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    Species Name: Infinite Orb
    Description: #028 Infinite Orb, Fragment of the World Anima__Infinity_Orb_by_Wen_M
    The only thing that can rival the aberrant power of the object known as the Infinite Orb, is the absolute mystery that surrounds everything related to it. There is no stranger than on Aurora; no one know's who built it , and it is even difficult to say whether it was built by anyone at all, as its power is coveted by even the gods.

    To the eyes of mortals, it is no more than an opaque crystal sphere  18 inches in diameter. However, divine entities who have looked at it have seen a colossal mass of constantly moving glass. It grows and changes continuously, reflecting those changes in the thin surface of its tiny earthly form. The Orb is not a sentient being and is not truly alive, but has an advanced defense program that prevents anyone from approaching it. Following it's own guidelines, the program looks for a remote place where can be safe and utterly destroys those who try to possess the orb. It is unknown why it does this, but the system prioritizes safety above all else. Theoritically, it is possible to disable the defense program by causing immense damage to the Orb, but it cannot be shut down completely. If the defense system is deactivated, it is only a matter of time before it reactivates, although it could take many years to do so.
    Diet: N/A
    Rarity: Believed to be one of a kind.
    Location(s) Found: The Orb was last seen in a cave in Zakat.

    Immovable ~ If someone tries to move the Orb from its place, he will find it nearly impossible to move, because it actually weighs thousands of tons.
    Genetic Data ~ The Infinite Orb has at its disposal genetic data for any known creature on Aurora who's Arcana Tier is less than its own, so it is able to summon any of those creatures automatically and may do so without knowing their name.
    Absolute ~ The Orb cannot be destroyed by any known means.
    Offensive Analysis ~ The Infinite Orb has the ability to analyze the powers and weaknesses of its opponence with great skill, allowing it to determine what kind of creates  would be most appropriate to degeat any kind of threat it faces.
    Magical Knowledge ~ The Orb is capable of producing any spells it has seen firsthand, so long as their Arcana Tier is at least one lower than it's own.

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    All hail the hypno orb, eh?
    Approved, sounds very interesting.

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