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    Cierian Law

    Cieria places honor and valor quite highly, no matter the gender or position of a person, and their laws reflect that. Many archaic and seemingly outdated traditions and laws still exist within the Duchy, and the current ruler has no plans of changing that anytime soon. Those accused of capital crimes can request to prove their innocence through battle, although approval of such a request may not always be granted and has to be given by the Duke himself.
    As a general rule, everyone sentenced to fifty or more years of prison time may ask for the mercy of the sword. Should they do so, they'll be beheaded, and their flesh given to the Cierian War-beasts.

    A Cierian is seen as an adult at age 17. Alcohol may be consumed at age 15 at the earliest, and not without supervision by at least one non-drinking adult. Work may be begun at age 14 full-time, age 12 for part-time jobs. The law is lenient in its punishments until someone reaches adulthood, and any prison times over a year in length may be converted into service as a recruit in the army and may join afterwards, regardless of their age, if they chose to. Normal enlisting is possible after reaching adulthood.

    As a honor-bound state, Cieria allows citizens to duel each other. A duel must be agreed upon by both parties, and may go to first blood, to a yield by one person, or even to death. In the case of a duel to the death, the victor will not be prosecuted. If a person tarnishes the name of another, or insults them despite multiple requests to stop, the insulted party may demand a duel. If any army or police force nearby agrees on it, a duel will be forced onto the offender. Duelists may use any kind of weapon, armor or arcane power that they posess. In the case of being unable to fight, a duelist may name a different, willing adult as their champion. Those younger than 17 are not allowed to duel under any circumstances!

    Freedom of speech is, as long as it contains no treasonous statements, granted to all citizens. However, if their free speaking insults the honor of fellow citizens, they are expected to defend themselves in a honorable duel as well. Might makes right in that regard.

    Furthermore, Cieria has no enforced state religion. As such, feuds of religious nature are quite common. Of particular note is that the current Duke is in a minority religion that prays to ancient dragon gods, that, according to their belief, were the ones to shape the world and create dragons, humankind and elvenkind. So far, he has been challenged to fifteen duels on the basis of religion and won every single one.

    Marriage in Cieria is handled by the state and is as simple as walking into the town hall, sign the papers, prove themselves as Cierians and leave again. Only adults may marry, no matter the circumstances or requests from parents. A Cierian may only marry a non-Cierian on special request. Gender or race in regards to human or elf are non-factors. There are no actual benefits to being married as far as taxes and the like go, and it is done as a sign of affection solely.

    Since Cieria is possibly the most dangerous land to live in solely by the virtue of where it is situated, all civilians are not only allowed, but expected to bear arms with them. Casual training to be able to defend against wild creatures is part of the Cierian school system, which sees all children until age 14 educated in state-funded schools. Homeschooling is illegal in Cieria, and treated as Child Abuse. Longer school time will be granted to exceptional students for free, as well as the ability to study at universities. Average and below students need to pay a fee to visit further schools.

    As it stands, Cierians are allowed to use mortal force to protect their own lives, or those of others, from danger. Killing an armed robber is considered just and right, and may even be honored with a monetary reward. A threat towards worldly posessions may also be answered with force, although the usage of deadly force is discouraged. Should it be used, an evalutation of the sentimental and actual value of the threatened objects will take place, and the murderous defender may be relieved from all guilt, or be prosectued for manslaughter.

