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    Name: Tempesta Perfetta (Perfect Storm)
    Type: Sword/Katana

    #008 Tempesta Perfetta Perfect%20Storm_zpslkmgpjio

    Rarity: One-Of-A-Kind
    Owned: Lilith Antonovich
    Creator: The Arcane Swordsmith: Edyron
    Location(s) Found: With Lilith. If you want to try, you can attempt to take it from her.
    Legend Of: Tempesta Perfetta, translated to "Perfect Storm", is an extremely well-crafted blade that was said to have the power to cause storms massive enough to destroy large cities. It is said that twenty years ago, this blade was the cause of a town in Arcadia called Mistlyn being completely wiped off the map. After the Scholar who created it was apparently defeated, the sword went lost. Those who defeated him looked for it, but never found it. After becoming a member of the Night Nine, Lilith Antonovich went on the hunt, finding the sword at the bottom of a frozen lake that she literally punched through until she got it. The moment she grabbed the sword, it's power sealed and it's power instantly thawed the lake. From there, Tempesta Perfetta belonged to Lilith.

    Abilities: There are three stages of this sword.

    The First Stage: Frost: Upon the first released stage of Tempesta Perfetta, the sword takes on it's first appearance change. The first change is the guard turning into the shape of a snow flake, as seen in the image above. With this, it gains it's first ability. Anything that this blade cuts will instantly be covered in ice.

    The Second Stage: Frozen: Upon the second released stage of Tempesta Perfetta, the sword takes on it's second appearance change. The second change keeps the snowflake guard, but opens up a line along the blade. If you're looking at the picture above, the line that shows up is the one that is shining, but in this form the line does not shine. Within this stage, the blade is able to release waves of Arcana that instantly freeze the water in the air, shooting forward and freezing anything it comes in contact with. There are two forms: beam and cone. The beam reaches up to two hundred feet away, is five foot wide, and shoots out from the tip of the blade. The cone reaches up to one hundred feet away and is twenty foot wide. These attacks can be preformed up to 20 times each per day and one attack each per post.

    The Third Stage: Ice Storm: This is the swords ultimate ability. Upon this final release of this sword, the line along the blade shines with Arcana, giving it it's fully released appearance. When this ability is released, the entire area within half a mile is covered in a massive blizzard, making it difficult to see, move, and causing temperatures to drop rapidly. The one wielding the sword is immune to any of the swords abilities.

    Notes: If all attacks are used up and stages are used up, it takes five days for the sword to be able to be used again because it needs to recollect the Arcana for it's attacks. It's like recharging a battery.

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