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    Species Name: Pinx

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    Diet: This is difficult. Anyone who has been near this "creature" has never been able to study it long enough to figure that out. Legends say that it feeds off of the life force and souls of men.
    Rarity: Extremely Rare
    Intelligence: High
    Location(s) Found: World Wide
    Abilities: This being is said to be the soul of a woman that made a deal with a demon. The legend says she was abused by every man she knew, so she vowed to destroy any man who is foul to any woman. This creature has the ability to cast illusion type magic. It messes with the minds of men who have ill thoughts and have acted in unkind manners toward women. These thoughts do not have to be horrid. A man who has cheated on any of his lovers can attract a pinx. A man who merely uses women, breaks their hearts, or anything more serious can also attract a pinx. It's not very picky about its victims.

    It usually casts illusions to make the one it's trying to entrap come easier. It will often make itself look like the dream woman of the man in question. If more is needed, it can alter the appearance of the surrounding area to create the desired atmosphere to allow its seduction to succeed. A man who is in love and faithful to his woman is immune to the magic of a pinx, but is also not likely to be targeted in the first place. This creatures weaknesses are other women; it's magic does not work on women at all.
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