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    Post by Serenity on Wed Jul 29, 2015 7:12 pm

    Species Name: Ewok

    Description: These creatures are small humanoid bear-like animals. They usually have dark brown or black eyes, though a few rare ones have been spotted with light brown or even green. They come in colors from black to light brown. Ewok's in snowier areas have been found with white fur, though this is rarer than the green eyed Ewok. Full grown Ewok's range from 2-3 feet in height and their weight varies similarly to humans, depending on their diets.

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    Diet: Omnivore. They eat plants and animals alike, and this often includes humans and elves. They do not discriminate when it comes to their delicious meals.

    Rarity: Very Common To Rare.

    Intelligence: Medium - High. Although they have the ability to speak to each other through strange language that most people would just call gibberish, they have sometimes been known to learn to understand minor forms of the Universal Language. Really, it's just that after a while, they learn what "no" and "bad" means. In their own group, they're rather intelligent. They communicate, plan, and even have traditions and customs of their own. They set traps, plan ambushes, and can make primitive weapons. They grow up as savages, often raiding villages, killing anything to eat, and attacking travelers when it's least expected. It is possible for one to become a companion because Ewoks are quite loyal. If they decide they like you, they help you. Beyond that, they normally have a high tribal mentality and are loyal to their tribe of Ewok's unless something big happens, and big doesn't mean that much with these little guys.

    Location(s) Found: They are found in Northern Forest areas, but are rare in Southern areas. In other words, most common in Arcadia. They are never found in deserts or tropical areas; it's too hot. They will never be found alive anywhere near the Solai area.


    Strength: Ewoks are much stronger than you'd first expect. They seem small and weak, but they actually naturally have a strength double that of a strong human of their gender.

    Speed: They're not that fast, but they're not slow either. They can move quickly, but their small stature forces them to be slower in things like climbing and jumping.

    Weaponry: Ewok's are good at using sticks and rocks as weapons, though if taught they can learn to use more "modern" weaponry.

    Arcana: An Ewok with the ability to use Arcana does not exist.
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    Alain doesn't want to deal with a teddy bear that might throw spears at him! But approved.

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