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    The Phantom Troupe Geneir10

    The Phantom Troupe is an organization spawned by Lina Inverse. They're wanted criminals in all parts of the known world - affiliation with them alone is often a crime. And that's for a good reason. The Troupe is a completely amoral, murderous and dangerous group, with ties to the underworld of every single country.
    Known as 'the Spider' by most people, every single member is identifiable by a spider tattoo on their back, applied through magic. It fades after death, displays a twelve-legged spider, and has the number of the member in the middle. They're known for stealing EVERYTHING they want, and killing whoever causes them trouble while doing so, without regard for bystanders, who often end up murdered as well. They steal impossibly hard to obtain treasures and riches whenever they are called together by the Head of the Spider, all in order to amuse themselves. Treasures stolen by them are often sold only to be stolen AGAIN later from higher security for the thrill alone.

    Rules of the Spider:

    • The commands of the Head are more akin to suggestions. Nobody has command over members of the Spider unless they choose to be commanded.
    • When a member is defeated in combat, the winner has a right to join the Spider.
    • Should someone die without a replacement, then the Head will appoint a new member.
    • Disputes between members are to be settled with the flip of a coin. Fighting is prohibited.
    • Every member is replaceable, even the Head. The most important thing is the survival of the Spider. If the head is captured or killed, a new head may rise from the remaining members.
    • The Spider may never have more than 12 Members at a time.

    Head of the Spider: Lina Inverse
    Member #1:
    Member #2:
    Member #3:
    Member #4:
    Member #5:
    Member #6:
    Member #7:
    Member #8:
    Member #9:
    Member #10:
    Member #11:
    Member #12:

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