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    Elven Template


    Chosen Name: Lina Inverse
    ALIAS: The Firebrand, Princess Inverse
    Real Name: Princess Lina Esrevni
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Height: 1.83m
    Weight: 60kg

    Personality: Lina seems very nice at first glance. She's nearly always smiling and very chipper and happy, as if nothing could keep her mood down. People seem to instinctively like her open and cute nature, with her almost acting flirtateous at times. But there's a catch to it, of course. Lina is, quite simply, a sociopath. A person unable to comprehend the emotions of others and act on them. She's insensetive, rude, and downright hurtful thanks to it. It's not as if she's some incredible hardass that simply decided 'not to care', but an actual dysfunction of her mind. It can't be cured, only treated to slowly learn a 'replacement' for the innert ability to consider other's emotions. Of course, Lina never had such treatment in her life. Furthermore, her inability to comprehend and act on the emotions on others DOESN'T mean she has literally no empathy. She notices when someone feels sad, is frightened, or similiar, but it lacks all meaning it should have, being a 'void'. So she doesn't act on it, ever.
    But she's a good actress. While usually rude while being cheerful, she could, in theory, use her 'knowledge' of anothers emotions against them, telling them exactly what they want to hear. This is limited, though - since she can't understand emotions of others, she acts on a 'template' based on her own mind. So if she wanted to use flattery, she'd use something that she herself would enjoy hearing. With enough time spending someone's behavior, emulating their likes and dislikes while trying to influence them becomes possible. And since she doesn't comprehend that manipulation and lies are wrong and hurtful - since they don't hurt herself - she can do so better than nearly anyone else, and it is very hard to actively notice. Only those of high empathy themselves will notice that she's quite narcistic, and that her voice just seems 'wrong' when trying to express an emotion directed solely at the state of others, such as feeling sad for the passing of their loved ones, or feeling fear for their possible deaths.

    As a true narcisst, Lina LOVES her own appearance, and dresses accordingly to invoke longing, desire and compliments for it. Those that are unphazed by it actively annoy her. She'll act vulnerable or like a strong woman, depending on what entices her current 'plaything' more. Of course, she's almost completely unable to feel real love. She might feel attracted to someone, but her sociopathy cripples true attachment. For that, she'd need to care about the emotions of her target of affection. That isn't to say she COULDN'T love someone - as with normal understanding of emotion, some therapy or active trial and error might get her to develop enough emotional understanding, even if it would never be truly the same as normal love.
    Another thing she is proud of is simply being an elf. She was raised to be proud of it, mostly, and so she incorporated it into her being. She feels superior to almost all humans, especially thanks to her own incredible power over fire. And dear lord, does she love that magic within her veins. The anima of her body is wild, roaring and devastating. It is directly influenced by her emotional state in a way, as in her flames are more 'wild' when she is passionate, and 'calm' when she herself is calm. While not actively changing the strength of her fire, it affects how it can be best used.
    So what does she hate? Simple. Insults to her beauty, intelligence, or worst of them all, race. In those instances, she drops ALL pretense of kindness and care, becomes cold, deadly and, for lack of a better world, truly evil. She wants to make the offender suffer to feel better herself - suffering of others is something she simply enjoys causing, no matter the effect it does or doesn't have on them.

    One last thing... is yet another psychosis. Lina LOVES fire. She's a pyromaniac - burning things, people, the air itself, it all entices her. Causing widespread fires and watching them burn is ecstatic for her. The screams of people burning to death cause her some actual physical arrousal, and hitting someone with her ultimate spell is quite like having some satisfying, old-fashioned sex. Really, her manical laughter when burning something should be advice enough - stay away from the fire, or you WILL get burned. Cause her to hate you, and the passion behind those flames will burn everything you hold dear. Lina Inverse is the Firebrand, a scourge of brimstone and magma condensed into one unstable and dangerous elf.


    Appearance: Lina Inverse [Approved 1-5] Sample_ee2c007a98338e59210d92f43e8888e8_zps9df40c2a


    Racial Ability: Ghosting

    Type: Fire
    Description: Fiery Soul

    Lina's fire burns deep within her very being. Every fabric of herself is filled with flame. To channel it, she uses a mixture of body gestures, willpower, and words of power that carry the names of spells. To summon up flames, Lina superheats the area around herself, igniting the air into flames that are then controlled by her. 'Easy' applications, such as simply producing a small ball of fire and throwing it, require no gestures apart from the actual throwing, as conjuring up such flames is easy. To generate larger amounts of fire, Lina moves in a powerful, but very controled and elegant manner, almost like a dance that brings forth flames. For example, a specific wide-angle punch by her could actually create a wave of fire outside of her physical reach as an arc of flame, making her dangerous close and mid-range. Long range spells aren't exactly her strong suit.
    This control over fire enhances martial arts to a high degree. By expelling flames, Lina is able to glide through the air, and with some expending of energy, can propell herself upwards and basicially fly for short distances. High jumps and mid-air jumps are far more practical, though, and allow for amazing mobility and speed, much like a rocket booster that can instantly reach full strength. The movements when jumping through the air and over the ground are incredibly fluid, but sometimes broken up by abrupt movements, which serve to expell larger amounts of 'strong' flames, while the fluid motions release 'weak' flames that serve for slight adjustments in movements.
    The most powerful spells of the Fiery Soul require the formerly mentioned words of power. They can be used without them, but lose a portion of their strength by doing so. All fire produced by Lina is emerald green in color, and it will retain that color if it sets something flammable ablaze.

