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The Kingdom of Arcadia is the largest country and takes up the entire northern hemisphere. The land is the richest with Arcana, so most of their population are Arcanists. Arcadians are a kind people who find the land and its Arcana precious. Arcadians do not normally get along with Zakatians and find their industrious culture barbaric because of the constant siphoning from the land. Arcadia's settlements vary greatly from large cities to small towns and villages. The size of the country prevents everything from looking the exact same and some areas will be more or less advanced in their technology. See Arcadia Information for a more detailed description.

Aria, Arbas, Ardale, Caydale, Clover, Colburn, Crane, Desert Sky, Ethaswen, Grandview, Haven, Lotheria, Silverwood, Taria, Tiger's Den, Varedia, Other Locations

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Brauk is home to some of the harshest landscapes in Aurora. It is an unforgiving nation of mountains, forests, deserts; a nation that is made up of hardy environments and an equally hardy people. Braukans have learned to live off of the land, using everything at hand to survive. Brauk has a lot of difficulty providing for its people, as a good percentage of the nation is infertile and unsuitable for farming. This leads to them having a lot of import-export relations with other nations for food. They primarily export gems and precious metals, as well as providing a very large percentage of the mundane weaponry for all of the other nations' armies. To live in Brauk is to survive. And to survive in Brauk is to truly live.

Stonehold, Bridgefield, Deephelm, Darkholm, Dreadmouth, Steelgrove, Woadhagen, Other Locations

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Cieria is the third largest country in Aurora. The people of Cieria are a good and strong people with probably the most open minds on the surface of Aurora. They are mostly highly skilled beast masters, but some are mere farmers as well. This is because the country has the most exotic animals covering its land. Cierians have learned to live along side of the beasts that inhabit their land and often train them for work and defense. Cierians are good farmers, hunters, and trackers, but they are also known for their large exports of oil. Cieria is also home to the Blighted Vale, a place of corruption that prevents anyone from going anywhere near it without risking their life.

Lighthaven, Almarc, Barrinston, Daizar, Fayham, Iskamer, Orhill, Saihar, Vailor, Other Locations

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The country of Ezon can be compared to Japan in earlier eras. They are a small island south of Arcadia and North of the Demon country of Nethoral. Because Nethoral is right on their border, Ezon is a combat ready country that trains both with The Arcane and with weaponry. They have an advanced navy, and they have an army of samurai and ninja. Their economy revolves around the trading of samurai and ninja weaponry, rice, and both naval and recreational ships. The people of Ezon are very honorable and open minded when it comes to aspects of battle. They stick to their codes and dislike anyone who cannot respect or follow them, especially while those people are in their country.

Khatai, Meidao, Onmani, Rasan, Zhilihan, Other Locations

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The Islands of Illvasari are a collection of islands controlled by many bands of pirates. The pirates of Illvasari attempt to control as much of the sea as possible, often causing problems for the other countries as their ships pass through. The pirates value gold among anything else, but also enjoy jewels and other valuable treasures. The Illvasari pirates love the sea and the adventure being on it brings. They only have the laws of pirates and abide by no law anywhere else. The Illvasari pirates, as a whole, are out for themselves and care little for the problems and values of the other countries.

Black Sand Lagoon, Cutlass Island, Dead Man's Retreat, Rum Runner's Reef, Shipwreck Island, Siren's Sanctuary, Other Locations

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Nethoral is the country of Demons. This place is extremely dangerous and dark. It's land is unforgiving to all mortal races and rarely does one enter and return home without being harmed. The other countries know very little about Nethoral and it's inner workings. They do not know the locations of cities, whether there is a government, or who may be in charge. To the outside, Nethoral is nothing but a mysterious and corrupt land. The Demons that call Nethoral their homeland are creatures of power. It's what they respect and what they fear. The Apollyon rule these lands, though territory battles are constantly being fought within the confines of Nethoral's borders.

Gozar, Axdal, Bedmahl, Malignus, Naruk, Rablor, Vaddach, Valon, Other Locations

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Osynius is a theocracy located in a relatively stable part of Aurora. It is known for being controlled by the Order of Colrath. The people of Osynius are a stubborn, zealous, and incredibly religious civilization. Osynius is ruled by the Grand Bishop, a title passed down a hereditary line. The Grand Bishop is also the leader of the Order of Colrath, the main religion of Osynius. This makes Osynius a theocracy, with the Grand Bishop acting as the 'voice, ears, and hands' of Colrath. Each city and town with more than 50 people in it is required by law to have a church to Colrath. It is then assigned a Bishop from its townsfolk who act as a mayor and high priest.

High Osynius, Alzivira, Beros, Dracovel, Drassa, Forbo, Gafaria, Gallarin, Imorsa, Kadeia, Messina, New Imorsa, Ouresa, Vilona, Other Locations

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Rel Inerium


Other Locations

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Salaneos is a small country wedged between the three largest countries of Aurora. It is a magocracy ruled by an Archmage and the Mageías Council. Salaneos is not as rich in Arcana as Arcadia, but its people are known to be mostly Arcanists. They view Arcana as a sign of power and authority, and non-Arcanists are treated as second-class citizens. Salaneos is a secretive country that not many know anything about, as the mages of Salaneos tend to keep their magic to themselves.

Herakletia, Anteia, Delphine, Konnos, Palantium, Pythalos, Sythrae, Other Locations

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Taeviel is the Elven Kingdom. Taeviel's land is mostly a forest of extremely large trees that reach up to three hundred feet high. Like most Elves, the people of Taeviel merge their lives with the surrounding lands. Their homes are often carved into or built around the massive trees of the Whispering Woods. Other Elves may live in small huts or homes elegantly built under hills. Since their race has been shoved into this small corner of the world, Elves have come to accept their fate as punishment for their treatment of the other races over generations. Because of this acceptance, most Elves enjoy living a quiet life within their forests and rarely make trouble for anyone, even if others thing otherwise.

Elduin, Hatharal, Iralsera, Kolvar, Menkadi, Myla Allenar, Saelenora, Valmir, Other Locations

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The Empire of Zakat is the second-largest country, and it makes up for not being the largest by leading the world in sheer technological growth. Zakat is known as "The Bridge of the World," as it is the only landmass that connects the northern Arcadian continent with the southern continent. There were many attempts long before the current borders were established to take Zakat, but its people held strong and refused to be overtaken by the outside. Zakat thrived as a trade epicenter. The mixing of technology from three different countries sped up Zakat's own technological renaissance. Zakat soon rose from being a trade center to being a fierce military power with technology that rivals what other countries call magic.

Iserlohn, Ashgarde, Bellain, Bergeville, Épirac, Feldbach, Fennmont, Hedoria, Khul, Martiforte, Mont Blanc, Schwarzenlein, Seinburn, Solai, Velistal, Other Locations

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