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    Species Name: Witch
    Description: Witches are abstract creatures. They do not take physical form on Aurora, but instead live in 'pocket dimensions', each with an entrance to a human settlement through which it can be entered. Inside, everything is technically part of the witch. The pocket dimensions are strange, warped and twisted reflections of many parts of reality, and no two witches share the same type of dimension. They are known for having vibrant, but wrongly aligned colors, twisted creatures and impossible architecture. The actual witch resides in the 'heart' of such a dimension. It can take on multiple forms as well, but will usually be something monstrous, such as a living mass of black goo with teeth, or a warped representation of everyday objects or people that perform mundane tasks.
    Diet: Feeds on Despair
    Rarity: Rare
    Lore: Witches are ancient as a race, their kind having been around since before the dawn of the arcane arts. The concrete origins of witches are not widely known, but they are apparently the result of a 'deal' of some kind that a human did with a supernatural power - they are former humans. Witches can't be reasoned with, as while they understand humans, they are too insane to comprehend their intentions.
    Location(s) Found: Various cities around the world
    Abilities: Their first power is the deadliest - to hide amongst humans in a pocket dimension. From there, they extert dark power over all humans around them, slowly making them more and more miserable. They then feed and grow stronger on their despair and feelings of hopelessness. Once a witch gets strong enough, it can 'kiss' ordinary people that walk by the site of the portal, causing them to commit suicide, providing a large amount of energy to the witch. This kiss can only be stopped by killing the witch. It can't take effect on strong-willed humans and arcanists, who are immune to the effects.
    Inside of their pocket dimensions, witches command dangerous, deranged familiars, which, just like their dimensions, are varied in appearance and are a warped reflection of some part of reality. Witches also use illusions and trickery with barriers to elude attackers from their resting point. If a Witch is found, battling it can prove quite dangerous. They all possess some form of supernatural power that has many similarities with the arcane arts, and can also twist their own bodies and use them as weapons. Even the weakest witch is superior to a human in raw physical power. The only way to kill a witch is to blow part of their bodily representation away, and destroy their 'core', a black crystal known as the Grief Seed. Those that obtained their powers from the 'Outsider' can attack a Grief Seed without destroying it, annihilating the Witch and claiming the Grief Seed as their reward.
    After a Witch is destroyed, all depressions she caused are lifted, and those that were under the effect of the kiss reawaken without memory if they didn't commit suicide yet.
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