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    Post by Serenity on Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:21 pm

    Name:  Ariac Marble
    Type: Rock
    Ariac Marble AriacMarble_zps79e52496
    Rarity: Extremely Rare to the World; Commonly Found in the Mountain Ranges of Aria
    Location(s) Found: Aria, Capital of Arcadia
    Notes: The marble is as white as snow and originally no different than marble. To use it, you apply extreme heat to it, making it flexible and easy to reform. Once it's in the shape desired, you cool it at a rapid rate and it hardens to be no different than the strongest of steel with half the weight. Once re-formed into an item, you cannot apply extreme heat to form it again. The marble becomes brittle and useless if done a second time.
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