The Dragonslayer [Approved, 1-5]


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    The Dragonslayer [Approved, 1-5] Empty The Dragonslayer [Approved, 1-5]

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    Name: The Dragonslayer
    Type: Zweihander
    Description: The Dragonslayer [Approved, 1-5] The_dragon_Slayer_by_mrbright
    A gigantic sword, the Dragonslayer is at least 6'6" long, without the handle, very thick, and incredibly heavy.
    Rarity: One of a Kind
    Owned: Jilocasin
    Creator: Created by Cieria's finest weapon smiths, enchanted by Jilocasin himself.
    Location(s) Found: Stored within the vaults of Cieria
    Lore: The Dragonslayer was created by Jilocasin after his rise to power. It holds enough strength to cleave a dragon in two, and serves as the possibly strongest single weapon in Cieria's arsenal against draconic opponents.
    • Dragonrend: The Dragonslayer is especially effective against dragons and draconic defenses, such as dragon scale armor. It splits them apart and nearly ignores the defense given by them through sheer weight and enchanted power.
    • Herculian Strength: Those that wield the Dragonslayer will feel their muscles strengthen to superhuman levels, to be able to even lift the sword. However, prolonged exposure to the Dragonslayer will thus damage the muscles of the wielder, and if used for too long, will also affect the nerves in the arms and back, dealing irreparable damage to them. The pain will not hamper the user while still wielding the Dragonslayer, but should they ever give it up, the nerve damage will permanently cripple them. Regardless of if they keep the sword, the nerve and muscle damage will reduce the life expectancy of the wielder dramaticially over time.
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