#042 Glacial Drake

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    #042 Glacial Drake Empty #042 Glacial Drake

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    Species Name: Glacial Drake
    Description: Glacial Drakes are actually not drakes and are surprisingly distant from the dragon family. They are still, however, a distant relative of dragons. Glacial Drakes have two large wings that are not usable for flying. Instead, Glacial Drakes use them for gliding down from high perches. They are covered in scales in many places, but their legs and forearms have fur. Their bodies are also covered in spike-like protrusions that Glacial Drakes use to mark their territory. Although their skin is tough, it is not as tough as an actual dragon's, and is instead more resilient to cold temperatures. Glacial Drake scales make fantastic lining for winter coats. Glacial Drakes grow to a size comparable to an Ordinary Dragon.
    #042 Glacial Drake GlacialDrake
    Diet: Carnivore
    Rarity: Rare
    Intelligence: Glacial Drakes are somewhat smarter than a tiger.
    Location(s) Found: The extreme northern and southern borders of Aurora.
    Abilities: Glacial Drakes have incredible leaping potential, as well as the ability to glide. They can cover ground much faster than many other land hunters. Glacial Drakes also have an incredibly strong and sharp pair of front teeth. This is akin to the sabertooth tiger, although on a much more dangerous scale.
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