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    Elven Template


    Name: Xecty Ein
    ALIAS: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 130


    Xecty is in many ways a very kind woman.  She isn't one to wish ill will towards someone unprovoked, she isn't one to harbor unnecessary hatred.  If someone seems to be in a bad situation, she will want to help them.  Someone is in danger, she'll do what she can to help them.  She is by no means outgoing though, no actually rather shy.  As a result, if it isn't a matter of life or death, she'll often spend a lot of time contemplating whether she wants to go up to them or not.  They seem inconvenienced, there will be a huge debate in her mind.  They seem like they are danger, she'll jump to the rescue, kinda.  If she feels she can save them with minimal use of her powers, she will.  If not, she might consider just grabbing someone from her clan to do the rescuing.  This is first off because she is shy and afraid of the interaction after the fact.  The other reason is because of how much she fears her powers.

    When it comes to leading her clan, she would rather it fall onto someone else.  She has always been considered a prodigy by her clan, and even with her complete loss of control over her powers they seem to have no desire to retract the claim.  There is way too much pressure.  Still, she knows how to run the clan well enough.  She has managed to keep at least a status quo, meaning she has enough skill to not have the clan fall into chaos.  She can be quite stern, and she obviously has incredible leadership potential.  She can get people to follow her orders fairly easily, just with how much stress she is under, she hasn't had the time or energy to actually work towards any kind of betterment.  She keeps things running though, so for now that is all that matters.

    When her shyness isn't taking over, Xecty can actually be quite elegant and womanly.  She doesn't look it at a glance, but the way she walks, the tone and mannerisms in which she speaks, it is all incredibly feminine.  This is what she was "taught" how she should be.  Honestly though, it was more that when she hit her teens, all "non-elegant" behavior was scolded until she stopped.  This is another source of stress, because while she can pull it off excellently, this isn't REALLY her.  Hell, she'd be far happier being a weak nobody in the clan.  She doesn't want all of the power she was given, she wouldn't even if she could control it.  She doesn't want to lead her clan.  She is technically a tad submissive (which leadership and power don't mix with).  She is beautiful, but when she talks to people she is stuttery.  Her actual laugh isn't refined, it is a cute giggle.  If she had a romantic partner, she'd be expected to show her passion in a tasteful, refined way.  Where she'd be expected to do a simple hug, she'd rather run and jump into their arms.  She'd be perky and happy if she was allowed to, and wasn't so fearful of her powers.  If she met someone whom broke through the many barriers she has up, some intentional some unintentional, she would probably show the this side of her when she could.

    Unfortunately, her powers seem to take a toll on her mind.  When the anima build up is reaching critical mass, Xecty tends to show a tougher, more aggressive side.  At first she'll simply be more liable to get mad, but as it approaches critical mass she'll be more and more willing to start a fight, even if she normally doesn't like fighting.  Once her anima becomes too much for her to bear it completely overwhelms her mind.  Her pupils dilate to the point there is no color in her eyes.  Xecty is still in there, she can still witness everything, and feel emotions like normal.  However, the most hostile and primitive instincts within her take complete control over her actions.  She can still speak, though it is rare and often sounds choppy.  She acts and fights like a vicious animal.  She has no capability of even recognizing people, if she had a child she'd even indiscriminately target them too.  All the while her powers rage out of control.  Once she regains herself, due to the complete exhaustion of the excess energy, she is hyper passive to an extreme.  You can't get her to fight, and she is much more likely to be happily compliant.  This lasts for a few hours before she adapts back to normal.

    Misc.  Amazing cook, good piano player.

    Music - They say that music can soothe the soul.  Well nothing can soothe Xecty, but listening to beautiful music, especially a piano, does make her less miserable.
    Feminine stuff - Xecty likes feminine stuff.  Cute clothes, soft hair, and actually bathing.  She has to bathe every single day, and brushes her hair constantly.
    LOVE! - Xecty adores the concept of love, if only she had ever felt the sensation for herself.
    Being Energetic - Xecty is the kind of person who bounces off of walls, and rather than hug she will tackle someone with love...well she would be if she wasn't always drained.