    Spell List:

    • Dragon Slave: Modelled after the breath of a greater fire dragon. Lina moves both hands in front of her chest, channels hot energy through them, and with a quick movement, lowers them to her side, while standing sideways to her intended target. She then shoots both hands forward while shouting 'Dragon Slave'. The result is an impressive wave of destructive fire blown out of her hands at the opposition, and the flames take on the silhouette of a dragon. The effective range of this spell is around 30 meters before the fire begins to disappear. it is around one meter wide when Lina releases it from her hands, and expands to the maximum width of ten meters during the first five meters of fast flight. The eruption from the Dragon Slave can break thinner than usual stone walls with pressure alone, while it instantly burns through almost all wood walls in the way.
    • Light Strike Array: Lina crouches down and collects fire energy in her hands. She then shoots up and raises her hands to the sky, throwing flame anima into the air. A pillar of fire will crash down on her target location within 30 meters with a short delay. This targeted area can not change after the Anima has been thrown. The Light Strike Array can be shot at her current own location without hurting her, and she can move out of the original casting spot before the fire comes crashing down. She doesn't need to stay within 30 meters of the target after the cast has been completed. The delay is around 3 seconds after the cast. The pillar is roughly three meters in diameter.
    • Hell's Furnace: A reverse movement to the Light Strike Array, Lina starts standing up with energy collected in her hands, and slams them onto the ground while shouting the name of the spell. Within a short delay, the targeted area within 30 meters of the original cast will have a blast of flame shoot out of the ground. Noticeable because the ground begins glowing green right before the attack hits. The full delay is three seconds, the green circle appears 0.5 seconds before the flames erupt. The pillar is roughly three meters in diameter.
    • Heat Wave: Lina redirects a quantity of her Anima into the ground, burning away everything in a thirty meter radius around herself with flames. Enemies standing nearby can jump over the initial wave of flame if they are good at it. The ground will stay hot and charred for quite a while, making the air above hotter, and breathing harder for anyone not immune to fire.
    • Giga Slave: A Dragon Slave on illegal steroids. The gigantic, fire-formed dragon is around twenty stories tall, has  double the range and triple the width of a normal Dragon Slave. It requires substantial amounts of Anima to execute, but the result speaks for itself. This spell can easily kill multiple weaker targets outright, and is a serious threat to anyone fighting Lina. Unlike the normal Dragon Slave, the silhouette of the dragon in this spell looks like it is rearing up on it's hind legs while crashing forward.
    • Igneous Ray: Lina draws a circle into the air made out of fire and pierces her index finger through it, releasing a fast-traveling, small projectile that explodes into many flames upon impact. Very fast, but not really all that powerful.
    • Fire Blast: A rather mundane fire spell, but still effective. Raising her hand above the head, a sphere of fire appears. Lina throws it at the opponent, causing a large explosion. It travels in an arc, like a grenade, and has much the same use. Quite good at crowd control - and at setting forest fires.
    • Laguna Blade: Say hello to the strongest fire spell that Lina can utilize. Unlike the other spells, this one has a very short gesture attached to it - Lina raises her right or left hand, points two fingers at the opponent, and speaks the words to send the attack. Before the firing, anyone within medium range around Lina will feel a sudden surge of heat eminating from her body, giving a warning signal. She concentrates a substantial amount of her Anima into the fingertips, enough to drain her quite a bit. Repeated uses of this spell could kill her easily by draining her completely dry. Upon execution, Lina superheats the air with her Anima to such a level that the resulting flames appear to be as white as the brightest light. A red 'line' appears from her to her target, actually being a surge of hot air that enables the actual attack to be much faster. Once the 'heat' is expanded from her finger, the aim can't be changed anymore, and one second after the 'heat ray' reaches the target, the attack is fired. Thanks to the intense heat, the spell travels almost instantly - as fast as a lightning bolt, some say, making the damaging part of the spell faster than most spells will ever be. This released shot of white fire - or, if she can conjure it, Plasma - will strike into a target with the highest precision that Lina could muster while aiming. Unlike her other spells, the only range limitation for Lina with this one is her vision range. The ray can break a lot of common materials outright by burning right through them, but harder and heat or magic resistant materials will redirect a lot of the power in the beam before breaking. Being hit by Laguna Blade, even in passing, will also set the target ablaze through the heat it has within it. A direct, square hit without appropiate protection from the target can cause said target to melt down into ash almost instantly.


