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    Species Name: Lævateinn
    Description: Endellion is the No. 1 dragon to be afraid of. No 2. should probably be Lævateinn. His legend isn't as spread as Endellion's because he doesn't just go out and destroy things. People hunt him and never return. He is an extremely old Legendary Dragon who is mutated to have not one, not two, not three, but nine heads. Being alive for so long has made Lævateinn into a rather intelligent dragon as well. Lævateinn is one of the largest known Legendary Dragons as well.

    Diet: Carnivore
    Rarity: One of a kind mutated Legendary Dragon.
    Location(s) Found: Solai Veldt
    Unique Physiology: Lævateinn's most fearsome trait is the fact it has nine heads. It takes killing Lævateinn a pain in the ass, as all nine heads need to be lopped off as each head has its own semi-heart, allowing the body to stay alive even if the main heart is destroyed. Each of its nine heads has a sharp horn capable of piercing even a stone dragon's scales with ease. Also, the heads regrow. It takes one month for a new head to grow back to the point to where it is able to be classified as working, but takes many months to regrow back to full status.
    Wind Breath: It may sound redundant, but Lævateinn exhales... air. However, it's done at such a force that it could be mistaken for heavy straight-line winds. If someone doesn't brace themselves, they can easily be thrown off their feet, especially if all nine heads breathe out at once.
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