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    Species Name: Amangh (Garul ustror)
    Description: An Amangh stands at about 10 feet tall. The two horn-like protrusions are actually more like extra arms as they are specifically crafted to drill and remove rocks.

    Diet: Rockivore (it eats rocks)
    Rarity: Rare
    Location(s) Found: Underground
    Strength: Amanghs are known to carve out the insides of mountains over their 50-year lifespan, and they do it by brute strength until they get to metals and some of the hardest rocks.
    Magma Breath: And that's where their magma breath comes in. They basically eat away at the hard rock so they can get back to going through with their digging.
    Complete Night Vision: Because Amanghs work underground, they can see in the dark as well as humans can see in the daytime. Thus, Amanghs are known to go blind once they hit the other side of a mountain and see daylight.
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