    Equipment: Nothing of particular note at first glance. The tiara-like ornament in her hair holds an actually rather large ruby - and is the crown of her former small kingdom, which she burned to the ground as a teenager. Other elves might actually recognize it.
    Skills: Incredible skill in Hand-to-Hand combat for her age, amplified by fire magic. While it takes more effort than necessary to move like a combat dancer while wearing heels, Lina does so with grace that just seems completely unnatural for any human's eyes. She can't use any modern weaponry, such as guns, effectively, but has some training with a longbow and crossbow. Melee weaponry is easy for her to use, especially curved swords and polearms or spears. While not a master at using them, her anima is quite useful at making them dangerous regardless.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: Lina had a wonderful upbringing in a nearly perfect environment. In a small elven kingdom, hidden away in deep mountains and some underground caverns, she was born as the princess. However, something was wrong with her right from the start of her life... She had no empathy. Even as a little girl, she couldn't understand why a puppy wouldn't like being strangled to death - or even why she should care about it anyway. Her parents were unsettled at how cold their small, cute princess really was - even her smiles at her parents seemed cold from the youngest of ages. Within her eyes, only a cold fire could be seen - one that was reflected within her incredibly calm, but also incredibly potent, Fire-Type Anima. For one reason or another, she was one of only three fire elves within her entire small kingdom.

    But as Lina grew up, she seemed to finally develop empathy. This was, of course, a farce. When she was eight years old, she already burned stray cats and Feli to death in secret, using her fast-developing anima. As a proper princess of a proud elvish nation, no matter how small, she learned to look down upon humans - the inferior slave race that had overthrown their natural rulers. She learned of their inferior magic and the many forms it took to make up for the lack in power, and about how it couldn't even compare to the strength of any random elf - let alone one of royal blood like herself. Pride was just as much part of her education as actual knowledge - and a Sociopath is not incapable of learning and taking on ideas of those around them. She learned the usage of the traditional weapons of her nation - the elven longbow and curved, filigrane elvish sword. Both with weapons and without, the young teenage elf emitted a grace usually only found in masters - her dancing instructor quit after he announced that he had nothing left to teach her when she was only fourteen.

    Above all, Lina found this life to be painfully boring. As a princess, she had adorers and servants, but nothing close to friends - not that she'd be able to feel anything for them. Her parents were an annoyance at the very least, and charring small life-forms only kept the fascination with fire inside of her at bay for so long. She had to get out of this incredibly dull and boring life, no matter the cost. And so, she developed a plan... one that can only be called pure evil. A normal rebellous princess would've simply ran away from home, but she knew that just running would cause her to be followed. So she'd kill everyone. Not just her parents, or her guards. Every single elf in her kingdom simply had to die, then nobody would expect her to stay. Simple as that, really. However, simply burning down the kingdom wouldn't do. Instead, she first made sure that the other fire-using elves in the kingdom all mysteriously died. The first one was hit by a chandelier and crushed, the second one lost in a cave-in down in the caverns of the kingdom. the last one - her father - died from poison mixed into his food, which also claimed his wife. Not that Lina minded much, since she didn't care for either of them and she would've killed her mother anyway.

    With all that set in motion, Lina sprung into full action. When the rest of the kingdom mourned the assassination of her parents, she grabbed the only thing she cared about - the crown of the elvish queen - and let her fires loose. The emerald flames found their way along previously prepared paths - green flames licking along oiled ropes into big storages of black powder and more oil, towards buildings made from flammable objects, and along the support beams of the caverns within the mountains. As the people screamed and ran for their lives, Lina ran through the fires, laughing with joy at their screams, as she set more and more of the kingdom ablaze. Within the beautiful emerald city, everything that was once the small kingdom melted away and died. Even those elves that tried to use their anima against the emerald flames quickly found their deaths, for Lina had anticipated their actions and killed them directly using bow and arrow, enchanting each shot with the explosive properties of green fire.

    The kingdom burned for four days and nights, until everything was charred and black. Not a single soul escaped, or at least, not a single one was stupid enough to cross the path of Lina again. She was no longer princess Esrevni - she was Lina Inverse, the firebrand. And soon, the whole world would burn in brilliant emerald flames, so that she might once again feel the intense physical pleasure that burning down her own kingdom had given her. The desire to cause suffering, pain, despair - she was the Firebrand now. If Lina had ever been an innocent little princess, then that princess had died years ago.

    Since the kingdom of the last mountain elves burned down, Lina spent her time traveling. Torturing people, sometimes seducing a handsome man or woman for fun, trying out new food, boiling the cook alive - she is wanted in multiple countries, and investigations of others are still trying to find the murderer behind gruesome killings and sprees of pyromania. A ghost that creates green fire is haunting Aurora... and it won't stop until her green fire is the last beautiful thing left on the planet.

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    Application Checklist
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    • Gender [x]
    • Appearance Present [x]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
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    • 15 sentences for personality [x]
    • History is 10 sentences [x]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
    • Application is not in First Person [x]

    Tier: 1-5

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    Changed silhouette for Giga Slave, also edited Laguna Blade.

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    Also added in range indications for the flame pillars. I had to edit the thing twice seperately or it'd delete like half the app, weird shit.

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