BWS-1 "Guillotine"

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    Post by Tsubine on Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:47 pm

    Name: BWS-1 "Guillotine"
    Type: Giant axe. (weapon)
    Description: The BWS-3 is a massive weapon meant to decapitate creatures. The BWS-1 actually stands for "Big Weapon System 1." It towers over a normal human at a massive 2 meters (6'6). However, its massive size is for good reason. The axe's blade is extremely long and heavy, but not so unwieldy as to be useless.
    BWS-1 "Guillotine" BWS1
    Rarity: Uncommon, but you can buy it.
    Location(s) Found: Found somewhat worldwide.
    Notes: The unofficial nickname for it is the BFS-1.
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