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    Amadeus Stoneheart [Approved; 1-1] Empty Amadeus Stoneheart [Approved; 1-1]

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    Amadeus Stoneheart [Approved; 1-1] Afc0lx
    "A man's worth is determined by his heart, not his fists."

    Name: Amadeus Stoneheart
    ALIAS: Regent-General of Brauk
    Gender: Male
    Age: 50
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 346lb

    Personality: Loud. He is LOUD. His voice can always be heard throughout the halls of the Granite Stronghold, unless he's asleep--in which he's dreaming in a rather loud voice anyway. His loud booming voice is a trademark of who he is, and it says pretty much everything you need to know about his usual personality. Because he is loud, he wants to be seen. He loves to be seen--attention is pretty much everything to a Lord such as he. It's not just because he is an attention whore, however. He wants to be the man that everyone admires, the man that everybody in his kingdom looks up to. He feels that, if he can be as such, then everyone will live to live such a grand life as he. He doesn't want to take unnecessarily away from his people, but he certainly likes to live a rich life--especially when it involves feasts.

    Feasts are a huge part of the lifestyle that Amadeus leads. If he can have an excuse to have a feast, he will definitely have a feast--and expect some of the food in that feast to be hand-cooked by Amadeus himself. He has a healthy appetite, and it's only further proven by the fact that he's an amazing chef. Sometimes, he has cooked his own feasts for guests--guests who could rarely tell the difference between his food and that of a grand chef's. In battle, he prefers not to defeat his opponents in a humiliating way, but rather a way that makes them happy to be defeated. Honestly, it's best to call Amadeus a man who can tell you to go to Hell in a way that makes you look forward to the trip.



    Amadeus Stoneheart [Approved; 1-1] Rider_Fate_zero_full_797558
    Amadeus Stoneheart [Approved; 1-1] Rider_Fate_zero_full_1167090
    Amadeus Stoneheart [Approved; 1-1] Rider_Fate_zero_full_1199099
    Amadeus Stoneheart [Approved; 1-1] Rider_Fate_zero_full_1210990


    Type: Sorcerer

    Beast Stances:

    Amadeus' Arcana is interesting--it is not a simple 'mage' Arcana. Instead, it is an Arcana designed to supplement Amadeus' already brutal and powerful fighting style. Without his Arcana, Amadeus Stoneheart is already an extremely powerful fighter. However, when the Arcana is included, he becomes nothing more than a beast of a man in a fight. As well as being designed to tackle a variety of situations, Amadeus also uses his fighting style to combat ranged and mage opponents alike.

    Each of Amadeus' stances have been designed to emulate beasts of various types that exist around the world. They utilize his Arcane power in two ways:

    Passive utilization is designed specifically as a generalized buff that is granted to Amadeus while he is within that stance. This will remain active only while he remains within the stance, immediately being switched out the moment he changes over.
    Active utilization is designed to be used as a temporary buff, as a 'reward' for entering into the stance. This buff lasts for three rounds, and is retained upon changing stances. As Amadeus has the potential to change stance once a round, this means he can effectively have three active buffs on in a single post if he stacks them.

    Amadeus has a total of four combat stances that he can switch in and out of, being able to switch over once per round. Each of these combat stances also changes his fighting style in a small way--this will also be described.

    The Tiger Stance is made to fight with quick and almost precise strikes.
    Passively, the Tiger Stance causes Arcana-based claws to grow from his hands. These claws deal additional damage to targets that Amadeus' attacks, in the form of slashing wounds.
    For the three rounds from activation, Amadeus attacks at a higher rate of speed.

    The Bear Stance is Amadeus' most brutal and powerful fighting stance, utilizing straight and forceful attacks.
    Passively, the Bear Stance grants Amadeus a physical damage buff to targets that he hits. It increases the kinetic output of his attacks, meaning that they're more likely to do proper bludgeoning damage.
    For the next three rounds from activation, Amadeus moves at a far higher rate of speed.

    The Turtle Stance doesn't focus on fighting directly, more worried about redirecting attacks out of his way and using his opponent's force against them.
    Passively, the Turtle Stance allows Amadeus to heal his wounds as he fights. Each (non-defensive) strike that he lands on an opponent causes a very minor amount of the damage he dealt to be converted back into healing.
    For three rounds from activation, Amadeus takes 50% less damage from enemy attacks and Arcana. The amount of damage reduction is reduced by 15% for every buff that he has, whether on activation or during the buff duration. Therefore, with two additional active buffs, he takes only 20% reduced damage.

    The Dragon Stance relies on wide, sweeping attacks to take out multiple opponents at once.
    Passively, the Dragon Stance causes Amadeus' attacks to do additional fire-based damage when they collide with an enemy.
    For the next three rounds post-activation, about five metres of ground around Amadeus' feet burns any enemy who steps within it, usually slowing them down as well while they're trapped within.



    Blade of Brauk: In those situations that hand-to-hand combat is simply too risky, he produces this. The weapon itself is far from Arcane, and really only meant to be ceremonial--but it's one of the few swords that Amadeus' gigantic hands can wield without difficulty--so he really needed to bring something to the table.

    Bucephalus: This horse is massive. Like, huge. It's the only thing that can carry Amadeus onto the battlefield without collapsing underneath his weight. Other than that, it's pretty difficult to kill this beast. Not much more we can say about him.


