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    Species Name: The Outsider
    Description: #018 The Outsider MahouShoujoMadokaMagika5
    The Outsider is roughly the size of a housecat.
    Diet: Does not eat
    Rarity: One of a kind
    Location(s) Found: Around young girls and sometimes boys that might make a wish to it
    Lore: The Outsider is not from Aurora. If it came from a different dimension or maybe from a distant star, who knows? But one thing is clear - the Outsider is completely and utterly devoid of morals that we know. It acts as a living temptation to those struggling, and will only appear to young girls - in very rare instances, also boys. It is said that in exchange for granting a wish, it will steal the soul of the girl, but most people thing the Outsider a myth - it is used as a boogyman amongst some.
    Abilities: The Outsider has a power that should be impossible - it grants wishes in exchange for a contract. Of course, it is no god, and doesn't have infinite power. So it acts like a predator, searching out young girls in imminent peril, and offers a contract - they will pretty much always just wish for survival, or to not get beaten, or something along those lines. Those wishes, the Outsider can and will grant. It can't bring back the dead, but healing a normally impossible to heal wound? That is in the reach of the Outsider. It won't make you a god, but it will give you eternal youth - but you'll still die of old age, while looking young. In short, some wishes are genuinely granted, others are tricks and evil illusions.
    The price for those contracts is being 'turned'. After granting the wish, the Other will rip out the soul of the willing participant through the chest, and forge it into a 'soul gem'. If the soul gem of the girl is ever lost or damaged, she will die instantly. However, once 'turned', the girl will be a 'Magical Girl'. Even those who were not Arcanists originally will now have magical powers far above what their age should allow for, are superhuman in endurance and strength, and  can't be killed by mundane (non-magical) means, unless their gem gets destroyed. Of course, such power comes with a big catch - it is fueled from within the Soul Gem. To recharge it, a Magical Girl has to always hunt down dangerous 'Witches' all around the world, and if their Soul Gem loses their glow completely - which will happen to every Magical Girl sooner or later - they will invert into a Witch themselves. Falling into despair hastens the process, and just living takes up energy from within the Soul Gems.
    Not that the Outsider will tell the girls that, oh no. It doesn't lie, but also doesn't tell the entire truth. To eradicate  Witches, it creates beings that will in turn become Witches, all while betting for one Magical Girl being able to take out more than one Witch before turning or dying in combat. The Outsider is the source of all Magical Girl power - if it is killed, all current Magical Girls will most likely lose their power. However, loss of their power would also mean death or Witch-dom to them. The ancient monster Walpurgisnacht was the first Magical Girl of them all, who had a wish so big that the Outsider created a Soul Gem the size of a comet, which drained much of it's original power. If Walpurgisnacht is ever slain, there is no telling what the Outsider might become...
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