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    Species Name: Walpurgisnacht
    Description: #016 Walpurgisnacht Noche_de_walpurgis
    Walpurgisnacht is a gigantic creature, measuring in sizes comparable to Elder Dragons. It has the motif of an upside-down jester with cogs at the 'top', and appears free floating and mostly motionless unless in open combat. The appearance of Walpurgisnacht warps space around it, making extended looking at it painful to a human observer.
    Diet: Eats despair and misery
    Rarity: One-Of-A-Kind
    Estimated Age: Ancient/Prehistoric
    Location(s) Found: Roaming the World, last seen approx. 4 years ago
    Abilities: Walpurgisnacht is powerful enough to be counted as a natural disaster. Accounts of sightings of the creature go back to times before the discovery of Arcana, although these reports are unverified, with the writers often having succumbed to madness once they write their encounter down, making any data hard to analyze. This is the first power of Walpurgisnacht - if the people seeing it are not either users of the Arcane, or familiar with arcane objects and their use, they will be pulled into insanity and often driven to suicide. Even mass suicides amongst the population of a city can be caused by the mere appearance of Walpurgisnacht in the sky.
    It approaches settlements from above, slowly descending into them, first as a small dot in the sky. Walpurgisnacht controls several 'familiar' beasts, which all spread the same type of madness as Walpurgisnacht herself does. The creature is identified as female from the few times it has directly spoken, marking it clearly able to understand and speak human languages.
    Familiars of Walpurgisnacht. Apparently themed around a 'circus', but malformed and twisted.:
    #016 Walpurgisnacht Homura-reading-to-fight-Walpurgisnacht

    Walpurgisnacht approaches settlements only to feed. It eats away at all despair in the settlement, causing more and more of it to feed more. The hunger it has can't be saturated, she will always need more. To free a settlement of Walpurgisnacht, it has to be driven away - no way to kill it is known currently. Driving it away means fighting it directly, something that is ONLY possible with the arcane and arcane objects, conventional weapons have no effect on Walpurgisnacht or her familiars.
    Each familiar, and Walpurgisnacht herself, have monstrous physical strength, able to easily kill a human with one attack. Furthermore, she can use arcane arts in incredibly destructive ways. It can levitate inanimate objects and use them to defend or attack, send out explosions, and extend magical tendrils and 'trees' to smash into opponents and tie them down. Furthermore, every time an arcanist dies fighting Walpurgisnacht, she will attempt to 'eat' them. If she succeeds, all arcane power that person ever had is transfered to Walpurgisnacht... permanently.

    Thanks to the strength of her magic, it can cause completely supernatural events. A single flick of it can create a tornado of razor winds, or cause a flood wave as tall as a mountain. Simply put, a normal arcanist can NEVER hope to defeat Walpurgisnacht alone. Earthquakes are also within reasonable possibility for her.

    A living catastrophe, the embodiment of despair and hopelessness, Walpurgisnacht is one of the greatest threats for arcanists far and wide, as their despair seems especially delicious to her - so she always seeks out large settlements of arcanists.
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