    Hand to Hand Master: This is Amadeus' bread and butter. He is exceptionally strong in hand-to-hand combat, using a very brutal style of fighting that focusses primarily on taking down an opponent with as little energy as possible and in as few moves as possible. You could say that it's a very strategic combat style.

    Strategic Genius: Exposure to strategic texts and the like from a young age has made Amadeus into a masterful strategist. It's with this intelligence that he gladly leads his armies into the heat of battle.

    Master Chef: Amadeus' cooking is legendary throughout Brauk.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: The clashing of steel erupted around the man's field of view, blinding him in conjunction with the light of the sun in the sky. He held up a hand to cover his face, trying to shield it from the brightness that he saw. Brauk had a history shrouded in the shedding of blood. Being so rich with precious metals and jewels meant that they had to defend themselves frequently, and every man was brought in for military training when he turned sixteen. Obviously, Amadeus was no different. Although his father, Gerard Stoneheart III was the current Regent-General, there was nothing saying that Amadeus was not to join the army. Of course, he didn't mind. He'd been taught from an early age to understand that battle was something that just happened, here in Brauk. With bandits, with beasts... with the Dragon. He had been told the tale of Endellion, the Black Dragon. He'd been informed of the destruction that it had caused in one part of Brauk. He had been brought into the understanding that Brauk's duty was to defend itself against any and all incursions, no matter the cost. So he didn't mind being drafted into the military. He would fight as a youth, and then take over the throne as an adult. It was a simple, brutal and effective chain of command. That was Brauk. Simple.

    This simplicity was basically beaten into Amadeus' head on a daily basis. His teachings were not complicated--just things that he ought to know as not only a King of Men, but a General of War. He was reading strategy novels by the age of fourteen. By the age of eighteen, he was unbeatable at chess. He was deemed ready by the age of twenty-five, having been raised with a simplistic care and steady hands. He was brought into an arranged marriage about this time, with a woman named Anya--two years his junior. He was originally hesitant, but decided that it was definitely the King's duty when he first saw her naked. Let's leave it at that, knowing that they fell in love proper.

    However, he knew that he wasn't ready yet. He needed more. He turned away from his teachings and went into the world of the Arcane. Books were discovered, plans were made. In the dead of the night, while the rest of the Granite Stronghold slept, Amadeus would learn the mystical powers of Arcana. He wanted to be able to do more than just fight: he wanted to win. It took him three whole years, from start to finish. Three years were spent with sleepless nights, nearly getting caught, mishaps that he couldn't even imagine occurring in everyday life. He was understanding both the power of Arcana, and why he had been taught simplicity in all its forms. You could almost say that he brought that into the development of his personal Arcana. He didn't think he'd need to use it until he became Regent-General. He was wrong.

    The attack came swiftly, while Amadeus and Gerard were entertaining themselves within the throne room. They were no mere bandits, but assassins--men that had been hired to murder the top echelon of the family. Their leader revealed himself to them, and Amadeus recognized him as the Royal Advisor. Before he could even react, a sword had pierced his father's chest. Blood ran down the ceremonial armor, Amadeus only able to watch in horror. The men approached him next, but Amadeus had certainly had enough.

    "Raaaargh!" He felt his entire body fill with energy, as a blue burst of energy erupted from his body. Above his head appeared the shadow of a Grizzly Bear, roaring into the air as if to exact its dominion over this room. The first target was the man who had killed his father--the Royal Advisor. This man, who had been prepared for a defenseless Regent-General and his young son, was not ready for what came next. The first hit was brutal, knocking the wind out of him. Amadeus adjusted his feet slightly, turning his body around and bringing his right fist towards his head--the hit against the ear knocked him further off balance. A vicious roar escaped Amadeus' lips as he planted another fist in the centre of the man's chest. And another. And another. Every hit broke ribs, slowly knocking the assailant off of his feet. The final hit firmly crushed his chest inwards and he fell to the ground, dead. However, Amadeus wasn't done. Punching his hands together, he released a burst of red energy this time, charging at the group of assassins as a Dragon appeared above his head and screamed out its guttural vocalizations. Flames crackled and flared around his body, burning the men as they tried to escape, or to fight back. But it wasn't enough. Every hit of Amadeus' released more fire. Every time they tried to escape, the Dragon stopped them with its flames. There was no mercy in Amadeus' strikes. Only grief and vengeance...

    With the assailants dead around him, Amadeus Stoneheart was immediately pronounced new Regent-General of Brauk, and Anya his Lady. He took to his new position quickly, as he had been raised for it. He mourned his father in a small ceremony, but didn't put too much thought into it. If Brauk was left without strong leadership for too long, then the parasites would come in and attempt to take it over. He felt no need to reform the military, and instead simply started living as the leader should. He lived grandly and lavishly--not to show off his riches, but to give the people something to look up to. He didn't flaunt his riches, simply his position. He knew that people would dislike his action in this sense, but it didn't matter to him. He only wanted to give the people a figure that they could appreciate. And appreciate it they did. Underneath Amadeus' rule, there has been very little dissent amongst the workers or the people in general--the best it's been for a long time. And he intends to let it stay that way.[/justify]
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