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    Human Template


    Name: Lucas McKendrick
    ALIAS: Luke
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 165 - The hair makes the difference.


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    Personality: Not a thrill seeker and no way near a dare devil, Lucas is quite the opposite of his brother in this aspect. The man prefers not to get his hands dirty or put his life in danger for the thrill of finding anything new. He feels he can find new things and learn new skills where he currently lives: Colburn. What better place to learn new things than the major Academy concentrated on education? This is why Lucas moved to Colburn; he wanted to continue his own education while living up to a code his Father taught him years ago by teaching other people what he knows. While at Rydian, Lucas fell in love with music and teaching it. Any time a student asks him to teach them something he doesn't know, he goes out and learns to play it and how to teach it to other people.

    Something he does have in common with his brother is the strong sense of duty and honor. It was something their Father made sure the two of them understood. It is a powerful guideline that the McKendrick Family has learned to live by over the years. "Do not go back on your word, keep all of your promises, protect the innocent and the weak, teach the ignorant; do not condemn them, and spread your knowledge, power, and wealth to who ever needs and deserves your help." The next thing the two share: "Everyone deserves a second chance, so make sure to give them a first." Pre-judgement is what that last one is about. Differently from his brother, Lucas wasn't so close to his Father that he lived by the word, he just agreed with it. Lucas is actually much closer to his Mother.

    Lucas doesn't have any major goals in his life, but he has one small one that he finds fun to try and accomplish. Another professor at Rydian, Alain Maldoc-Ryence, is just as popular with the students as he is, though Lucas has noticed females flock to Alain more than himself. He has no problem with this; they are students so there is like no attraction there, but he will always tell Alain it's because of his glasses. On campus the two act as rivals, the moment school ends and they're hanging out at the one of the Colburn pubs, they're pretty good drinking buddies. Beyond beating Alain in a popularity contest, Lucas' goals still hang in the air. He'd like to have some sort of plan for the future, but hasn't found one yet. He is quite comfortable with his life and would rather that not change.

    Notes: Lucas is the only one who doesn't get yelled at when messing with Mathias' hair. He's very shy, unlike his brother. He is pretty good at talking to girls, which his brother fusses at him for it. His favorite foods are sweets: cinnamon rolls or things similar, not cakes. He and his brother often argue about why he weighs one pound less than his brother; Mathias blames the hair, while Lucas calls Mathias fat. It's a playful joke between the two.

    History: Twins! An unexpected turn of events for the McKendrick Family, but one they quickly learned to love. The lovely Kathrine and her husband Miles McKendrick finally fulfilled their wishes of having kids! It was exactly what they wanted with a bonus attached: twin boys! Miles always wanted a son to carry on the family name, to teach to hunt and fish, and to watch grow up and make something great of themselves. He had high expectations for the son he prayed he would have, but when he was blessed with two healthy baby boys, nothing could have made his life better. The doctor even commended him for being the first Father he had ever seen to literally jump and scream for joy when a second baby popped out. "Are you kidding me?! They're perfect!"

    Nothing could be more perfect for Miles. His boys grew up exactly the way he had hoped and prayed for. He called it a blessing of the gods. Lucas was technically the older one, by four minutes and twenty-one seconds, and had a knack for learning quickly and helping his brother understand things better. He was intelligent, gentle, and kind. Mathias was always on the more active side; he didn't catch on to things as quickly as his brother did, but once Lucas explained things the first time, he always could do it just as well as his brother. The two of them always worked together, this never failed. When their Father had an accident at work and was bedridden for a few months, the boys took up his spot at the job and were hired to work with their Father when he could come back.

    It wasn't until the age of fifteen that the boys began going their separate ways. The two still remained close, but their dreams and goals in life went in two very different directions. Lucas had always been a man of education. He loved teaching his brother and was good at it, so he developed in that manner. He studied hard and attended Rydian Academy until the age of twenty-two. Mathias loved to explore. Stories that his father told him and his brother while they were younger inspired him to want to do what adventurers do. He did very little studying at Rydian with his brother, but left when he was eighteen to start on his journey. Both Mathias and Lucas return to their hometown of Daywood every six months to make sure to check on their parents and see each other.

    Taking a different route than his brother, Lucas McKendrick went above and beyond to hone his skills. Unlike his brother's need for seeing knew things and being everywhere, Lucas wanted to know as much as he possibly could; He wanted to have many different skills. He became a professor at Rydian when he graduated and teaches music to his students. He is a professional violin player who is well known through out Arcadia now, but knows many other instruments. For every instrument he learned, that was another student asking him to teach them how. He knew violin, flute, and piano, but after that he learned the trumpet, clarinet, cello, xylophone, guitar, and sax all because students who wanted to learn them. He did this to expand the music program at Rydian.


    Type: N/A: Unknown or Not Discovered
    Description: N/A


    Equipment: N/A

    Swordsman: This is not something that he learned on his own. During a few of his brother's visits, Lucas decided to learn enough to defend himself. He's not the best and no way near as good as his brother, but he can hold his own for a bit. No insta-kills on this guy.

    Musician: Violin, flute, piano, trumpet, clarinet, cello, xylophone, guitar, and saxophone; yes, he knows them all! Most of these he learned because another student wanted to learn them and he wanted to be able to teach it, but the first three named he learned on his own since he was a child. His mother was a piano player, so he learned the violin to play along side her while she played on the keys. Because of the memories with his Mom, the violin is always his favorite, but he has practically mastered everything excluding the trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone. Those three are more of an advanced level.

    Good Cook: His Mom, Dad, and Brother all love his cooking. When ever he goes to visit them, he always makes sure to have learned a new recipe for them. Though he is actually very simple and doesn't eat too many different things while he's on his own, the moment someone is visiting or he goes to visit another person, he pops on the chef hat and sort shows off. He has yet to meet someone who does not like his cooking.

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    Agility: 3 + 6 = 9
    Durability: 3 + 6 = 9
    Endurance: 3 + 6 = 9
    Speed: 3 + 6 = 9
    Strength: 3 + 6 = 9

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