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    Species Name: Mysticat
    Description: Besides the jewel in the middle of their forehead, they look like normal cats of different breeds. Some Mysticats eyes can be a little different, such as lacking pupils or rare and unusual colors.
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    Diet: Omnivore
    Rarity: Rare
    Location(s) Found: Arcadia
    Abilities: They will have one of three abilities. The first is minor telekinetic ability, such as being able to read peoples minds and communicate with them. The second is being able to outright speak like a human being. The third is a type of barrier based protection. They set their paw on one person and that one person will be completely unharmed through out the time that their paw is on them.

    A Natural Ability for All Mysticats is the ability to sense incoming dangerous events. As an example, one is walking along with a human that is unknowingly entering an area that is about to be burned down by a dragon. The Mysticat will sense it and be able to give warning or protect.
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