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    Void Steel Empty Void Steel

    Post by Dai on Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:37 am

    Name: Void Steel
    Type: Mineral/Material
    Description: Void Steel is a very dull metalloid that seems to absorb the light around it. It is very hard, but also extremely malleable, making it quite brittle to the touch. It doesn't reflect anything. It is always cold, no matter what is inside of it. It is non-magnetic.
    Rarity: Very rare.
    Location(s) Found: The ore can only be mined in Brauk--and even then, only the Dwarves can work it into steel.
    Notes: Void Steel is, to say the least, absolutely Arcana-repellent. It does not destroy Arcana, but Arcana cannot pass through Void Steel in any way, shape or form. Even something with atom-sized gaseous pieces will not be able to pass through Void Steel. It is very useful for anti-Arcana armor and the like, but it is so brittle that it cannot be used as armor against anything else. As a result, it is more frequently used to create potion bottles for undetectable poisons, or as a gauntlet to reach into a box that is overflowing with deadly Arcane Energy. You get the drift.
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    Post by Serenity on Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:42 am


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