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    Species Name: Behemoth, The Sovereign of the Beasts of the World
    Description:#027 Behemoth Behemoth-1942933e86
    Behemoth is a titanic humanoid with bluish skin ( it is about 25 feet tall when standing upright). It's hands are claws that ooze blood constantly, and its back has two appendages sprouting from it that look like a cross between  wings and huge claws. It also has a monstrous tail, but its most striking feature is the demonic face located in its chest.

    Its title Sovereign of the Beasts comes from the fact that each time it appears, all sorts of monstrosities come with it following its trail of destruction. It seems to convey its ferocity; when it simply walks through the world, all beings around it feel their natural urges towards violence increase.

    It is unknown if Behemoth can speak or not.
    Diet: Unknown, if any at all.
    Rarity: Exceedingly rare, possibly one of a kind. Myth and rumor circle around the existence of Behemoth. Despite having been killed countless times throughout the ages, Behemoth has always appeared years later to continue it's cycle of destruction. Theories are that it is a single being that is simply reincarnated after so long, or that the Behemoth that we have seen is but a shadow of the real one. The shadow possesses the body and soul of a human being that synchronizes with the true Behemoths dream.
    Location(s) Found: Behemoth can appear anywhere in Aurora.

    Strength ~ Due to its immense size, Behemoth is unbelievable strong. Capable of destroying buildings simply by running his monstrous claws into them, Behemoth is possibly the strongest of all known beasts of this world.

    Jinku Enkido ~ The Sovereign of the Beasts only activates this ability to begin a fight it considers interesting.  Behemoth unleashes a vortex of pure destruction and destroys everything within a hundred yards, creating Jinku Enkido, a "World of Perfect Destruction".The face on it's chest wakes up and opens its eyes, generating a dome of energy that attacks and devours anyone less than 300 feet away from it. While it is maintained, no one can enter or leave the dome unless their Arcana Tier equal's or exceeds Behemoths own. At the beginning of every round, a different effect takes place within the dome. Each effect only lasts for 1 post, and Jinku Enkido lasts for 5 posts. [1-1]

    1.) Behemoth's attacks increase in frequency, and his attacks heighten in speed.
    2.)An earthquake centered on Behemoth shakes the entire area within the dome. All those within it find it difficult to move or attack, and may even fall prone. Behemoth is unaffected by this ability.
    3.) Behemoth heals a considerable sum of its Health.
    4.) The dome becomes filled with frightening images that penetrates the minds of those within. Those who rely on their sense of sight to attack find it exceedingly difficult to locate Behemoths location amongst the hundreds of horrifying images around them.
    5.) The gravity within Jinku Enkido warps, and all those within the dome find it difficult to preform even the most tedious of tasks. Moving, lifting ones sword, and even breathing become difficult.

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