to 'fix' him. But the golem didn't trust the man enough, so he shut off his high-frequency module permanently. Learning how to live with his pain, though, was only the first step. In his isolation, he had a lot of time to 'think'. As a weapon, he had been created with knowledge of the world, but it was incomplete - just enough for a killing machine. So he set out to rectify his lack of knowledge by traveling the world. He never gave up his own hope.

    During his travels, he decided to take up a name. He settled on 'Blues', after a type of music that he very much enjoyed listening to whenever he got the chance. The further he traveled as 'Blues', the more 'damage' he saw in the world. People dead in the streets of shady towns, downtrodden people without a way out, criminals who didn't deserve their lot in life... But nobody tried to help them. There was still hope in the world, but not enough hope for everyone. Nobody could ever save everyone.
    And so, Blues decided that if the world lacked such hope... he would become hope. Someone that overcame great pain and suffering, that went against his intended nature.... But kept going forward. He resigned himself to solitude, to heroism, and to his one real goal - to soothe so much pain in the world that he could forget his own as well.

    Hope Rides Alone.

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    Application Checklist
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    Comments/Notes: I have no idea how to bloody tier him.
    Tier: 2-1 for all Arcane Items/himself, although he will be listed as a NO TIER under Evokers.

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