Hierarchy of Brauk

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    Hierarchy of Brauk Empty Hierarchy of Brauk

    Post by Dai on Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:27 am

    Hierarchy of Brauk S2trmc

    Welcome, my friends, to Brauk! I do hope that you have all come here to enlist in our military, and if you have then welcome again!


    Regent-General - The Regent-General is the man who leads both the army and the country of Brauk into its victories. He is merely a man, but as a man he has transcended the world and become great. He shows himself as a pleasure to the world, and gives the people what they ask for in return. He is both your King, and your Commander. He will be respected as necessary, though don't hesitate to be casual if he allows it. He will almost always be on the front-lines with his men.

    Heart of the General - Frankly, this person is most likely more important to the Regent-General than Brauk itself. Although it's not a necessity, the Heart of the General is almost always married to him, being his Queen. They are the diplomat and advisor, but also a potential target. If you wanted to get at the Regent-General, then this would be your target. Good luck with that, though.

    Lord of War - The Lord of War is the man who commands the bulk of the army in the stead of the Regent-General, having dominion over the Mage, Foot and Siege Companies. This person must be intelligent enough to play war games with the enemy. This person must be brave enough to ride on the front lines alongside their King. This person must be kind, caring and yet strong.

    Angiris Council - These are the politicians of the Braukian court. These three men deal with the day-to-day that comes with the citizenry of Brauk itself. They report to the Heart of the General herself.

    Foot Company - Lead by the Foot Commander, the Foot Company are the men and women that march into battle on foot and hoof, making up the bulk of the Braukian military force. You do not have to have no Arcana to be in the Foot Company--it's just preferable that your Arcana is melee-augmenting if this is the case.

    Forge Company - Although they have no real leader, the Forge Company is still an integral part of the Braukian Military. They are the people who create Braukian weaponry to be used in battle, and are made up of both smiths and Scholars alike.

    Mage Company - Lead by the Mage Commander, the Mage Company are the men and women that fire upon their opponents from afar with Arcane might. These people also include the archers and gunners, preferring to stay behind and to the flanks of the Foot Company.

    Siege Company - Lead by the Siege Commander, the Siege Company use the weapons that have been modified from mining materiel to destroy walls and buildings that may stand in the way.


    Regent-General: Amadeus Stoneheart - Gandeeva

    Heart of the General:

    Lord of War:

    Angiris Council:

    Foot Commander:
    Foot Company:

    Forge Company:

    Mage Commander:
    Mage Company:

    Siege Commander:
    Siege Company:

    Form to Apply:
    [*][b]App Link:[/b]
    [*][b]Position Wanted:[/b]
    [*][b]Reason for Applying:[/b]
    [*][b]Country of Birth:[/b][/list]

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