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    Raven's Flight

    Base Located in: Varedia

    Stated Goal: Allow for free travel throughout all of Arcadia

    Raven's Flight is known as a guild that offers transportation, protection and mailing services all throughout Arcadia, with their main base being in Varedia. As a not really combat-focused guild, their members are not always even fighters, but may possess incredibly useful magic for courier and sending jobs. Those that work in the bodyguard-sector of the guild are always capable fighters, though, and an entrance exam is required to become one of them.

    Joining Requirements: Either the ability to use magic for combat (bodyguard duties), courier work, or a certificate from Rydian Academy as an Evoker skilled with combat and movement artifacts. Applications are handled only in Varedia.

    Ranks: Raven's Flight has multiple ranks that the members can achieve. The current Master is always an inherited title, though it can be given to those outside the family in the case of the current leader being unable to have children. Normal members start as 'unfeathered' and earn 'feathers' with enough accomplished missions, growing and proven strength or multiple perfect critiques from their clients. Each job can give multiple 'feathers', and at 100 feathers, a member is considered a 'Raven' and accepted into the guild council that leads the guild whenever the master is not there. Feathers become harder to achieve the higher one's rank already is. For convenience's sake, the list below is separated at multiple points. Feel free to be picky IC about how many feathers exactly you have, though!
    Since Raven's Flight has no combat requirements, even those without any combat skills may eventually become Ravens. Ravens have their own rooms in the guild base, same for high feather count members (though their rooms are considerably smaller), while everyone else can request housing in large multi-person rooms. Or one can live in their own housing, of course.

    Current Master: Vayne Blackthorne (rarely, if ever, interacts with the guild directly)

    Raven Rank Members: 'The Butler', [open positions]

    High Feather Count (80-99):

    Medium Feather Count (30-79):

    Low Feather Count: (1-29):


    Application Template:
    [b]Application for Raven's Flight[/b]
    [b]Legal Name:[/b] (whichever name your character goes by IC)
    [b]Division:[/b] (Bodyguard? Courier? Both?)
    [b]Feather Count:[/b] (0 to 100, high counts require good reasoning)
    [b]Application Link:[/b] (Link to your app)
    [b]Member Since:[/b] (Anything that makes sense, from just joining today to having been a member for years)

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