#004 The Great, Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Grimoire Weiss [1-5]

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    #004 The Great, Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Grimoire Weiss [1-5] Empty #004 The Great, Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Grimoire Weiss [1-5]

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    Name: (The Great and Powerful) Grimoire Weiss
    Type: A talking book.
    Description: The first rule for Weiss: do not call him anything other than Grimoire Weiss. He hates being called simply Weiss. He claims he was someone "who could bring entire kingdoms to their knees." Whether or not that is true, he doesn't remember fully. He's not someone. As a person once said to him, "You're an ass...but you're also right." Weiss is a textbook (pun intended) example of a jerk with a heart of gold. As an ancient book, he often has the outlook and demeanor of a grumpy old man, with a careworn "seen it all before" attitude towards life. He can be very old-fashioned in his values (and occasionally speech) but this can be as good as bad: he has little tolerance for those who commit evil and is especially protective of children.

    In dealing with other people, Weiss can often be a headache. He is incredibly pompous and absolutely refuses to admit that he might not know or understand something. But even to those he considers his friends Weiss often speaks sharply or with sarcasm—he is never one to hold his tongue. He can be very clever when he wants to be, but being a flying book he's also quite happy to let someone else take the lead and do the heavy lifting while he provides advice and/or commentary. This also lets him retain his detached attitude towards things. But make no mistake: Weiss will help to the best of his abilities. He just won't admit it or show that he's making an effort.

    He claims to find human motives baffling at times. How much of this is real and how much an act is something that he never reveals: at times he is brutally honest, not even realizing how someone might be hurt by his words, and at others he shows a surprising compassion. To complete this, he shows great sympathy for books and a great love of words. Weiss tends to walk these lines, somewhere between human and not, kind and not. He likes to remain the mysterious, all powerful tome. Despite Weiss's pessimistic grumblings, there is an optimism in him that he rarely shows, an almost innocent faith that things can and will turn out well.

    He also occasionally seems to enjoy playing the hero, at least in simpler matters when (while the subject itself is serious) it's not as serious as the trials he usually faces. This is when he tends to speak at his grandest, using his broadest strokes as if acting a part in a play or movie. Weiss himself is completely unaware of this, and would be extremely indignant if someone tried to point this out to him. It is, to be fair, not something he wears on his sleeve, especially considering that he has no reason to suspect is true.

    #004 The Great, Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Grimoire Weiss [1-5] Weiss
    #004 The Great, Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Grimoire Weiss [1-5] 31-Weiss_1
    Rarity: "You think there is another of me? By my pages, you must be daft!" There is only one.
    Owned: "Owned? You think one can own the great Grimoire Weiss?!" No, he is not.
    Creator: ???? Someone who could write. "Very keen observation."
    Location(s) Found: At the end of a quest.
    Abilities: Basically, owning Grimoire Weiss is a unique experience. It works with both Scholars and Evokers because either reading the pages or using him as the medium for the Arcane works. He's sentient, meaning he could be a support. Or he's capable of being read. The magic within his pages are not available anywhere else.

    Dark Lance: This creates a lance in whatever direction the owner or Weiss aims it at. They can create up to seven lances, which wrap around the target in a counter-clockwise manner. When the lances are done charging, the user sends them flying towards a target. But it's like a normal throw, meaning it doesn't change trajectory.

    Dark Execution: This creates a field of lances around the user, which spread out originally at both sides then front and back and lastly at the angles in-between. This creates an 8-pronged "field" about 10 meters long on each arm. Each arm, when cast, has countless lances spring forth into the air, impaling what is caught.
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    #004 The Great, Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Grimoire Weiss [1-5] Empty Re: #004 The Great, Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Grimoire Weiss [1-5]

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