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    Species Name: Shadow
    Description: In base form, a Shadow is an amorphous, black blob of moving shadows, sometimes extending into hands, which may hold weapons. One hand always holds a mask. Once they 'latch' to someone, they disappear into their shadow and lack physical form. Once spilling forth, they appear the same as their host in appearance, with glowing yellow eyes and a black haze surrounding them.
    Diet: Doesn't eat
    Rarity: Rare
    Intelligence: High
    Location(s) Found: Everywhere
    Abilities: Shadows are formed when intelligent beings live in a place for a long time, especially in times of emotional distress. They are the collected suppressed feelings of people. They long to be with people again. If discovered in their amorphous form, they can be destroyed while relatively weak. If they are not discovered, they will slip into the shadow of a human or elf, and meld into it. This links them to the minds of whoever they infect, collecting their darker feelings and suppressed emotions. At some point, during emotional distress and self-doubt, the shadow will 'spill forth' and appear to the host, reciting their hidden and discarded feelings, asking for them to accept their darker parts and become a better person. If a person refuses their shadow - a likely occurance - they transform into a terrifying beast based on their suppressed traits, and attempt to kill their host. If destroyed, they turn back into their humanoid form to recover, asking again for acceptance. If destroyed again while recovering in humanoid form, the shadow disperses, leaving the host in emotional distress for a while. If accepted, the shadow will disappear for good, melding with the host and helping them overcome their own flaws. Powerful moments of fusing with one's own shadow can even make those born without arcana into Sorcerers.
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