Chronic Arcana Eradication (CAE)

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    Chronic Arcana Eradication (CAE) Empty Chronic Arcana Eradication (CAE)

    Post by Serenity on Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:48 pm

    Name:  Chronic Arcana Eradication (CAE)
    Type: Disease
    Description:  This disease originated from a dark Sorcerer that created it to replicate something he found in an old text and ruin. He released it in Aria and it spread like wild fire. In small amounts, which is equally as dangerous as large amounts, you can't see it. In larger amounts, it will look like black fog. It usually is only in large amounts when recently released into an area. The wind takes it on from there.
    Rarity: Rare
    Location(s) Found: World Wide, but focused in Arcadia
    Notes:  This disease slowly and constantly eats away at a persons Arcana until they are dwindled down to none. As a person naturally regains their Arcana, it continues to eat that away. This process is very painful at times, mainly during physical activity that is more than normal walking. It is only fatal to Elves because it eats away at their Anima (their life force). If someone tries to use their Arcana, the pain and rate of eradication increases ten fold.

    This is curable by anything that can remove foreign substances from Arcana. This is also the disease that Serenity Verdant became most famous for when it plagued through Aria. It is transferred from person to person through prolonged physical contact, such as kissing. It is also transferred through Arcanic exchanges, such as fighting one another.

    Currently No Known Medicinal Cure

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    Chronic Arcana Eradication (CAE) Empty Re: Chronic Arcana Eradication (CAE)

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