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    Night was slowly lowering it's black veil over the factory city of Astarte. Looking at it from a distance gave the impression of a lumbering, gigantic machine - intricate connections and seperations between different factories and dormitories, with powerlines and living humans as the energy and oil that kept it going. That long-range impression was the entire reason why an individual with brown hair, wearing a suit that looked way too fine to belong here, and with sunglasses hiding his eyes, was now slowly entering the city from one of the roads leading into it on foot. With his short stature and odd choice of clothing, there wasn't much way for him to look MORE out of place, really.

    He had no specific goal in mind, really. The smell of the factories and the dangers that they may produce was rather disgusting, but he knew that any poisons in the air would have a lot less of an effect on him than they would on a normal human or elf. Although he highly doubted the presence of any elves in this city... Or even in this kingdom. From what he had seen so far, Zakat seemed about as friendly to outsiders as a porcupine was towards other animals. The only being he had met here so far that DIDN'T seem to either hate or mistrust him was a stray Felli that had now taken a liking to following him around. Apparently, he now had a Leaf Felli as a pet. Not that he'd complain... the small animal was a good traveling companion. Right now, it was trotting along behind him, completely silent like the young man himself.

    Up close, Astarte didn't look all that interconnected anymore. Still, Blues would probably stay here over night. For himself, it'd be enough to just find a rooftop without someone noticing him to lay down on... But his Felli companion probably didn't like the quality of the air outside here, and he didn't want to accidentally poison his only friend. Following some signs and an old, nearly rotten map on what seemed like a rusted announcement-board, Blues was on his way towards the only bar around this part of town that also had some beds to offer. Hopefully, these people wouldn't ask as horrendous of a price as the last ones, or he'd lose the last bit of his saved up money tonight.

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