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    #030 Halphas Empty #030 Halphas

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    Species Name: Halphas (Octh ndoriaconus; pl. Halphae)
    Description: A Halphas is a large (nearly the size of a horse) creature that in some areas looks to have parts of a human body. This is actually a lure, so it can crouch down and bury itself and people would thing that a human is half-buried. When they get close enough, it charges forth. The creature is very unique as it has a "shielding" that resembles a headdress, but it is actually just very hard skin that allows it to also ram targets. The large, open cavity at the top is actually used for breathing.
    #030 Halphas Halphas
    Diet: Carnivore
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Location(s) Found: Deserts and wastelands
    Abilities: Halphae are very strong, especially in their jaws. They are capable of tearing a human in half with a single bite.
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