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    Species Name: King Rex
    Description: #034 King Rex MH3G-Hungry_Deviljho
    #034 King Rex MH4-Deviljho_Render_001
    A King Rex can grow up to 41 meters in length, and stands as tall as a two-story building.
    Diet: Carnivore
    Rarity: Rare
    Location(s) Found: Cierian Deep Jungle
    Abilities: The King Rex is the ultimate Apex Predator of Cieria. It is a complete carnivore, and strong enough to devour normal dragons if they come too close. They eat everything, from small animals to weaker members of their own species, and are active both day and night, not requiring any sleep. It is not uncommon for the usually larger females to devour males after mating, and young King Rex specimen live on their own from the moment they hatch, often eating the still-hatching siblings in their nest.
    As one might guess, the strength in their jaws and tail is strong enough to shatter steel, while their scales are tough enough to deflect even the blast of a large cannon. A King Rex is also rather intelligent for such a brutal beast - their cunning makes them Cieria's most dangerous export, if properly trained and controlled. Needless to say, they are the tanks of the Cierian Beastmasters in the military, and are used in case of war to besiege cities and to wreak havoc amongst infantry. Riding on the back of a King Rex is dangerous, but not unheard of amongst reckless beastmasters.
    The heightened metabolism that allows a King Rex to stay awake all day is also a weakpoint of their species. They need far more food than an animal of their size would already require, making keeping any of them in captivity and well-fed difficult. They go into a hibernation-like state when low on energy, and will only awaken from it if they smell fresh blood nearby from possible prey. The high metabolism also superheats their blood, allowing a King Rex to breathe a stream of fire. The only reason they don't cause larger damage to the jungle is their low population and their tendency to live within incredibly humid areas that reduce the effect of their flames.
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    And now we have land dragons.

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