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    Getting Start On Auroran Era Empty Getting Start On Auroran Era

    Post by Serenity on Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:41 pm


    First off, we would like to welcome you to Auroran Era. We are a fantasy based forum role play site that promotes creativity and fairness to all of our members. Auroran Era was created from the ground up and is completely customized. You may find some familiar and not-so-familiar things here. Everything below should help you learn to navigate the site and get yourself started. We do have one question though...

    Is Auroran Era for you?

    This is an important question. We would love for you to stay, but not everyone likes the same thing. We reccomend that you check out our site's history and see if it catches your attention: Click Here. Remember that this is a custom site; it was created to be different than your every day fantasy world.

    1) If that catches your eye, it's time to take a look at the rules. They are a little long, but once you understand how we work, you shouldn't have any problems: Click Here.

    2) After that, people usually want to jump in and create their characters, but there are a few things you should know.

    3) First off, there are eleven countries on Aurora. Everything about them can be learned here: Click.

    4) Secondly, a character tier is something that everyone will need to understand. You can learn about that here: Click.

    5) Thirdly, face claims on Auroran Era are important. They allow you to use an already created character for your own character, but prevent anyone else from taking your appearance and using it too. Everything you can learn about them are here: Click.

    6) And lastly, you need to know about the lists we have on Auroran Era. On the main page of AE, you can scroll down to the "Information" category. There are a list of sections here that any member can take part in. This is also on the left side of any page on the side bar, under a section called "Lists". Read through and see if you're interested in any.

    First Step: Sign up for the site! We can't forget that!

    Step Two: Character Creation.

    You've read the rules, so keep those in mind. If you want to, look in our Approved Applications section to get a better idea of what an approvable app looks like.

    We have multiple races on Auroran Era. Click here to take a look at them. After you've chosen a race, click here to find the template you need to create a character of that race.

    Because things happen, we have a WIP (Work In Progress) section that we reccommend taking advantage of. Any work you have can be posted there to be continued later. Once an application is completed, ask a staff member to move it to unchecked applications. Click here for our WIP section.

    Step Three: Starting A Thread.

    First off, give this thread a little read: Click here. You do not have to read all of it, but please scroll down to the bottom where you see "Thread Glossary". Decide what type of thread you want. If you want anyone to be able to join, then an "Open" thread is what you want. If you have spoken to another member and they are going to join, then a "Private" thread is what you want. It can be hard to get used to, but this system has been implemented to prevent people from joining a thread and then be told to delete what they write.

    One of the more difficult things to do is figure out where and how you want to start a thread. It is recommended that you have an idea of where you want your thread to go. It is way too common to have someone post an introduction to a thread and decide to "just see where it goes" and then no one joins because the thread is too vague. Keep in mind that things change through out the course of a thread, but still start your thread with a certain goal in mind. It makes it much more interesting and keeps people wanting more. Another way of getting a thread started is by talking to another member(s).

    Remember, we have an entire world to work with on AE. Have fun, explore the site, and explore our world.

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