#003 Grief Seed [2-3]


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    #003 Grief Seed [2-3] Empty #003 Grief Seed [2-3]

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    Name: Grief Seed
    Type: Jewels of various sizes.
    Description: #003 Grief Seed [2-3] Grief_end_color_by_dion_raz-d4m57lv
    Every Grief Seed has a different pattern on the metal encasing the gemstone.
    Rarity: Rare
    Owned: N/A
    Creator: Witches have a Grief Seed as their core. They are the corrupted Soul Gems from when the Witches were still Magical Girls.
    Location(s) Found: Inside of Witches, shady black-market dealers
    Abilities: Grief Seeds are enchanted with a special energy field which absorbs negative emotions, originally so that the Witch can feed on them. When used by a Magical Girl, it can absorb the dark taint from their Soul Gems and prolong their existance as (mostly) human beings. Other uses of that energy field might be possible. Grief Seeds possess no other abilities or properties.
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    Approved. 2-3.

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