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    All the variants of a Felli. In order left to right then down: Normal Felli, Fire Felli, Electric Felli, Water Felli, Leaf Felli, Ice Felli, Light Felli, Dark Felli, and Fae Felli.

    Species Name: Felli [Fellicine Domesticus]
    Description: Felli are the most popular of pets in the world of Aurora. Cats are lovable, dogs are loyal, birds are playful, and hamsters are cute; but Felli are all those things, and that is why most everyone wants one. It is of common belief that Felli are good luck charms, but even those who do not believe in superstitious may just want a great companion. Additionally, if one gets tired of the generic normal Felli, there are several variants of the animal that affect the appearance drastically, as well as their personalities (I.E. an Electric Felli might be extra energetic, while a Fire Felli might be extra passionate to its owner). Because of the relation of an appearance of a Felli to various elements of the Arcanist, there have been theories that these animals are somehow related to magic, but no such things have been proven. Felli have no special abilities to speak of, and no traces of magic within them (by normal means). Felli do not know an intelligible language, using a series of light cries with the onomatopoeia of any way you could sound out a vowel alone, capable of being preceded by a w (Such as "ooh", "eee", or "wah"). They also appear to purr when extremely content. Note that there is no way to change one type of Felli to another type—this is set in at birth.

    Diet: Omnivore, it can eat most anything a human eats as long as it is not processed. Processed foods will shorten the life span of a Felli.

    Rarity: Exceedingly Common as a species, albeit different breeds of Felli are rarer than others. The most common of course is the normal Felli by miles, followed by the Fire, Water, Electric, and Leaf Felli. Then, the Ice, Light, Dark, and Fae Felli are the rarest, typically very sought after even among nobles, and only being able to be found in the most prestigious of homes, or otherwise deep in the wilderness under special circumstances.

    Location(s) Found: Felli are an incredibly common animal capable of being found in almost any place on the planet, so long as it is decently hospitable. Being domestic animals, they are more commonly located in civilized areas than wild lands.

    Abilities: N/A
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