    Capital Crimes

    Treason: Any action taken to harm the current Duke or Duchess, or any of their family, directly, or to undermine their power or usurp the throne. Usurpers will be put to death by beheading if proven guilty, and their families will be stripped of all earthly posessions and banished from Cieria, for the current and all following generations.
    Murder: Those proven guilty of murder will either be sentenced to up to 25 years in prison, or be executed, depending on how vile their crime was and how many people they killed. Murder is only planned killing, accidental killing of a fellow human or elf will be counted as Manslaughter. Murderers that are sentenced to death will be hanged, and their dead bodies will be displayed for two days openly in the city that executed them, before they are fed to the war-beasts of the Cierian Military as food. No exceptions.
    Manslaughter: Defined as the accidental killing of a fellow human or elf, the suspect will be sentenced to prison times ranging from five years for absolute accidents to twenty years for complete carelessness or failing to fulfill their own duties.
    Slave Trade: The vile act of forcing others into servitude, or the act of buying or even owning slaves at all within Cieria, will be punished with death. Slavers are given a death of being boiled alive if caught, while slave-owners will be beheaded and fed to the beasts of Cieria. All Cierians that are capable of combat are honor-bound to try to rescue any slaves and kill any slavers they find.
    Rape: Rapists are punished with at least ten years of prison time, up to twenty-five years in especially cruel cases. This is for each instance of rape, meaning a serial rapist will never be released from the dungeons. In addition, male rapists will have their penis removed with a red-hot knife while fully awake and without any anesthetics. Female rapists will have their right or left hand removed in a similiar way, depending on which hand is their primary one, which they will lose.
    Instigation of Conflict: Those that attempt to create unrest between Cieria and other countries will be treated as traitors, no matter their stand towards the current Duke. They will recieve the same punishment as rebels. In the time of war, this law is lifted towards those countries at war with Cieria. Once a war is over, citizens are expected to bury old grudges and take this law seriously once again.

    Other Crimes

    Fraud: Fraud will be punished with a fine, and, in extreme cases, with prison time of up to five years. The fine depends on the scale of the fraud committed.
    Assault: Attacking and actively hurting another person without an agreed duel will lead to prosecution and prison time, starting at two years, with ten years as the maximum for a single crime. If the assault permanently scars or cripples the victim permanently, said victim has the right to demand retribution. In that case, the same injury will be inflicted on the criminal before he is sent to prison.
    Child Abuse: Hurting the own children is a grave sin in the eyes of Cieria, as children require the protection of their parents from the harsh and brutal land. As such, any noble found guilty of child abuse will be immedeatly stripped of their rank, and army officials are released from duty. Furthermore, those hiring for new jobs are allowed and almost expected to not hire any child abusers. On to the actual punishments issued by law, custody will be taken  in anything but the lightest case, and immedeatly if alcohol or other drugs were involved. Furthermore, prison time of up to five years is possible for each single instance of child abuse. It should be noted that Child Abuse in the Cierian eye does NOT include a simple slap on the wrist, or spanking for harsh misbehavior - only actual brutality that leads to injury, or strong neglect, count as Child Abuse. Harsh methods of child raising do not.
    Sexism: Ever since the days of a former Duchess that reigned supreme over the land for many decades, discrimination on the basis of gender has become a punishable offense. Perpetrators will have to pay a hefty fine, dependant on their average earnings each year, to the victim. Army officials will be discharged without honors if proven guilty of this crime. Nobles will lose their status. As per usual, a single harsh word would not count in front of a Cierian court - not hiring someone for a job, or throwing someone out of a shop because of their gender, does. This goes BOTH WAYS, women who descriminate against men will get the same punishments.
    Insult of Honor: Cierian Knights, other nobles and even commoners are expected to respect the honor of others. If one finds their honor gravely insulted, and if trial by combat is not an option, the offender will have to pay a fine to the offended. An actual, solid reasoning with witnesses is required to prove a grave insult to honor. A possible insult that qualifies would be to call the family of someone a bunch of traitors, or to insult a dead family member.
    Underage Drinking: Those under the required age will, if found drinking alcohol, be required to do community service for multiple weeks without payment, besides their other duties, such as jobs or school.
    Unlawful Duels: Attacking someone who doesn't agree to a duel, or to duel when not considered an adult, will have the instigating party punished. The other party will only be punished if found actively fighting with the intent to hurt the opposition. Those that decieve others by stating that they're legal adults will face prison time, regardless of their age, and the other person will be pardonned. Simply attacking someone that refuses a duel will be handled as Assault, usually. If no harm came to the attacked after a refused duel, the attacker will have to pay a fine to both state and victim, but will not find Assault on their criminal record.
    Tax Evasion: Hefty fines await those found out, up to 90% of their entire belongings may be taken by the state. Prison time of up to fifteen years is possible for those criminals.
    Racism: Much like Sexism, those that descriminate against cierian citizens that immigrated into the country will be subject to heavy fines, prison time, and removal from positions of power.

    Law Suggestions

    All inhabitants and otherwise related people to Cieria may ask for a law to be changed, or for new ones to be passed. The Duke will have the final say on them, and inform the person requesting of his decision. A suggested law doesn't need to include specifics, such as possible punishments. Those will be added by the Cierian Duke if they are added.

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