    Being pressured - may cause her to snap at the person doing so
    Talking about her powers - Unless a person has gained a significant amount of trust from her, she is likely to get mad if someone asks about her powers and refuses to drop it
    Smelling - She doesn't want to smell bad.  If she so much as smells an unpleasant smell, she will worry it is coming from her, unless there is no shadow of a doubt she isn't the source (and with Xecty, those are some pretty big shadows).
    Clowns - One time Xecty saw someone who wore full facepaint and was meant to entertain children, he was horrifying.  She will likely squeal and hide if she ever sees another.


    Appearance:  Xecty Ein [Approved; 1-1] XectyEinfull1638922_zps3e01e440


    Racial Ability: Chameleon

    Type: Air

    Xecty is a hurricane and a tornado mixed into one destructive package.  When the full brunt of her powers are released, both of these things essentially form.

    Xecty's anima often builds up in a way which forces her powers to the surface violently.  When this happens, the area around her is always under one of 2 effects. These effects could be manually induced, assuming she ever learned to control her powers.

    Hurricane - At the center, around Xecty, there are extremely powerful winds that move in a circular fashion.  They aren't actually tornado force, but within a 10 foot radius they are definitely hurricane force (there is a 5 foot safety zone around her body where the wind does not blow, like the eye of the storm).  Thus the hurricane force winds are from 5-10 feet away.  As the distance from her body increases, the strength of the wind deteriorates.  Within close proximity it will feel close to hurricane force, however the power extends out half a mile in all directions, the edge of which is more of a breeze.  The winds lose strength slowly for the first quarter mile, and the second quarter mile they deteriorate much more rapidly.  Essentially, the winds are extremely powerful up to 100 feet out, powerful up to a quarter mile out, and just strong for the latter quarter mile (where it deteriorates into a breeze as it extends).  This power also has a tendency to draw dark clouds over the entirety of the radius, causing dry lightning strikes within 500 feet of the center.  This piece of her powers is based off electricity, it is intended to create a dry lightning storm, though due to the nature of clouds rain occasionally does start falling (not that she can do anything with it really), especially if it was close to raining beforehand.  Drains Xecty's anima at an average rate.

    Tornado:  On command, Xecty can actually increase the force of the wind in close vicinity to an extremely high level of force.  The radius of the wind drops to a mere 200 feet.  The safety zone is almost gone, the winds only not showing themselves within 1 inch of her body (it updates dynamically enough that no matter how fast Xecty moves her body doesn't get caught in the force of the wind).  Within 30 feet of her body the winds are practically a tornado.  It won't lift things high into the air, but it will likely launch things that fail to keep themselves tethered to the ground (via actual tethering, or just being strong enough in general to resist the winds).  Any plant caught in the radius runs the risk of being uprooted, except for large trees which will likely have enough strength to resist.  Buildings will likely suffer some minor damage, unless the structural integrity was already weak, in which case it runs the risk of collapsing.  People caught in this wind won't likely die (on the first go anyway), but they will be flung with enough force to cause injury.  As long as they don't snap their neck or land on an object like a sword or a pitchfork, they should be fine.  Only those of great strength should ever try to approach Xecty in this wind, and those close to Xecty in power can probably fight her with minimal hindrance (though being knocked off their feet in any way is likely a bad idea).  Rather rapidly drains anima, should not be active for long due to this fact.

    Slipstreaming - Xecty has a special movement ability, otherwise known as drafting.  Xecty essentially creates an artificial slipstream with which she uses for momentum.  By speeding up the air in whatever direction she is traveling to high speeds, she is able to use the force to basically pull her forward.  She has 2 levels of this.  On one hand she creates the slipstream around her whole body, pulling her body forward, allowing her to not only move faster, but slow the rate of fatigue in her legs.  The second form is where she creates slipstreams over each leg.  As a leg moves forward, the slipstream pulls it forward.  Same applies to the leg moving backward.  This causes each leg to move much faster than it normally would.  This causes a greater increase in speed, with only a minor decrease in leg fatigue.  The two can be combined for an even greater speed boost (her body having one slipstream, each of her legs getting their own), and a greater decrease in leg fatigue.  Of course, using both at the same time does increase the rate of anima depletion.  Xecty is an incredibly fast little lady even without expending excess anima, but when you add this into the mix she is very difficult to outrun.

    Bolt Drafting - This is rather simple.  Xecty creates a slipstream leading from the crossbow to her target.  When the bolt is fired, the slipstream will not only accelerate it on launch, but allow it to fly further.  The slipstream may be up to 100 feet away.  It is the exact width of the bolt, and as long as the bolt is in the slipstream it is immune to the wind from hurricane and tornado, as well as sources of natural wind.

