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    Name: Lupinus Exterminos
    Type: Disease
    Description: Lupinus Exterminos is a magical disease that was created by a terminally ill arcanist as a way to save his own life. When viewed under enough zoom, the virus appears like small, perfectly quadratic shapes, and it stays in the blood of the infected until they are either cured or killed.
    Rarity: Rare in civilized areas, uncommon in the wilder parts of the world
    Location(s) Found: All over the world
    Notes: If you ever wondered where the myths about true werewolves came from, a good chance is that they are with this ancient virus. Created even before the modern borders of the lands were established, those afflicted with the disease will feel weakened and feverish for the next month, often having nightmares or suffering from insomnia instead, causing them to lash out at others irrationally. Furthermore, the disease suppresses all other diseases, including normally terminal ones. While infected, the person is immune to the vampire curse, and their blood will taste horrible to vampires. As a psychological effect, the afflicted will often refuse treatment or examination by professionals due to their irrationality.

    After a month, the condition becomes permanent. The fevers cease, as does the irrationality. In exchange, the senses of the afflicted improve, their bodies begin to recover from grueling injury, and even terminal sicknesses begin to fully disappear from their system, together with their blood becoming toxic to vampires. In exchange, on every fullmoon, the infected turn into... vicious wolf-beasts, creates half man, half wolf, with quadruple the strength of a human, as well as the speed to match, coupled with fur the color of their hair which is as thick as chainmail. Combined with their claws and teeth, werewolves are incredibly dangerous monstrosities, and almost universally controlled by rage, hunger and hate. While so transformed, a bite or deep claw attack from a werewolf can infect a human easily. All arcane power of the person is sealed while so transformed.

    Only very few will even remember the transformation on the next day at first, but their human personality also slowly changes to become more feral. Eventually, all of the past human will slip away, permanently transforming the victim into a werewolf.

    Amongst those that remember the transformation, a few will learn to control it willingly. Those people can maintain their control in bestial stage, but still have increases aggression, and can transform even without a fullmoon, but will always transform during such times. Those who can control the wolf will not lose their humanity, and become 'true werewolves', capable of using small parts of their wolfish nature, such as sharp senses and some super strength, without transforming at all. Those true werewolves tend to stay far away from most people, seeing as they are still hated. True werewolves can use arcana, but only when not transformed. True werewolves live marginally longer than normal humans/elves, can have normal human or elven children, and stay younger in appearance and strength for longer.

    All werewolves, without exception, are weak to a few things: Silver, water blessed by the gods of good, consecrated grounds, such as churches or graveyards (entering them will weaken or even burn them), fire, and acid. Any of these stop the healing of a werewolf, and once either the head is removed, the heart pierced, or the skull crushed, a werewolf will permanently die.
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    After careful thought, I've decided to approve this.

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