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    Species Name: Warden of Chains
    Description: #024 Warden of Chains Thresh___splash_art_by_runningboxdesign-d5r51o5
    Diet: Devours Souls
    Rarity: One of a Kind
    Location(s) Found: Varies
    Lore: The Warden of Chains is a boogyman from legend... That just so happens to actually exist. During the nearly endless war, a cruel torturemaster was known for his masterful use of chains to flail away the flesh of his victims slowly. When the prisoners of his dungeon finally managed to break out, they exacted cruel revenge on the warden, killing him with his own chains and hooks. However, the soul of the warden was too evil to leave - years later, from the ruins beneath the earth, a dark figure appeared. The Warden of Chains is a cruel, mysterious figure, which uses magical powers to stay alive and move around almost completely unseen. A nursery rhyme about him hints at his true power, and at how to escape him...
    Abilities: The Warden of Chains is unnaturally defensive and strong. His body is made up of metal and energy, and his chains are razor sharp and dangerous. he can fling forward his chains like whips to flay away the flesh of his target, or to bite into them and drag them towards him, and to their doom. The warden always chases after those that are alone within places that hold dark secrets, were the scene of gruesome crimes, or simply those that he finds easy victims. He chases them, and while he is slow, his clinging chains have an enchantment on them - the victim will panic the more they hear the clinging of chains, and their reaction time and mind will slow down from pure horror. The last sound a victim hears is always the clinging of chains.
    Those that fail to escape from the Warden of Chains will have their souls stolen and imprisoned within the lantern he carries, the source of his power.
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    We need a naval version of this guy.

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