    General slipstreaming - Xecty can create various slipstreams in other shapes, sizes, and directions as well.  Naturally they can't do anything, and if they turned sharply they would lose their use as a bolt speeding up mechanism, but they could have various uses if used properly.  The more air affected, the more anima consumed.

    Wind Wall - With a wave of her hand or weapon, Xecty creates an immensely strong wall of wind.  It can be up to 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide.  This wall is made of her anima, and is built to displace or disperse any projectile that happens to hit it.  It will stop almost any physical projectile except those with an incredibly immense amount of momentum, and many weak to medium level energy projectiles will have their energy dispersed by the anima infused wind.  The wall lasts for 5 seconds, so it is better as a reaction to a move rather than a preemptive defense.  It is only 10x10 feet, people CAN go around it.

    Static Force - Xecty is a powerful elf, a very powerful little lady.  However, she doesn't simply create electricity.  She generates it through air friction, as well as a sort of friction caused by her anima.  Whenever Xecty uses her slipstreaming, she can cause a reverse slipstream along the edge of it.  It would be extremely small, and be so small it would have little to no bearing on how the air affected objects.  However, the reverse stream would contain both air and anima moving backwards.  Her anima has a special quality that actually allows it to produce friction, this friction of energy actually converting the anima into electricity, on top of the air friction doing the same thing but more scientifically.  This allows her to do some interesting things.  However, for obvious reasons, this does require more anima than typical wind techniques.

    Lightning Cloak - Xecty creates a reverse slipstream around herself, engulfing her body in electricity.  She can do this while using it to move quickly, or just do it while in general by making 2 tiny slipstreams around herself.  You probably don't want to touch her when this is happening.

    Lightning Railgun - Think bolt drafting, except it also doubles as a beam of electricity.  She can use this WITH a crossbow bolt to make it a double attack type deal, or just make it in general to make a beam of electricity.  Medium strength.

    Chain Lightning - Xecty creates a line of slipstreams.  One extends from her body to target A, another connects target A to target B, all the way up to target E if applicable.  She then creates a reverse slipstream around the connections, and electricity flows from her to all the targets.  The slipstreams don't latch to people, but she only needs move them appropriately to keep them on the person.  Besides, the move is executed so quickly that it can be quite difficult to get out of the way before being struck.

    On top of the above, she can do some interesting moves with her electricity, based on her general slipstreaming capabilities.

    Last Breath - This is a technique she developed during one of the rare training sessions where she used her powers and didn't lose control.  The technique is executed on an opponent who is subject to being displaced, aka they have been knocked into the air or have been knocked back.  It must be done against someone who has been knocked off their feet against their will for it to truly be effective.  If the person is willingly off their feet, Xecty cannot capitalize properly UNLESS the opponent lets their guard down enough.  Xecty uses an advanced version of her slipstreaming, consuming a decent chunk of anima in order to move at excruciatingly high speeds.  She doesn't teleport, but she will cover a large distance quickly.  Xecty will stop next to the opponent, creating a circular vortex of air around them.  The vortex makes it more difficult for the opponent to retaliate due to its strength, though a strong or skilled opponent can try to fight against it.  Xecty finally takes her sword and engulfs it in a strong wind, one so strong it makes the blade effectively sharper.  She attempts to get one good slash.  Should the target survive and be able to fight, whether they took the hit and lived, parried it, or avoided it in any way, the vortex will dissipate, but Xecty's blade will continue to be engulfed.  Her slipstreaming will be strengthened, making her move faster, as well as making her electricity hurt more.  Xecty hasn't had much time to practice this, and due to only doing it a handful of times, all in training, she can only hold the effects for 3 posts.  This drains a lot of anima, seeing as it is meant to finish a fight, usually fighting after this ends simply isn't possible for her.

    Lightning Edge - Xecty can use slipstreams to electrify her sword.  The air itself won't cause the extra damage unless Last Breath is active.



    Katana - Xecty possesses a katana, and a fairly long one at that.  The sheath is black towards one end, and shifts towards purple as it approaches the opening.  Around the sheathe, there is a purple string tied around it.  The hilt consists of a circular silver guard, and an incredibly long handle.

