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    Post by Tsubine on Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:37 pm

    Name: Metatron Ore
    Type: Mineral
    Description: Metatron ore looks like large quartz, except it is impossible to see through it. Metatron is effectively Arcana crystallized. It always shines with a bright blue, except in when it is low on Arcana, during which time it can either be recharged or discarded. Completely exhausted Metatron ore can not be recharged. Metatron is broken down into two "types" of ore. There is the core, and then there are the veins. Metatron cores are larger crystals with a large amount of Arcana stored within them. Veins are much smaller crystals that actually lack a large amount of Arcana. These, with proper tuning, can be made to act like veins and transfer Arcana from a core over long distance.
    Rarity: Not exactly "rare," but the way to get the ore is extremely difficult.
    Location(s) Found: Extremely deep underground, thus only Brauk can safely mine it.
    Notes: Metatron has no inherent abilities (thus there isn't say "fire Metatron" or something like that), but instead acts as a natural "blank" energy source.
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