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    Species Name: Dracolich
    Description: Example: #025 Dracolich Snarlhaghorax
    Diet: Mages and Elves
    Rarity: Exceedingly Rare
    Location(s) Found: Old Ruins, forbidden dragon graveyards
    Abilities: When a dragon is so filled with evil and dark magic that it can't pass on after death, it becomes a Dracolich. Their size depends on their former size, and their flesh will slowly rot away, until they're nothing but skeletons held together by darkest necromancy. No matter their former element, a Dracolich breathes black 'flames' that deal direct darkness damage, searing even fire-immune targets. A Dracolich is even more dangerous than a dragon, because a Dracolich is ALWAYS evil - and they devour mages and elves to restore the arcane power that keeps them alive. A Dracolich can still fly, even when the rings are fully rotted away, by using magic. Those that get on a Dracolich's good side will become their apostles, earing secrets of necromancy and other dark magics in exchange for their last shreds of humanity, until they themselves become food for the Dracolich eventually. A Dracolich's hunger is infinite.
    To destroy a Dracolich, one has to shatter the 'heart' hidden within their burning magical flames. A big gemstone, proportional to their size, which is as hard as steel. Breaking apart their bodies will only temporarily disable a Dracolich. Otherwise, they are virtually immortal. Starving them to death might also work, but using any sort of magic near an inactive Dracolich will cause their heart to absorb that arcane power and revive the beast, so such a death won't be permanent.
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