    Crossbow - Xecty possesses a crossbow which she can use for combat purposes, assuming she can bring herself to pull the lever while aiming at a living target.  It is a rather elegant looking wooden crossbow with a silver prod.  It's design uses a small lever on the side of the bow, which cocks the string when pulled back.  The string is actually rather heavy, meaning that it can take some strength to pull back.  However, thanks to the design of the lever it can be cocked rapidly, allowing a smaller window of reload.  All it needs is one good pull of the lever.  The firing mechanism is a simple trigger, which runs parallel to the bow itself.  It is firm enough that misfires are extremely unlikely, but a good squeeze in the trigger and the bolt will be sent flying.


    Swordplay - Xecty is fairly proficient with a sword, on account of being forced to train with one against her will.  She can swing, she can hit things, she can hit things while they are failing to hit her.  She is quick, and she is precise.

    Crossbow - Xecty is actually great with a crossbow.  She often dreams the targets she aims at are her dreams and she is reaching them...sometimes she also sees it as her dreams being killed violently.  Either way, she doesn't exactly miss.  Due to this, bolt drafting is the single ability she WILL use without extreme fear.

    Powers - Lets face it, except for bolt drafting, she can't control any of them. She is skilled at lacking skill in this department.

    Strength - Xecty is mildly strong for how much Anima she has.  She is actually surprisingly strong compared to her appearance, and she could probably do a lot of damage to a powerless human, but for someone her power it is mediocre.

    Speed - Xecty has lots of problems to run away from, thus she is extremely quick.  Even without her anima powers being used, she is extremely fast.  Add her anima powers and almost no one can catch her.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History:  Xecty was born as the heir to the Ein clan of elves.  It was her destiny to rise to greatness and take over for her parents.  There was, however, one problem with this.  She was a normal girl.  She didn't exactly take on any of the qualities associated with the heir to a clan, despite her upbringing.  No, her very core was that of a normal girl.  She didn't want people to wait on her hand and foot, or to be taught how to lead.  That was what they did to her ever since she learned to talk, but all she wanted to do was play.  Her parents didn't help at all.  They didn't see a daughter who has a right to a little fun, they saw someone who refused to accept their destiny.  Every time Xecty asked for them to let her have a little fun, or to eat some sweets, what did they do?  They doubled up on the lessons and made her eat even more of the healthy, yet kind of poorly prepared and nasty tasting, food.  Nope, she wasn't allowed to have even ONE treat.  Did this make her accept her role in the clan?  Nope, it just alienated her from it.  She didn't understand it.  Why did everyone want her to do these things?  What was even the point?  There wasn't anything pleasant in anything, and because she had spent a TINY amount of time alone, and thus was able to play around for a bit, she had learned what fun was.  Maybe if she had never had exposure to being able to enjoy oneself this life would have been satisfying, but it was just lame.

    At first Xecty did tend to act perky and cheerful whenever she could, but as she got older her clan decided it was unbecoming and decided to stamp it out.  They began to punish her perky behavior and force her to use more sophisticated behavior.  Problem, since there WAS a standard for comparison here as well, she knew what it was like to be perky.  Slowly but surely, they stamped out the behavior, but they failed to change Xecty.  She still had the perky in her, but she kept it inside.  She learned how to act more proper, and did so, but she did not enjoy it.  However, the absolute biggest problem she had to deal with was her powers.  When she was almost a teen, her power over air began to show itself.  As such, her powers tried to get her training on controlling them.  However, at this point Xecty's emotional state was highly unstable.  The result?  Her powers began to grow exponentially, but her emotional state made her control's ability to grow with her powers limited.  At first it didn't seem like much, attempted uses of her powers were merely stronger then intended.  Her father was very impressed and proclaimed her a prodigy.  At a young age, she sure packed a punch.  In his mind, it wouldn't have been hard for Xecty to master these powers and be a force to be reckoned with.

    Xecty was called into her father's private study one night after a training session.  The lighting was dim, only candles kept it lit.  She felt uneasy being there, but still it was her father who called her here.  He was behind a desk, it seemed like something out of a novel.  Dim lighting, powerful man behind a desk, as if a great task was to be given (or she was about to be threatened to do something).  She stepped up to the desk and asked what it was all about.  Her father told her to take a seat.  He began to explain that a leader needs to be strong, and then grinned as he said Xecty was showing that kind of strength.  Most would feel flattered or something like it, but Xecty only squirmed a bit.  She knew this was going to go against her like everything in her life.  Her strength was explained to her, and just how far he thought she could go was far more than she had as of yet displayed.  Then he told her he'd be doubling up on her training.  By this point, she was already training 8 hours a day.  She was to spend every waking moment of her life training?  Xecty objected, saying how she thought she was training too much already and that she spent her life with nothing but stress.  It was overwhelming.  Her father immediately rejected her request, without even so much as listening to her.  Xecty raised her voice, actually getting a little mad.  Her father immediately yelled in return.  Xecty felt something strange that day.  As her anger bubbled up inside, and her emotions hit dangerous levels, she almost felt the anima within her bubbling up.  Boiling within her, she almost felt like there was an internal pressure about to explode out.  Xecty stormed out of her father's study, but she didn't have much choice but to listen.

    Thus began her life of training every waking moment of her life, quite literally.  The trainers pushed her further and further, merely watching her powers develop and not even bothering to make sure they didn't push Xecty past her body's limits.  Indeed the wind that came forth from her body was strong, and always getting stronger, but Xecty's body wasn't keeping up, and her mind was not developing.  There was too much being pushed on her, so much stress and misery.  Every day she felt it, her mind was attached by a thread.  The thread was put under more and more tension.  Day after day, when Xecty lay in bed, she looked out her window and off into the distance.  Her parents failed miserably to shelter her into thinking this was the life for her.  She would look out onto the expanse, the plains, the forests, and the mountains off in the distance.  She always wondered what it was like out there.  To be free of the pressures of her life, to be able to wander those expanses without a care in the world.  She wondered what it was like for the normal people in her clan, she wondered what it was like for the elves of other clans.  She even wondered what it would be like in the human realm.  A lot of human's held contempt for elves, but if she was with them there would be no great expectations.  She might be free.  This was how she spent each and every night.  Unfortunately, she had been pushed around by her clan and her parents so much, she didn't even have the strength to try and run away, not on her own.  Held in captivity, like a wild animal.  Beaten down to the point of being unable to resist, and yet always yearning for freedom.

    Then came a day none will ever forget.  Xecty's trainers bragged to the entire clan how strong her powers were becoming.  As such, the entire clan was invited to witness Xecty demonstrate her abilities firsthand.  Of course, most of the clan showed up that day.  She stood at the center of a field.  She had never been around so many people.  She had been taught how to be elegant and proper, and thus did so quite well.  Granted it wasn't her, and it made her sad.  Even worse, she spent her whole life being judged by everyone she met.  Now the entire clan was here to watch.  They were all watching, and if she didn't meet their expectations she'd be judged harshly.  She didn't notice it, but her breathing began to speed up.  Also, despite being out of character, Xecty showed a some aggression and hostility to her trainers when they tried to explain exactly what they wanted her to do.  Even worse, when she did the outbursts, she didn't even seem to notice.  Her father stepped up and began to speak to the whole clan about how far she had come.  When he finished, Xecty took a deep breath.  It was time for her to show what she could do.  She began her demonstration, and her abilities were indeed great.  She was able to create gusts of wind quite powerfully.  She worked her ass off in the demonstration, hoping if she did well she could be given some time to rest.  Finally she finished, and she fell onto her knees, panting.  The whole clan cheered, and for a brief moment, Xecty had a tiny bit of happiness.  The applause was for her.  However, then she heard it.  Her trainers talking to her father, and telling him they though that she wasn't working as hard as she could.  He listened to them and agreed.  Turning to Xecty, he told her he expected her to work twice as hard.  That was absurd.  Xecty was practically killing herself already.  As she heard her father tell her this...everything went silent.  All that she could hear was a high pitched ringing.  Her heart beat almost seemed to become immensely loud.  Every heartbeat slowly hitting her ears like a drum.  Her pupils had shrunk into mere dots, her vision was almost nothing.

    Suddenly, it finally snapped.  Xecty's pupils dilated to full size, there wasn't even a speck of white in its eyes.  Looking on, all it could see was Xecty's father.  What looked on was no longer Xecty, at least not for the moment.  Xecty could not remember anything, it didn't recognize anyone.  The people surrounding it were merely prey to it, things for it to slaughter.  The first thing it saw, Xecty's father.  Lashing out, Xecty's body began to hurdle itself at him, what came out of its mouth was little more than primal grunts.  Xecty's father couldn't even react before an incredibly strong circle of wind surrounded his body, and held him in place.  Xecty held out the sword it was given by the trainers, granted it held it in an incredibly unrefined manner.  Xecty's father was an elf of water, so resisting the incredibly powerful current of air was difficult, and soon her found himself sliced across the chest.  He fell to the ground, holding his chest where the gash was located.  The crowd was in awe, shocked and silent.  Yet despite one of their leaders being attacked, they were all too afraid to actually interfere.  As Xecty landed, its blade was engulfed in an incredible torrent of air and...electricity?  Never before had Xecty been capable of using electricity techniques, and yet now it seemed to be trivial.  Xecty let out a scream, and a powerful shock wave emitted from her body.  The air around her exploded outward, knocking back everyone withing 500 feet.  Within moments an immense radius around her was engulfed in what could only be described as a miniature hurricane.

    Her father shouted at his daughter to stop, but to no avail.  His daughter was not there.  He tried to stand up to it, but Xecty ended up pummeling him with its bare fists.  He was strong, but apparently it was stronger.  He sustained extremely heavy injuries, and all of Xecty's trainers who tried to stop it sustained them too.  After a time though, everything subsided.  The winds whistled quietly through the trees, all else was silent.  It was a very uneasy calm.  As all who remained looked on, Xecty stood at the center.  She fell to her knees, pupils returning to their usual size.  As she looked on, all she saw horrified her.  The sheer force of her powers caused structural damage to many things in the area.  Some were hurt, though only those she had attacked had anything serious.  "What have I done?"  Over and over Xecty repeated these words.  Her father was so badly injured that he was forced to remain in bed for an extended period.  However, Xecty was not shunned and feared as expected.  It was explained that her trainers had failed to properly teach her control, and the mental stress made her snap, but that it was only a temporary thing.  If only it was that simple.  Xecty was the only one who truly understood.  She was pushed too hard, and it was the stress that made her snap.  Xecty could also feel it, her emotions weren't stable.  Her anima was bubbling up inside her, and sooner or later it would burst forth.  Xecty begged and pleaded with her injured father to be allowed more free time, and he agreed.  Why he agreed despite his belief it was a training failure that caused it, Xecty never understood.  Her training was cut back, and Xecty had a little bit of free time.  Yet, now that she had freedom, sweet as it was, something infinitely more bitter had entered her life.

    She was living a lie, she had responsibilities that just weren't something she wanted or could even handle, and she now had powers that were not stable.  She used this free time to be off on her own a lot, outside the village.  That way if she got close to snapping, she'd easily be able to go ample distance away from others and avoid hurting them.  Soon enough, Xecty's father was proclaimed too injured to lead, so he decided it was time to pass on the torch of leadership to Xecty.  This of course wasn't official until a year later when Xecty had a bit more leadership training under her belt.  During that year leadership was solely up to Xecty's mother.  Some were suspicious the lighter treatment may have been her doing, but she certainly didn't make that obvious, as often she had a very similar mindset as her husband.  The specifics were a mystery.  As leader though, Xecty was too weak mentally to truly make changes that would make her own life less miserable.  It wasn't like the clan's prosperity depended on her misery after all.  Unfortunately, with her weakened mindset, she was almost a pawn to other prominent members of the clan.  They still tell her how a leader should look and act, and they still look at her as a prodigy.  Xecty would love nothing more than to relax the standards she was forced into, but she was simply incapable of mustering the strength.  Now the world is her prison.  The miserable leader of the Ein clan, Xecty Ein.  Will she stand up to her clansmen, will she run away and find happiness through the freedom that brings, or will she completely lose herself to the feral beast within.  Only time will tell.

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    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
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    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~

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    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked you'll cease to be~

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~
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    Application Checklist
    • Name [x]
    • Appropriate Age [x]
    • Gender [x]
    • Appearance Present [x]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
    • 15 sentences for personality [x]
    • History is 10 sentences [x]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
    • Application is not in First Person [x]

    Comments/Notes: Miss (placeholder) looks fine by me.
    Tier: 1-1

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    Xecty Ein [Approved; 1-1] Empty Re: Xecty Ein [Approved; 1-1]

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